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  • Antifascism

    Somewhere I read …

    Martin Luther King’s murder 50 years ago in Memphis represented an irreparable loss to all of humanity. This is a very short extract from speech […]

    4th Apr'18 8
  • Nuclear Free Scotland

    An Open Letter to John Swinney

    Wednesday, April 4, 2018 An open letter to John Swinney, Deputy First Minister with responsibility for Resilience Dear Mr Swinney I am writing on behalf […]

    Jean Anderson 4th Apr'18 18
  • Brexit

    On Scottish Fishing

    Living in Moray, I found it infuriating to see placards everywhere depicting a smiling Haddock draped in the Union Jack proclaiming that a vote to […]

    Graeme Goodall 3rd Apr'18 35
  • Commentary

    Duncan Adrift

    Now that the clocks have sprung forwards an hour, the nights are getting shorter and actual blue-sky days are no longer a rarity, many of […]

    Ewen McLachlan 3rd Apr'18 2
  • Commentary

    Donald and the Easter Bunny

    Easter is a confusing time. The dates change and the interface between chocolate, the Judeo-Christian faith and bunnies is vague at best. What has become […]

    Mike Small 3rd Apr'18 11
  • Brexit

    Europa and the bull(shitters)

    Douglas Ross, the Tory MP for Moray, can kick back. His place in history is assured by his golden phrase: a cold sick Brexit. Us […]

    Gordon Guthrie 2nd Apr'18 43
  • Media
    2nd Apr'18 2
  • Scots

    Deid huddies an the Moray Eel

    Onybody fir a pint o cauld sick? Or hou aboot some deid huddie? If naebody’s up for it puir wee Dougie Ross will juist hae […]

    Elizabeth Thoumire 2nd Apr'18 2
  • Commentary

    Keep the Heat on Cambridge Analytica

    Investigative journalism takes time and resources. The British state and the political elite is reeling from the deluge of revelations about the connections between private […]

    30th Mar'18 10
  • Housing
    Neil Gray 30th Mar'18 22
  • Brexit

    My Precious

    Brexit will strengthen the bonds of “our precious Union” and make it more prosperous and secure, Theresa May has improbably declared as Tories huddle together […]

    29th Mar'18 15
  • Commentary

    Online. Always.

    Long gone are the days of actually ‘going online’ – or, perhaps more pertinently, going offline. We are just “on” all of the time. Eve […]

    29th Mar'18 9
  • Catalonia

    The Time for Action is Now

    As former Catalan Education Minister, Clara Ponsati, hands herself in to Scottish police after Spain reissued an extradition warrant for her arrest, the truncheons of […]

    Rory Steel 28th Mar'18 21
  • Brexit

    Shadow Democracy

    Liam O’Hare delves into how the Strategic Communication Labs/Cambridge Analytica scandal which leads to the heart of the British establishment …

    Liam O'Hare 27th Mar'18 0

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