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    To Bomb or not to Bomb Assad

    Bill Ramsay, Convener SNP CND, writes on the awful prospects of war. Assad’s use of chlorine based chemical weapons to kill 60 odd civilians appears […]

    Bill Ramsay 12th Apr'18 26
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    Gordon Guthrie 10th Apr'18 35
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    The Coup Nobody Is Talking About

    Is a coup taking place in Brazil before our very eyes? Jamie Maxwell investigates. As a rule, I think political journalists should avoid writing about […]

    Jamie Maxwell 29th Jan'18 0
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    The Importance of Afrîn

    ‘No friends but the mountains’ goes an old Kurdish saying, and as Turkey starts a ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrîn in Syria, it seems to ring […]

    Sarah Glynn 22nd Jan'18 0
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    To the Editor

    The editor of the New York Times has done a remarkable thing. On the anniversary of the first year of the Trump ‘Presidency’, in ‘the […]

    18th Jan'18 4
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    Roza Salih 8th Jan'18 3
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    The Merkel Effect

    Chloé Farand in Berlin explains the fallout from the political crisis in Germany. For more than a decade, Angela Merkel has been the symbol of […]

    Chloé Farand 3rd Dec'17 4
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    Judgement day for Ratko Mladić

    The main in the photograph is Fikret Alic. Today he was in the Hague to witness the trial for Ratko Mladić, the Bosnian Serb commander. Charges […]

    Mike Small 22nd Nov'17 27
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    It’s Mueller Time

    Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been told to surrender themselves to the Robert Mueller investigation into corruption and foreign interference from the Trump campaign. […]

    30th Oct'17 2
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    David Jamieson 25th Sep'17 13
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    21st Sep'17 4
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    18th Sep'17 13
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    Allan Armstrong 4th Aug'17 13
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    Talking about Rojava

    Talking about Rojava – reflections on the recent international conference on Challenging Capitalist Modernity organised by the Kurdish community in Hamburg by Sarah Glynn. For […]

    Sarah Glynn 4th Aug'17 3

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