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In defence o SNHS

A’ve been listenin a’ week tae the aggrievit crawin o oor sanctimonious media anent whit they see as the shortcomins o oor Scottish National Health Service. This is thaim giein it laldy ower the very idea that some fowk gaein tae Accident an Emergency at the back end o yule micht hae waited ower lang tae get their ills seen tae. “Heighmaist leevils ivir recordit.” “Owre fower ‘oors tae wait!'” is the chaunt..

Accordin tae ‘NHS Performs’, the weekly update o Emergency Depairtmints Activity an Waitin Times, 25 865 fowk went tae Emergency Depairtmints across the hail o Scotland in the week endit 27th Decembir 2017.

Owre the fower ‘oors, 78% wir seen, assessit, an as a result, eether admittit, traunsferit or sent hame. Whiles 4.5% spendit mair nor eicht ‘oors an 1.1% spendit mair than 12 ‘oors in an Emergency depairtment.

Yet Sarah Smith, the BBC Scotland editor wis giein oot the nonsense that ‘last week owre a hunner thoosan patients waitit mair than fower ‘oors tae be seen.”! Thats the nummer fir a year! Sic a stairtlin statistic didnae seem tae mak her hae a seecond thocht afore broadcastin it tae the nation! But if she mispoke an hud intendit tae quote the figures fir a year she micht hae added that patients dealt with in fower ‘oors or less wis a rispectible 93.1%. Eicht ‘oors or less 99.2% an in 12 hours or less 99.9%.

Theres nae doot some puirly fowk wi a lang wait hud groonds tae feel disgruntilt. An oor NHS by its verra natur an size wull ay hae issues. But In that awfy busy week o the yule tide holidays an a’ the winter ills mair tae the fore its hairdly surprisin that emergency services get even mair streetchit.

But its lik oor national broadcastir wantit tae yaise the NHS tae howk doon the guid repute o the Scottish Government by sleekitly plantin the notion the health service up here is really nae mair fit than the boorach that’s NHS England. Noo that rankles wi me sin maist wid agree an polls are showin that atween the twa pairties o government in Scotland an England, its no the Tories that are trustit tae nurtur the NHS!

‘Spik as ye fin’ has ay workit weel fir me so in the interests o balance heres a puckle exaimples o guid news in praise o oor beseigit NHS.

Ian, ma freend in music, is chisty an wisnae weel ower Yule. He saw his physician at hauf past eleevin oan the 27th Decembir. A quick look-owre fae the physician an Ian wis sent straicht for an ECG tae Heddintuin whaur he wis telt he needit a pacemakkir richt away. Intae Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by fower the same efternin. Operation oan Thursday. Hame Friday. He’s richtly gi’en thim fu’some praise oan facebuik the day! Wull this guid news mak the heidlines? A’ll no haud ma braith!

A week forrit an ma ain laddie, persistent coughin, braithless! he’s hud problems afore. ERI busy but tae’n efter a couple o ‘oors wait. Xrayed. Mind pit at rest.

Then there’s the fower wey kidney transplant last Yule wi ane o ma sons, ma guid dauchter, twa unco heroes an a dedicatit gaitherin o specialists fae aroon the warld wha wurkit thegither an gied a new lease o life tae fowk that had spentit sae mony years o their life tied tae machinery.

There’s nae wurds tae discribe sic a gift nor sic a precious Service.


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  1. Gordon McAuslane says:

    If the Tories at Holyrood start on Nicola about the SNHS and its faults, she should ask them if they would like Scotland to offer the same service as they get from their own party south of the border and point out to the house that this is what to expect if the Tories get anywhere near power.

    1. Ally says:

      Bang on.

  2. Norrie grierson says:

    A cracking article fair fou o: food fir thocht.

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