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Whistle for it Boris

It’s like reparations for stupidity.

Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis huffed & puffed, called the Europeans names, blamed the Irish, wrapped themselves in the Union Jack & sang Rule Britannia. They basked in the glory of triumphantly belligerent editorials in England’s reactionary press, and have now agreed to pay what Brussels was demanding, which is exactly what we all knew was going to happen all along.

It’s €100 billion.

As no doubt a million people will say today as they read this over their cornflakes: “Put that on a ******* bus.”

The FT reports:

“Britain has bowed to EU demands and agreed to fully honour its financial commitments as identified by Brussels, removing one of the biggest obstacles to a Brexit divorce settlement. According to several diplomats familiar with the talks, the UK would assume EU liabilities worth up to €100bn although net payments, discharged over many decades, could fall to less than half that amount.”

Half that amount. That sounds more like it €50 billion. It’s a snip really.

Now we can all sit back and watch as the Brexiteers go crazy as their self-delusion cracks open and spills into the cold light of day.

There’s already talk that May must resign. Nigel will be donning khaki in the back of some pub near Bromley.

Now what?

It’s likely that all of the other things that we knew were going to happen but the Tories pretended wouldn’t, will happen.

We will see the redacted Brexit reports. They will not be full of tidings and joy.

We will pay for this, they will not.

We will see ‘Britain’ give way on other key issues because we do not have agency here, as we knew all along, despite all the bluster and blethers.

We will see ‘capitulation’ (in reality realisation) because, again as we knew all along, Europe has far less to lose than ‘we’ do.

And now, inevitably, the UK is acknowledging that the Irish border question is now a greater threat than the Brexit financial settlement.

Which means of course that the shrill anti-Irish rhetoric will become more intense as the pivot-point of the Brexit negotiations becomes Ireland, and, specifically
England’s supremacist neo-colonial attitude to her.





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  1. Michael Romer says:

    The EU took wind-bag Boris Johnson at his word. He said they could whistle for the money. They whistled.

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