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One Nation Brexit

We’re repeatedly told by David Mundell and Theresa May and Ruth Davidson that Scotland is being consulted and involved in Brexit debates, though things get a bit sketchy when asked for details.

Now, as a result of some outstanding FOI work by Shaun Davey, it’s become clear that this is a complete nonsense.

The simple reality is that the Scottish Government has not been consulted or asked to contribute in any way to the Brexit studies, or been given access to them, despite formal requests to do so:


As we know a range of studies have suggested Brexit, a hard Brexit leaving the UK outside the single market and customs union, which is what the British government insists it wants, will hit the Scottish economy hard.

A Scottish Government study last year put the damage at £11bn a year, and a £3.7 billion hole in Scottish public finances. The Fraser of Allander Institute has forecast job losses of 80,000, and wages falling by up to £2,000 a year.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly said that: “We want a deal that works for every part of the UK” but we are being completely shut out from the process.

You don’t hear so much about “pooling and sharing” these days do you?

Shaun Davey writes:

“There is no evidence of strong project or programme management from DExEU. Indeed, no departments have actually recorded the time/effort involved in the production of the studies. This implies a highly informal process (and probably a chaotic one).”

“I would have expected a properly governed programme of work with clear budgetary oversight: there is simply no evidence of this. The devolved administrations do not appear to have been consulted to any significant degree, though I await a response from the Welsh Government. Scotland in particular has significant resources which could have contributed (A Chief Economist, Financial Strategy Directorate, Economic Development Directorate), but they were not asked to provide input.”

You can follow him at @ShaunGDavey.

You can read all of Shaun Davey’s FOI requests here.


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  1. Interpolar says:

    Of course there‘s pooling and sharing. We pool our resources and share the fallout of their ludicrous policies.

  2. Clive Scott says:

    Unfortunately 55% think it is the height of impertinence to be squeaking for attention from our “betters” when everyone knows we are too wee etc. Best not to dirty our hands with the unfolding Brexit disaster. Better to wait to strike out hard and fast for independence once companies start relocating operations and jobs out of Scotland and rUK to EU.

  3. Iain MacEchern says:

    Perfidious Albion ….says it all

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