Aamer Rahman Packs a Punch

& here cutting through the hypocrisy and bullshit is stand-up comedian Aamer Rahman …

Follow him on Tumblr here. See also Anti-Fascist Network here.



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  1. John Mccall says:

    Really? Don’t have to be labelled a Nazi Safety Adviser to wonder about the wisdom of advocating/encouraging violence.
    Been following and enjoying much at Bella and considering subscribing, but you’re losing me here.
    Hope you’re just having a bad day?

    1. Hi John – well it was polemic and comedy so you should take it in that light. But also (I thought) useful comment on some of the tensions within liberal responses to combating fascism. Sorry you didn’t like it but hope you like some of the set of our output. We’re an eclectic bunch.

  2. Elaine Fraser says:

    Ive never punched anyone and would never advocate violence. I found this clip funny and I thought he was just expressing the real anger peaceful people ,myself included, have inside about the hatred that seems to be spreading like a wildfire across many countries. I keep this quote to remind me of what someone who actually suffered under the Nazis had to say about them
    ‘Nice people made the best Nazis.
    My mom grew up next to them .
    They got along,refused to make waves,
    looked the other way when things got
    ugly and focused on happier things than
    “politics”. They were lovely people
    who turned their heads as their
    neighbours were dragged away.
    You know who weren’t nice people ?
    Resisters. ( Naomi Shulman)

    1. Frank says:

      Instead of stopping at condemning Nazis it would be more profitable to examine the socio/economic conditions that gave rise to Nazism and which are leading to the rise of the “Alt-right.” It might save us from the consequences of repeating past mistakes.

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