Colonel Flustered

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The sense of entitlement is palpable. The shock at the temporary puncture of the media bubble that has protected Ruth Davidson is obvious.

The only question is whether this is an exercise in virtue signalling or is Ruth what the Americans call a “virtue imposter”?








The issue isn’t so much any transgression of rules as the self-serious worthy narcissism that surrounds the Colonel, the endless emptiness and facile boosterism of a politician surrounded by admirers but with so little to say. The cynical manipulation of the armed services has backfired spectacularly. She thought that merely by apeing the army she’d gain credibility. The endless desire for recognition, the need to be given gravitas, the furrowed brow, the false grievance goes on.

All politicians have their shelf-life. ‘Sunny Jim’ Callaghan looked blase in the face of crisis, Thatcher’s downfall was the Poll Tax and (improbably) being savaged by Geoffrey Howe, Major became associated with sleaze and Cash for Questions. This cosplay fiasco may be the end for an over-hyped politician who’s remarkable success was based on being marginally more interesting than Annabelle Goldie.


[Image by @DialMforMurdo]


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  1. Alan M Johnston says:

    She is also exhibiting some serious characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She may actually be ill and unaware of it.

    1. John says:

      I think you may be right !

    2. Donnie Morrison says:

      Ruth ! “WHERE IS SADAM HUSSIEN until I SORT HIM OUT ” ??

  2. SandyW says:

    Lol – ‘marginally more interesting than Annabelle Goldie’ is damning with the very faintest of faint praise.

  3. Andrew Morton says:

    ‘Whose’ not ‘Who’s’.

  4. Willie says:

    Wonder if the Good Colonel is off to Northern Ireland to join her DUP / UVF chums burn a few taig effigies in a show of British Ness.

    Mind you, her new chums are not that keen on homosexuality, so on second thoughts, maybe the good colonel would be better staying away.

    So, memo to Theresa. Maybe you as PM should go to the taig burning ceremonies given your recent experiences.

    And then the BBC, as it did with last week’s Glasgow walk, could describe it as a ” Pageant”

  5. MBC says:

    I quite liked Annabelle Goldie… do you remember her famous put-down to Wendy Alexander?

    ‘As one spinster to another….’

  6. Alf Baird says:

    This reminds me of John Cleese’s comment – “Because their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers ?” – which seems to fit Scotland’s colonial (or colonel) Tory mindset rather well.

    1. bringiton says:

      The uneducated tenement dwellers who wannabe semi-detached.

  7. Big Jock says:

    She shouts a lot!

    She gets really angry a lot.

    She hides when her paymasters do something immoral.

    She is inconsistent in her views particularly over the EU.

    She courts and appeals to bigots to join her party.

    She whips out the Union Flag at every opportunity.

    She only worries about morals or scruples when they affect her personally. As long as the DUP have no problem with gay people. The religious and national intolerance are acceptable on everyone else’s house.

    This is a selfish, vacuous career politician in charge of a toxic ,xenophobic anti Scottish party.

    1. John says:

      Summed up perfectly !

  8. Ed R says:

    Among US former military.. we call it stolen valor.

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