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Lost Map Howlin’ Fling Playlist Party

The winner of the public vote to be on the shortlist, Future Echoes by Pictish Trail (aka Johnny Lynch) is “a pop album dealing with closure, and finding hope.” On this weeks Bella playlist The Lost Map Records chief chooses the music from some of the artists to appear or have appeared at Howlin’ Fling, the festival he curates and presents at home on the isle of Eigg…here’s Lost Map Howlin’ Fling Playlist:

Holden – Corduroy
James Holden is one of my all-time heroes – truly at the vanguard of electronic music over the past decade, with his solo work, his mixes, collaborations and his Border Community label. This track is from his first album, and was one of the first things I heard by him – all these chaotic elements gradually layered on top of one another, cascading into a cacophonous brain fizz of sound.

When all the parts come together, they somehow fit perfectly. He’s playing on Eigg accompanied by a band, The Animal Spirits, and I’m so ridiculously excited about it that I have to stop typing right now or I will be physically sick.

Wild Beasts – Two Dancers (ii) (Jon Hopkins remix)
Back when I was running the Home Game event in Anstruther, Jon Hopkins was booked to play the upstairs conference room of the Fisheries Museum. It had a capacity of about 40 people, ha! Fast forward to 2015, and I’m watching him headline the Park Stage at Glastonbury, in front of thousands and thousands, and blowing everyone’s minds. He’s playing a DJ set at Howlin’ Fling, and it’s going to tear the roof off. This Wild Beasts’ track is one of my favourite remixes of his.

KT Tunstall – The Thief
This is a wee song I wrote with KT and King Creosote, which was released as a bonus track on her Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon album. I’d forgotten about it until just now. It’s very short, but I like it. I could write an essay about how much I love this woman, but I think I’m meant to keep these descriptions brief. If you happen to bump into me on the street, I’ll tell you in full.

François & The Atlas Mountains – Ayan Filé
This guy is so talented, it’s obscene. It’s frankly disgusting. This song is off an offensively excellent EP he did called L’homme Tranquille. The energy he brings to the stage is so inspiring. All my dance-moves, I’ve nicked from François. Sorry François. Sorry everyone.

Bas Jan – Holloway Road
Serafina Steer creates these mesmeric weird songs, with addictive melodic hooks that go off in all directions, and daft lyrics to match. Her new band, Bas Jan, is like a cross between the joyful post-punk of The Raincoats, the sonic experiments of Delia Derbyshire, and the playfulness of the theme tune to Australian kids TV show, Round The Twist. Who couldn’t love that?

Kid Canaveral – Callous Parting Gift
Kate helps me run Lost Map, and – to be honest – the label wouldn’t be able to exist without her. But, then, this song wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a label to put it out. I realise that isn’t true, but it’s a fundamental element of the contract I have with Kate, and she’s bought it hook line and sinker. This is one of her songs off the most recent Kid Canaveral album, Faulty Inner Dialogue – and it’s brilliant, yet understated, pop. Top key change, too.

Alabaster DePlume – Turpentine
Alabaster hails from Manchester originally, I think. But lives in London. He’s a songwriter, a poet, and a dreamy saxophone player. I don’t know how to describe his music. It’s quite jazzy in places. I don’t have a well rounded enough appreciation of jazz music to be able to confidently say what kind of music this is. In fact, Alabaster’s music is so immersive, and leaves me with so many unanswered questions, I have an existential crisis every time I listen to it. It’s very good, though. And a crisis can be really cleansing.

Withered Hand – Life Of Doubt
This song is so beautiful. We toured together last year, with James Yorkston, and sang this every night – and it was my favourite in the show. I’m listening to it now and I’m singing a harmony over the top of the album version. If you happen to bump into me on the street, and you’re keen to play this song on an acoustic guitar, I’ll sing a really nice harmony with you. If we make any money from busking, we should give some to Dan.

Archipel – Roving Jewel
You need to have this song on really loud. And then take off your top. Then wave your arms in the air, while gyrating your hips. Every morning, three times in a row. Within a week, you will have a ripped bod, and a whole new set of cool French friends. You’re welcome.

Seamus Fogarty – Short Ballad For A Long Man
Our Irish troubadour, Seamus, has just signed with Domino Records for his phenomenal new album. I know the new album is phenomenal, because I’ve heard it. It’s phenomenal. If you happen to bump into me in the street, I’ll happily play you 30 seconds of each track, from my iPod Classic. Deal?

Lost Map’s Howlin’ Fling takes place over the weekend of July 28 and 29, Isle of Eigg, and is sadly sold out.
Pictish Trail plays Edinburgh’s Summerhall on August 24, and may or may not appear on a street near you before then.

Future Echoes is out via Lost Map Records

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