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On the first weekend of the month we publish a free magazine with The National. After the print issue comes out the articles are re-published online on Bella immediately after. Last weekend we published #5 featuring work from Paul Tritschler, Laura Waddell, Chris Harvie, David Jamieson and more.

Laura’s essay was on stereotypes and role-models and how these create obstacles to participation in the arts for working class women. We omitted to reference that the article comes from a brilliant new collection of essays by brand new publisher 404ink ‘Nasty Women’. Apologies – that was our mistake. “Nasty Women is a collection of essays, interviews and accounts on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century” Order your copy here.


A few people have suffered from posting Comments – then someone else’s name appears beside it. Can you you let me know if this has happened to you. It seems an intermittent fault. Let us know so we can fix it? Thanks.


Thanks to our tech-support team we have drastically upgraded load times on the site by moving to a dedicated server (and other stuff),  we hope you notice the difference.

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  1. Alin Scot says:

    I have noticed that when I go to make a comment, someone else’s details show up in the name and email boxes at the bottom and I have to delete them and then enter my own, otherwise it will not be posted in my name.

    Also, it is a different name each time that I have to delete. Hope this helps.

    PS Didn’t happen on this comment but it is the first.

  2. Del says:

    “someone else’s details show up in the name and email boxes”
    That’s probably because your browser thinks that’s who you are, rather than a fault with Bella’s server. But who knows?

    1. Alin Scot says:

      Nope – as a computer buff, that cannot be right.

      PS This time my details appeared below so maybe things are back to normal.

  3. Wul says:

    Content loads much faster now. A lot better.

    However, wary of posting until you fix the glitch displaying other people’s email address.

    1. .. and yet that is your correct name?

      1. Wul says:

        ? I wasn’t trying to be funny.

        I just meant that others have experienced having the email address of the previous poster displayed in the comments box. That is not reassuring, given that email addresses are not meant to be displayed. Not experienced it myself, but way of posting until reassured that it is fixed.

        Speed much better however, big improvement.

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