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The Clenched Fist of Truth

We have occasionally focused on the sorry task of Charting American Fascism – but it’s a busy old world and too often the term ‘fascist’ is used too liberally. There’s also a problem of fringe nut-jobs, or tiny niche sects getting over-exposure from some internet meme fluffing their actual real-world impact out of all proportion.

But here we have the hugely powerful National Rifle Association threatening to use the “clenched fist of truth” against the US left, or indeed anyone that engages in protest.

Would be interested to know from American readers if this is run-of-the-mill public dialogue now? Or the terrifying threatening neo-fascist advertising welcoming in some new dystopian era it appears to be?

Here’s “Dana Loesch’s powerful NRA public service TV spot”:

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  1. Paul Carline says:

    Not neo-fascism. The neo-fascism exists in the institutions of the US government (and in the so-called “deep state”) and their attempt to perpetuate America’s “full-spectrum dominance” and usher in the NWO, which requires a slave population.
    Though, like many, I have enormous reservations about a weaponised citizenry (but let’s not forget that all Swiss adult males keep a gun at home), the NRA is probably the main defence against the totalitarian state.
    It’s precisely why that state has staged so many faked “individual and mass shootings” (Sandy Hook being the classic) in an attempt to disarm the public and remove any serious challenge to the state’s intention, if it deems necessary, to use armed police and the military to subdue any mass uprising against the neo-fascist state.
    Here we’re defenceless.

  2. David says:

    This is run of the mill stuff from those on the American right. It has echoes of Trump’s efforts to discredit the press, coupled with unquestioning support of the police and the military. There is a strong racist dimension to it as well. These beliefs are distressingly widespread throughout white middle/lower middle class suburbia, as can be seen from the many USA thin blue line flags displayed on bumper stickers and on my neighborhood’s front lawns.

  3. SleepingDog says:

    It is not much use having a gun if you have no clue where to point it. Who are the people pointing the people who are pointing the guns? Who is your enemy? Without uniforms, what signs are you going to go on?

    It is not as if people make these weapons themselves. Corporations do.

    This seems less about a coherent fascist takeover (see The Business Plot) than a terrorist destabilisation of a country and exclusion of the meek, the rational, the compassionate, the tolerant, the internationally-minded, those you cannot compete in a militarised society from a sphere of debate and social influence.

    If protests are too peaceful, then agents provocateur and thugs-for-hire will be sent in to make them violent. And even if these activities are exposed, it can be spun as ‘fake news’. But it should be classed as domestic terrorism.

    Who profits from the war of all against all?

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