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Belonging. The Truth Behind the Headlines

Belonging, coming soon, documentary “that will not tell you how to think, but will ask you to think again” by Morag Livingstone.

Launches at the GFT on 23 May, more details at Belonging 4 Us.

Three Companies. Three Industrial Disputes. Three Governments. A story of collusion. A story of betrayal. A story of belonging.

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  1. Mach1 says:

    Always refreshing to find someone endeavouring to tell the truth about any issue, though from a distinctly London-centric position. BBC today has been reporting on the decommissioning of the Brent rigs, 115 miles NE of the Shetlands, but Auntie has managed to omit the little fact that they are being broken up on Teesside.
    Funny that.

    1. Morag Livingstone says:

      Hi – Thanks for your interest and comment – the film covers disputes in London, Stoke on Trent and Grangemouth – I am also Scottish so very aware of the M25 factor – hope when you see the film you agree it’s not all London centric! Sadly this kind of thing goes on everywhere … and affects everyone – these 3 very human stories represent many people around UK. Best Morag (Director/Producer)

  2. Cobby says:

    To be fair in the report I saw, the reporter did state that he was in teeside

  3. Wul says:

    Scuse my ignorance but why TF is this being embargoed until June?

    It should be screened in as many places as possible NOW and then made available for sharing on social media prior to GE 17.

    It might just open a few eyes about what is really going on the UK.

    1. Morag Livingstone says:

      Hi – thanks for your comment and we agree! and the (slightl long) answer is … we are currently reviewing things in light of the election and Murdoch’s bid for Sky – BUT two things – 1. final edit and legal review are happening now (for insurance purposes) and 2. We still have to raise some finishing funds to pay for licensing buy out of all the archive – we are using this from ITV/BBC / parliament as well as direct from photographers and videographer – we are pre-selling like mad to community groups, trade unions, schools and universities – we have had a fantastic response from those who have seen it and we are SO ALMOST there.

      And while all the people we are licensing from have been amazing – we don’t want to publish until we know we have the funds coming in. All the way through making this film (3 years) we have paid everyone we have worked with good rates and under trade union conditions –

      So if you know a school or a community group or a trade union that wants to pre-order ask them to get in touch!

      In short – we didn’t expect the election – and we are doing ALL we can to get this released THIS month following the preview press screenings! hope that answers and please do keep an eye out for a change of launch date! Morag

      1. Wul says:

        Well done to you and your team Morag. It looks like a very good and well-needed piece of work. I hope as many people as possible can see this before the GE vote on June 8th.

        Sorry if I sounded critical, I know much how hard work creative ventures can be. Just frustration that it seems so hard to counter the narrative presented by the wealthy & powerful. Its to your great credit that you have paid people a proper rate for their work.

        I’ll try to help spread the word about your film.

        1. Morag Livingstone says:

          Thank you Wul, You didn’t sound critical at all – it’s a valid point – and I am glad you raised it – its been an interesting process throughout, esp around funding – and we hope the film lives up to expectations! We do share your frustration – but we are hoping people and supporters like you get behind the film and help us break that barrier. Good news is it looks like we will be able to release on line before the election for 2 weeks then we will pull it before cinema release – its too important not to get the messages out pre-election. Will make that final decision on Monday and are building the campaign now. Sadly, unless we get an angel who pre-buys around 100-200 screening licenses we can’t do those 2 weeks for free but it will be low cost – So watch this space! thanks again Morag

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