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Jocky Horror Show

newsIn a scathing piece in the Guardian George Monbiot writes: “Whenever I visit Scotland, I’m reminded that Britain is politically dead from the neck down. South of the border, we tolerate repeated assaults on the commonweal. As the self-hating state destroys its own power to distribute wealth, support public services and protect the NHS from ruin; as it rips up the rules protecting workers, the living world, our food, water and the very air we breathe; as disabled people are pushed off a cliff and poor people are evicted from their homes, we stand and stare. As the trade minister colludes with the dark money network on both sides of the Atlantic, threatening much that remains, we shake our heads then turn away.”

But the key point he goes on to make is about the failure of “the frantic attempts by government and press to delegitimise the decision by the Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to call for a second independence vote.” This process is in full-flight.

Commentators who on the one hand intone sombrely about ‘divisiveness’ also publish columns such as Allison Pearson’s with headline such as “Nicola Sturgeon is a liar and a traitor – off with her head!”.

This is from the Lifestyle section of The Telegraph. It should, as Gerry Hassan has pointed out, be seen as inciting hatred and violence.

If there’s a dark side to media bias, there is a light side too. We can call it the ‘Elmar Brok Syndrome’, after the moment when this desperately-leading BBC questioner comes a cropper as the spokesman for the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs obviously hasn’t received the memo:


Media Lens do well to reflect on this whole phenomena, re-publishing some of the most choice extracts from the 2014 meltdown period when the British media class was in full panic mode (‘‘Dark Omens’ And ‘Horror Shows’: Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda‘).

It’s good to be reminded of the breaking of purdah and the now really quite wonderful quote from Boris Johnson:

‘Decapitate Britain, and we kill off the greatest political union ever. The Scots are on the verge of an act of self-mutilation that will trash our global identity.’

Whilst that statement stands as one of the most deeply ironic and comic of our time, and the visceral media propaganda that we have all witnessed is in full-flow, it’s worth resisting the temptation to become engaged in a Trump-like war against the media.

Let them pour out their hate, let them print their bile, let them broadcast their propaganda. An entire population is now entirely switched on to this. Our efforts should be spent on calmly and diligently making the case for an independent Scotland’s right to self-determination. That’s what we intend to do. If you would like to support us go here and help us out. Thank you.


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  1. Lesley Docksey says:

    Good luck, Scotland and how I envy you having a chance at a second referendum. I’m far from the only English person who wants rid of Westminster. I am appalled, ashamed and embarrassed by the attitude of the ‘Brexit’ team. And as for Theresa May telling Scotland and its First Minister that Brexit is not a time to play politics, and the SNP that they are creating uncertainty and division. Has the bloody woman looked in the mirror? And what about the wilful division created by Boris, IDS and the totally clueless David Davis?

    For myself and England I despair, I am filled with anger and depression – but I still hope Scotland gets what it wants, and fully deserves, real recognition of who you are. Stand proud!

    1. Sorley says:

      Come and live here, Lesley

    2. Valerie says:

      Thank you, Lesley. Lovely words. You should consider moving up, because an awful lot are!

    3. Calum MacRae says:

      Well spoken Lesley.

      I sense the pain of English people who are as I would describe typically English, that being tolerant, thoughtful and considerate.

      Sadly, I see many of those decent and valuable characteristics vanishing alongside brexit.

      I can’t imagine what it will be like in England in 10 years time, still in austerity and out of the EU.

      There will not be many car or steel plants and I doubt London will be a global financial player.

    4. The fermer says:

      Hi Lesley,
      Please come and live and work in Scotland you will be welcomed with open arms.


      1. Lesley Docksey says:

        Wow, I’ve just got round to reading the responses to my comment. Thank you all for telling me how welcome I would be in Scotland. I’ve stayed in Fife and Aberdeen, but never made it to the West – Highlands and Islands, and I know I would love it there, both people and place. But…

        I am wedded to the West Country. I don’t do flag-waving and ‘patriotism’ but my home is this little bit of earth, in the way that Alastair McIntosh wrote so beautifully about in Soil And Soul. So I have to stay and fight, for the ecology, the wildlife, the rural poor (England needs its own version of land reform).

        And I’ll go on supporting Scotland because your battles with Westminster give me hope that somehow we can win down here too.

        Thinking of you all.

  2. Alba woman says:

    Thank you Lesley.

  3. Blair paterson says:

    The greatest political union from England ,s point of view let us steal the scots assests and pretend we support their economy and they who invented nearly everything do not have the brains to rule theirselves and we will keep bribing some of them I mean it worked in1707

  4. Falkirk Blue says:

    I thought the headline was about horse riders for independance.

    The vitriolic the headlines just proves how concerned they are.

  5. Wul says:

    Re: Allison Pearson’s: “Nicola Sturgeon is a liar and a traitor – off with her head!”.

    Wow! Can you imagine the uproar if a “nasty cybernat” had said that about Theresa May?
    Or – perish the thought – if it had been said by an “economic migrant” about the UK PM?

  6. Alex Small says:

    Having lived in England for nearly 50 years and still have family there I am sad to see the way they are beliEvington the Westminster biased press I found that a lot of people there had very little knowledge of Scotland or its people and based theiron opinions on what they read in the press and saw on TV I personaly am glad I have returned home and have embraced the national cause we deserve the right to determine our own destiny and yes make our own mistakes

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