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Scotland 2021

mg_8604_grandeScotland 2021 – crafting a better future. Edited by Simon Barrow and Mike Small.

“What kind of country do you want to live in? What should we demand of our political leaders (now)? What should our priorities be for the next five years? The contributors to this new collection – assembled in the immediate aftermath of the Holyrood elections 2016 and Brexit – answer these questions attempting to go beyond narrow tribalism and the political here and now to take a longer view.”

In forty chapters we explore practical radical innovation and policy challenges with contributions from Irvine Welsh, Joyce McMillan, Maggie Chapman, Robin McAlpine, Kathy Galloway, Tom French, Vonnie Moyes, Anuj Kapilashrami, Niamh Webster, Michael Marten, Milja Radovic, Talat Yaqoob, Jan Bebbington, Adam Ramsay and dozens more.

Our book is now available via Stewart Bremner’s shop. Buy it here.

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  1. john young says:

    That should be the only question debated”what kind of country do you want both for you and your children and theirs”forget all the other side/divisive issues as they only muddy the waters.Do you want to lead or be lead.

  2. Thanks John, interesting response.

    Do you think that there should be precisely zero legislative activity until such time as we are independent? Presumably not.

  3. Bill Low says:

    I have the book, and I have ideas for the nature of the country in which I want my children and grandchildren to live. Recommendations please for where an old trades union street fighter and strategic thinker should go in order to make the best possible input over the next 18 months in order to facilitate our independence and development of that new society.
    I am not worried about the referendum, only about the achievement of independence in my lifetime


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