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From No to Yes

Part #7 of Phantom Power’s Journey to Yes series….

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  1. Dominic says:

    You do know, ‘Yes establishment’, the whole…’Journey to Yes’ turn of phrase makes most ‘normals’ dry heave.

    1. phantompower says:

      Here come the trolls! I’ve still to hear from your wee pal Thomas who whined about not getting his ‘No’ point of view heard (despite being represented by the entire UK press and broadcast industry) Has he managed to find the internet yet? The truth is you are No and never going to change and these stories terrify you so much you feel compelled to make cheap pot shots. The title is meaningless – it’s about the personal story – much more important and less easy to ridicule

      1. Dominic says:

        Nothing against the lady in the video, just pointing out how the majority feel. Most people want facts (Yes or No) – to make an informed decision. Lazy, mawkish emotional manipulation has the opposite effect than intended as it puts people off – it’s not in most Scots nature – too grounded. The whole ‘Journey to…’ thing makes it sound like a religious conversion or cloying, soft focus, US made for TV film.

  2. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    Astonishing reaction from Dominic! After listening to a thoughtful and articulate young person talking about what had made her change her mind, he decides to try and make himself out to be ‘normal’ implying that she isn’t, and doesn’t comment on what was said.

    1. Dominic says:

      Wasn’t referring to the women in the video – was referring to the cynical and deliberate media strategy to play on people’s emotions rather than sober analysis – mainly because the rational economic argument is not in Yes favour. ‘Journey to Yes..’ has been around for a long time and from my experience ‘normal’ – non radicalised (either Yes or No) people’s eyes glaze over when they here it. In fact the whole ‘indy’ vocabulary that has long since past it’s sell by date and no longer has any efficacy.

      1. phantompower says:

        Oh yeah, Erin’s obviously been radicalised by swivel eyed Nats. What’s the economic case for another 20 years of Tory austerity and Brexit? There is none

        1. Dominic says:

          I wasn’t talking about Erin I was talking about you.

          1. Phantom Power says:

            ?? I haven’t made any comment in the films – they’re other people’s views and they’ve every right to express them

  3. Elaine Fraser says:

    I really enjoyed watching this and I think the girl is absolutely correct to say that its very difficult to get facts/answers on social media. One of the joys of Indy1 was how many ordinary people were willing to get off their bums and go to events and hear speakers. Personally I spent an entire year getting out to events local and in the cities on a weekly basis. I think above and beyond the information I felt I needed to make a decision another important aspect was meeting and listening to speakers but also audience members ( i.e. folk like me and different to me ).
    So that will be my strategy next time too. But for many who dont have the means , time or ability to get out to such events ,these wee short films allow them to hear what others think. Its vital we understand where people are coming from.
    I sort of ‘get’ what the person complaining a bout the title is saying( I think). The word ‘journey’ in particular has been so overused in the media ( the X factor is a case in point) that it has become jaded. But I would ask folk to look beyond small things like titles to the ideas being expressed by a young confident intelligent girl. If you can’t engage with this film at that level then thats a real shame.

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