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PERSPECTIVE is a Scottish politics and arts show created on a super low budget but packed with insights, issues and a few laughs. This first episode has a number of aims including showcasing just a tiny fraction of the huge talent we have here in Scotland and we address social issues all too often ignored by our media. We wanted give a voice to the underrepresented/misrepresented and Christina from Germany is our host who reflects on her experiences as a EU National during the Brexit storm. We want to encourage others to engage in our new media and will be making our Mevo ‘pocket tv studio’ camera system available soon. This will be available to hire very cheaply to anywhere in Scotland especially remote areas who tend to miss out on the political dialogue. Our second instalment of Reel Politik with Shaun Milne and written by Mark McLachlan features 80’s instant classic A Very British Coup, a film that shares uncanny parallels with our politics today.

There follows a short intermission with plug for Channel V’s season preview (similarities with Channel 5 purely coincidental). In The Politics of Food, culinary maestro David Taylor explores Scotland’s food bank explosion with Mark Frankland at Firstbase in Dumfries. Why does a country with so much in the larder have thousands struggling to feed themselves? As Scottish Football lurches from crisis to crisis we think we have identified the problem: not enough women. In this collaboration with legendary Bonnie Prince Bob the Welsh warrior princess Gamma Ray Dali goes boldly into this male-dominated world and…well see for yourself. We don’t always agree with him but nobody works harder than Loki in supporting our overlooked communities. Here Loki engages the young people of Milton Glasgow in the art of rapping and we play out with their special performance. Many thanks to all who generously supported our crowdfunder. The show is evolving and we will be producing dedicated films on the big issues facing Scotland including EU/Brexit and Scotland’s energy future.

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  1. MVH says:

    So you’ve got a burlesque stripper looking at football just to prove football isn’t only a bloke thing. Aye. Right.

    1. Phantom Power says:

      Gamma also happens to be a great presenter. Who would you suggest…Archie MacPherson in a playsuit?

      1. MVH says:

        Presenting tits oot for the lads. I’ve heard. How about Brad Pitt with his tap aff??

        1. MVH says:

          Because as it is it all sounds very Male Interest. Football presented by a female burlesque stripper. Massive turn off, sorry.

          1. phantompower says:

            Because if a woman does one thing she obviously can’t do anything else. Aye ok.

          2. MVH says:

            If this was a female dominated documentary, we would have Ms Deli talking about something relevant like fashion or the burlesque scene. But football? You are taking the mickey.

          3. MVH says:

            A unionsist man calls you a Nazi and you beg him to come on your show. A female makes a valid criticism of the male centred content and you throw your toys out the pram. Kind of makes my point that you don’t give a stuff about what the females in your audience want to see or not see, I think. Another male dominated art project from the Bella stable. A missed opportunity for something less socially conservative. ZZZZZzzzzzz.

          4. Phantom Power says:

            I don’t remember begging anyone. Wee Tommy ranted his views were never covered. I offered him a spot and now he’s having trouble accessing the internet despite commenting here.
            Have a great weekend!

    2. c rober says:

      Personally I think that watching twenty two guys in shorts getting sweaty , taking off their tops , and a large crowd chanting sounds a wee bit homoerotic or a night at the chippendales – I then switches over to the sexist beach volleyball championship , live from Rio to comment on the form and teamwork without sounding ironic or indeed a wee bit pervy given my age.

  2. Doubting Thomas says:

    Well as one of many being misrepresented by someone who claims to speak for me …….but certainly does not……mibees in the interests of fair reporting you could invite me along to give my perspective.
    I can converse in Deutsch if required.
    Will it be kit oan or kit aff?

    1. Phantom Power says:

      Ok you’re on. We regularly ask Tory and Better Together people for interviews and they always refuse Email me @

    2. Phantom Power says:

      Still waiting for email. I was really looking forward to your explanation of how you as a German and other EU Nationals getting kicked out your Scottish homes by Tories is such a great thing. Take your time

      1. Doubting Thomas says:

        Er ……Ich bin ein Schottlander. Mein Gott! I felt just like JFK there.
        Very poor listening skills old bean. I never at any time suggested I was German.
        Typical Natsie displaying poor comprehension.
        Which e-mail address is correct?
        I would love to do this.
        Will be away most of this week but could fit something in around the end of next week.
        Shall I prepare a script?
        Or will you try to put some words in my mouth?

        1. phantompower says:

          You said you were being misrepresented and…ah never mind. Go for it, mate – the 2014 email is fine.

          1. Doubting Thomas says:

            I and the majority of Scots are being misrepresented by the SNP claiming to speak for Scotland.
            They don’t speak for me and they don’t speak for the majority of Scots or even the majority of the Scottish electorate.
            It is obvious that the majority of the electorate are sick to the back teeth with the false assertion that a further referendum should be held.
            We Scotland don’t need one or want one.
            It will be good to actually see Indy supporters actually receiving and understanding this message.
            Better Together!!
            Will e-mail tomorrow evening when I get home to my own laptop.

        2. c rober says:

          YEP DT my sentiments exactly , can I also add that 35 percent of the UK electing the Tories dont speak for me , the rejected at the polls Scottish Labour party dont speak for me – but Holyrood actually does speak for me – well in the manner it is allowed to , with the levers it has , even with a proportional representation system.

          And then again with democracy , that meant only one Labour rep , and one Tory rep at WM – the jury is indeed out on whom Scotland chose to speak for them – but then again Westminster is after all TRUE democracy , ie first past the post , and not the divisive Counicil STV system , or regional lists of DHondt , that means you can reject someone at the polls and still have them represent you regionally. And of course Westminster , where Scotland is a little fish outnumbered , proving all democracy is a sham when there is a larger partner to subdue it.

  3. Frann Leach says:

    Which idiot decided that putting flashing sequences in repeatedly was a good idea? It would give me a headache if I watched any more, even though it looked fairly interesting. God knows what it would do to an epileptic

    1. phantompower says:

      Epilepsy can’t be triggered by dissolves and not at that frame rate.

      1. c rober says:

        the flashing segments are frankly getting me to the point of not watching – regardless of epilesy argument.

        Good as it is.

        Though I am wondering if the German lass in the first section is either Katy Perry , or a third Deschanel sister.

        1. c rober says:

          Watched it , would like to see more of this , I can remember back to when such a thing was on the beeb II instead of imported sitcoms – yoof programming I think it is noo called.

          Some of these things I feel its like going to church , have to , stick it oot until the end in order to feel like the converted – However I found this piece entertaining though.

          But for gods sake get one from the sphere professionally made on McCrone , the Clyde oil boom prevented by Trident , and remind people what the Union gave them , and took from them , closed yards and foundries , coonsil hooses sell affs and money no returned to make more , austerity , zero hoor contracts and the lies of the vow….. before the BEEB does its anti indy one.

  4. Liz Elkind says:

    Included in Bella Caledonia post this morning but video unavailable.

    1. Try now – we updated the video because of some flashing issue

  5. SleepingDog says:

    I found this magazine video well presented and constructed, informative, socially relevant, offered perspectives that were alternatively familiar and fresh, and had an appropriate focus on human creativity, critical ability and collective problem-solving. Congratulations to the contributors for using the medium to engage their subjects empathetically. I look forward to subsequent instalments.

    1. Thanks (on behalf of Phantom Powers) Sleeping Dog – yes it is excellent, quality content

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