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From No to Yes

Listening to these damascene conversions from some of Better Together’s most vehement supporters is astonishing, whether it is representative of a larger sea-change or not I have no idea.

But it must be extremely galling for the future No campaign – and I can think of no equivalent version from Yes to No (suggestions please) – in the other direction.

But what Mike Dailly and Tom Morton become in these short films, is not just subvertisements for Yes, but hugely articulate refuseniks from the now collapsed notion of the case for a progressive Britain. Their words, as much as any, are the reality on which the Labour Party’s botched smear faltered this week.

What are key drivers in both these cases are the unfolding Brexit farce and the lack of credibility of Labour as a force for social good and coherent political opposition.

Their voices are measured, articulate, experienced and strangely optimistic.

Journey to Yes #4


Journey to Yes #5

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  1. john young says:

    They are so so negative in their approach/argument,they offer nothing nada other than “better together”,watching Galloway and his guest ? the other night on RT news mocking Scotland,made me want to spew,everything was no/can,t/won,t/shouldn,t,how in Gods name did these people “make it” with this type of negative dark thoughts,maybe there is hope for me yet.

  2. Adam says:

    Good piece thanks for sharing. Interesting to see how public opinion is shifting. BTW if you want a laugh I really recommend this funny piece on Sturgeon saying she will call a second independence referendum unless Theresa May ‘sets fire to a cricket bat on camera’ http://www.thesparkmagazine.co.uk/uk/nicola-sturgeon-says-may-must-burn-cricket-bat-on-camera-to-avoid-second-independence-referendum/

  3. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    It just makes perfect sense. Labour is becoming totally irrelevant. How on earth would federalism save us from Brexit? They are so thick that they can’t even see that always bashing the SNP’s policies is shooting themselves in the foot as these should be their policies. Their only chance of being in power is in an independent Scotland once they have disentangled themselves from the mess that is Westminster. They did used to be a party in favour of independence so what is now so attractive about staying in the UK with the Tories in power and a hard Brexit to come?

    1. c rober says:

      The laurel and hardy show came to town in perth.

      St Jeremy of Arc , rolled out Hardie – forgetting the father of the home rule.

      Khan , called nearly half of Scotland racists for wanting indpendence – forgetting his parents hail from Pakistan , which got its indy from India , which got its independence from GB.

      Then we have once again Scotland would have to build a wall – nope , sorry as long as Ireland and NI sets the precedent , perhaps he also doesnt realise 90 percent of Ireland is also indpendent – should have Sadiq take a visit and call the Senate a bunch of racists.

      Or that both , having being willing partners to brexit , are thus calling everyone in the UK that voted for Independence from the EU also racists.

      The absurdity of the yoons , of cyclical arguments , of Labour ordering the Scottish Labour party to sell out its electorate rather than represent them has led to the 14 percent in the polls in Scotland.

      Had Labour adopted a pro indy stance different outcome , than one mp , and MSPS including their leader that can only get elected on regional lists – while rejected on the constituency ones , proving failure to engage still works in the system they created for Holyrood democracy.

  4. Alf Baird says:

    Re Tom Morton, any sense of morality the Labour Party had was surely lost in Scotland long before minimum pricing for alcohol, e.g. the 1979 referendum stitch-up; McCrone paper; Trident; Iraq war; Blairism; PFI; Better Together Tory/LibDem partnership; ad infinitum. Where has Tom been the past 40 years?

    1. Doug Daniel says:

      The important thing is he’s here now.

    2. Mungo says:

      My thoughts exactly Alf! Positive as these conversions are, their reasons for voting No last time seem pretty weak overall. Gullible even? Anyway, that aside, glad they’ve come round now and I welcome them with open arms.

    3. c rober says:

      Eventually there is a final straw , for everyone , so welcome aboard the good ship self determination I say.

  5. Doug Daniel says:

    “What are key drivers in both these cases are the unfolding Brexit farce”

    Aye, I picked up on that too. All the notable conversions I can think of – and those of folk I know personally – have had Brexit at their root. And yet, elsewhere in the indy movement, we have folk insisting that we should wait until Scotland is out of the EU before holding another referendum, and that the EU shouldn’t be a significant part of the next campaign, even though it’s clearly the trigger.

    1. c rober says:

      TRY before you buy I say , offering the EFTA model of other countries with a similar population.

      With that , the very same things the EU represents that matter to the REMAINERS are supplied , without the constaints of currency and fiscal levers that have impacted some countries more than others – ie Greece , Italy , Portugal , in that they cannot devalue a shared currency or reduce shared taxation levels.

      EFTA offers free trade , movement , protections , a shared market , but without the negatives touted in the yoon media that led to brexit , lies that they were.

  6. J Anderson says:

    The thing is Corbyn could offer Scotland a deal, if he could think out of his 70’s manhole.

    Why not support Scottish Interdependence, this would be a far better angle for labour, say we will help Scotland be an independent state, if they so choose, ie supporting the necessary trade and other interdependent relationships we have with the rUK, to make a cooperative, collaborative effort between two very close states work as well as possible, is this too progressive for corbyn?

    Federalism is a complete non starter now, if even Tom Morten and Dailly have seen through it then it’s finished, ship sailed, had yer chance. what amazes me is that they couldn’t see the obvious trend of Westminster doctrine since 1980, It hasn’t changed, has been morally bankrupt for decades, somehow leaving the EU was the trigger, we had the moral authority last time round. still it must be hard to switch like that and all respect to them for doing so.

    1. c rober says:

      We keep reading that its the Scots that forced Labour on England , even before the tory lite version.

      One thing that does now UNITE this nation is its hatred for BROON , hated in England for well being Scottish , hated in Scotland well for much more really.

      But you are right with labours leader , Jeremy Snarkson , his fear is that a post indy Scotland , a successful one , highlights near 100 year of failure to supply its promises to Scotland , by the original HOME RULE PARTY.

      And in doing so Scotland proves in success , without a Labour voice or single hand on the tiller that its a failure at the socioeconomic level WITH THEM – well since the Kinnock route of the unionists , you know those supporting the other union they have also rejected – the union of the workers.

      Labour is irrelevant , both in Scotland and in tory lite middle England – so egregious in their condemnation of the SNP as the enemy , just like UKIP and TORY on the EU , yet offering support to each other , the “enemy of mine enemy” to remove the SNP.

      What I love is the yoonsphere , of Slab , Nulab , LibDem , and the usual culprits offering the SNP as a failure with 10 years of double limited power.

      Double limited in that the SNP are running the shop in Scotland , without all reserved powers returned , elected into control via an electoral system designed to prevent control.

      Without chains we are free , Westminster , Tory , Labour , LibDems are but links in that chain…. and Westminster the anchor.

  7. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Mike Small as always, brimming unwavering, in his absolute certain belief, so strong, that he needs to tell the world.
    Listen up, 5 No Voters have changed their mind. Independence is just over the next hill.
    Never mind that there were 383,937 more voted No than Yes back in 2014. Does it matter that there is no second referendum on any agenda? Is Mike aware that Scotland is tired of issues constitutional? Does it ever cross his mind that the patience of our partners in The Union is close to failing? Seemingly not.
    Mike asks “… I can think of no equivalent version from Yes to No (suggestions please) – in the other direction”. If and when a second referendum is called and then, at that time, the circumstances at home and in Europe are assessed, the numbers might surprise him.

    1. c rober says:

      You cant talk a leopard into changing its spots , some will not change their mind , which means it isnt ever been open in the first place.

      The very definition for intelligence for me at least is being able to accept and change ones mind – of course that means data and proof. However there is a counter to that , fake news and damn lies , which for many of these now changing minds has been noticed POST INDY.

      I was pro SNP , I was Pro Labour , I have never been pro UNION and Tory , for one reason – how it treats Scotland TODAY and has done so since the 1920s.

      I am not pro separatist , I am pro self determination , and the only option therefore is independence.

      Independence in order to protect pensions , to prevent privatization of the NHS , to remove the lies of Westminster colonial control , along with its austerity , its tripled deficit , and theft of a nations oil. That oil which is the piggy bank today for England and UK failure , and once again prevent its bankruptcy.

      We are but serfs until this happens.

      1. Dominic says:

        Fair enough but if you are pro self determination, why do you you want to hand over sovereignty to a parliament body thousands of miles away, that will always work primarily in the interests of the centre – Germany and France. See the way Greece, Ireland, Portugal were treated.

        There is no logic to your argument.

        1. James Mills says:

          Name one country that has handed over ‘sovereignty’ to the Eu . This was part of the specious argument from the Brexit camp .

          1. Crubag says:

            All EU members give up some of their sovreignty – on fisheries, customs, competition policy, to name just three.

            That’s why the Republic of Ireland won’t be able to make a decision on customs between the republic and the UK.

            Whereas an independent Scotland and rUK could make such an agreement.

            It’s a calculation each country has to make – whether it is better to retain sovreignty or pour it into a larger union to obtain other benefits.

          2. Dominic says:

            gain, is Greece Sovereign

          3. Dominic says:

            ‘Name one country that has handed over ‘sovereignty’ to the Eu . This was part of the specious argument from the Brexit camp .’

            You do know Greece had a referendum that was overturned and has been forced to change almost ALL welfare laws? You do know that Ireland has lost an entire generation under thirty due to Troika imposed conditions? You do know ditto for Portugal?

            You people are idiots.

        2. c rober says:

          Dominic , will try to combine answers here.

          I am not pro EU , I am pro self determination , the EU though as a union represents a shared and equal union , of solidarity , unlike that of the UK , of stolen oil. However I am not pro EU – but pro efta. Not one of the EU nations has stolen its smaller partners oil , fish , land , or controls another income in EFTA or the EU…. though I have to admit Spain does try it on a bit with Portugal and GIB for fishing, not that this will be a problem as Spain will now have England happy to cast it off post brexit.

          I note your regard to Greece and , to use the economic term once used the P.I.G.S , so will try and answer that one.

          Greece , problems same as Portugal is due to not fully complying to the economic pack , reflected in the same manner in both. Portugal represents a system of protectionism of its key utilities , and against imports , so is a perfect example then of leaving the EU for the UK on how it doesnt work.

          Then you have on top a borderline communist politico in both Greece and Portugal , that ran up huge debts – expecting the EU to roll on and pay for it.

          Including increased civil services , lower working hours , two months holidays , high pay , large pensions , low pension age , and tax avoidance as an olympic sport. I read the EURO press you see , which is also why I can offer here that the bailout monies from the imf return to their creditors at the rate of 95 percent – which is Germany and France.

          Ireland , suggest you check out the oecd data , your about 4 years out – its the best GDP rate in Europe. A country that told its banks to “feck off” , and sold off its assets in firesales , and also a country subsidising English port jobs for imports and exports – aka hidden tarrifs. But lets not talk the biased UK trade deal , just like that of Scotland.

          Can I suggest you reading material is changed beyond that of the billionaires political tabloids , read up on Greece and its multiple bankruptcies , Of the Nordic states in Europe in the efta. On OECD data.

          1. Dominic says:

            ‘Not one of the EU nations has stolen its smaller partners oil , fish , land , or controls another income in EFTA or the EU….’

            Right oh….

            But then…

            ‘Greece , problems same as Portugal is due to not fully complying to the economic pack , reflected in the same manner in both. Portugal represents a system of protectionism of its key utilities , and against imports , so is a perfect example then of leaving the EU for the UK on how it doesnt work.’

            eeeerrrrm yes that’s the point mate…at what point is the 3% growth and stability pact not controlling income? And as for utilities – have you heard of Eu competition law. Like I said idiots.

          2. Dominic says:

            ‘…not complying to the economic pact apparently’ = control over income….hahahahahahaah

          3. Jim says:

            additionally does any one believe that all the 28 nations will always be in a positive economic situation, all at once 24/7. the EU like anything has its issues, but the cultural, economic, scientific and trade benefits are worth considering.

            the alternative is Scotland in EFTA, maybe work out, but we’d still pay in with no say? as for sovereignty, UK just proved it always had that by voting to leave, Scotland could leave, but there is no sovereign process for leaving the UK, a WTO Scotland would have a hard time working out trade agreements, as it will be farcicle enough for brexit Britain.

            Ireland had net migration before it joined the EU, there isn’t a huge drive there to leave even after all the economic issues around 07/08, it really benefit ed overall from EU membership.

            the EU will be a better place once UK is out, we sided with the worst policies there.

          4. c rober says:

            26 states , equal partners , ALL agreeing to the stablity pack = democracy. All is debated , negotiated , until all agree – yep represents Scotland in its current union exactly!

            Failure to comply , for those states that STILL havent , to the negotiated and AGREED PACT < shows the failure is not the EU , but at the national level.

            You arguments are flawed and unionist cyclic logic… however I can add the perfect anti EU argument for you… the single one that trumps all pro EU arguments.

            The shared currency itself – which is why I am PRO EFTA , not the EU.

            The shared currency is the flaw , without the ability to devalue then there is no play at the national level. Something that Scotland also doenst have with the Pound , with trade a reserved matter , with taxes that matter a reserved matter – and unlike the EU , a negotiated and equal pact of consensual agreement , Scotland today has an unequal one in its current union.

            But do go on..

          5. Dominic says:

            All equal partners…see Greece!!! and you are missing the point. It is a question of logic. If it follows that union with rUK is too much of a loss of sovereignty, given the fact that a) all major macro economic decisions – interest rates, currency value, money supply, deficit and borrowing levels, trade patterns and more are un acceptable if at Westminster, why then hand them over to the Germans??

  8. bringiton says:

    Good to see some former unionists seeing the light.
    Some unionists (Labour in particular) have moved from denying that Scotland is a country to denying that Scotland could be a successful country.
    Dependency hasn’t exactly set the heather alight and breeds apathy and lack of ambition in the population,a bit like the first nation people on the reservations in North America.
    Oops,is that a racist comment?

  9. Dominic says:

    In Scotland the highest % who voted No to the EU were Yes voters – as they want actual independence (not replacing one distant regime with another that will gradually increase in power). The highest % of those who voted to remain in the EU was in No voting regions – Aberdeenshire/ Borders/ Edinburgh (74% with a high turnout). More interesting were the deliberate abstentions on EU (nearly 45% in Glasgow and not much better in Dundee – in fact if you do the maths considerably more English council area voted to remain due to very high turn out). Then of course there is the overwhelming evidence of social attitudes in Scotland (not especially different to England with regards mass migration) and then the ensuing economic ‘very tough times’ that independence will inevitably result in (as Brexit will).

    Mike Small and the self appointed middle class West End ‘intelligensia’ seem very happy to brush these people under the carpet but I see a serious schism in the Yes movement coming.

    Mike Small and the ‘progressives’ may get independence, but the indications are that the type of independence that will manifest itself (once the smoke screen of Britain is gone) will bare no resemblance to their dogma.

    1. Dominic says:

      Once the battle with the UK is over then the real serious trouble will start – check history.

      1. c rober says:

        I too dont think the SNP will last at the current level in a post indy Scotland , its hard to point blame at Westminster for failure in that scenario.

        But then again , hands untied , failure , no voters then proved right = accountability.

        So why the fear? Is it that England will reject a Union again , or is it the prevention of the truth , that Scotland would be successful , as many economists NOW ADMIT , even with low oil today , and that is the bigger enemy?

        1. Dominic says:

          You are not in the remotest addressing the point. Scotland and the sizable % that support leaving EU… e.g also known as Independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dominic says:

    And as for Sadiq Khan, it is all rather absurd. One half of Scotland say Scottish Nationalism is wonderful and inclusive (as it fits their purposes) and the other half say it is divisive, exclusionary and unpleasant (as it fits their purposes).

    So the conclusion that follows from this logic/ syllogism is…

    1. Dominic says:

      Hellooooo… any takers on the rationale. p = (not) p… sooooooooo….

  11. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    What annoys me about Sadiq Khan is that he is talking without any knowledge of, or interest in Scotland. If he had bothered to make himself aware, he might have noticed that what Nicola Sturgeon said after the Brexit vote, and what she has consistently said since, is in stark contrast to the disgraceful xenophobic comments from people who should have known better( but actually knew exactly what they were doing),in England.
    Even if the different reaction to Brexit in Scotland wasn’t reported in English newspapers, you would think it might be wise to do some research when you are actually going to talk to Scottish voters.
    It all adds to the sense that they just don’t get it in England although it seems to become clear to many of them when they come to live here!

    1. Alf Baird says:

      “It all adds to the sense that they just don’t get it in England although it seems to become clear to many of them when they come to live here!”

      To many? Well, to c.20% perhaps, according to voting intention surveys. As Khan, Corbyn and endless others prove again and again when venturing north, there remains significant cultural differences between Scotland and England. It would be an even bigger (natural) cultural gap if we actually taught Scots bairns to read and write in thair ain mither tung thay spik ivverie day.

  12. bringiton says:

    People who reside in a country which has just voted to turn it’s back on the family of European nations have no right to accuse others of xenophobic bigotry.
    If their definition of racism is separating from London rule then there is a very big list of countries who have done just that over the years.
    Are all of those millions of people racists because they didn’t kowtow to the London establishment?

    1. c rober says:

      Slight correction here for you , not millions , but billions – in former colonies alone.

      New Zealand
      China? well part of it.

      I make it that most of the world is now independent of the UK.

      Things must be dire there though , it never gets brought up how bad they are since their own indy.

      1. Dominic says:

        huuummm??? every single one of those countries mentioned were vocal in support of the UK not being split. Maybe they know something we don’t?

        1. c rober says:

          aw ffs , you do know you are a joke at this point with that addition now dont you?

          Ex colonies supporting the idea of preventing independence> That not clutchign at straws , that clutching at lifeboats , big fat lie coloured lifeboats.

          but you were right though , some didnt want the UK to leave the EU and affect their businesses in England , but then again theres truth and then theres spin.

  13. Donnie McCulloch says:

    Better late than never, welcome Tom er al!

  14. Big Jock says:

    I didn’t like the way Tom described 2014 as not being legitimate. Now he has decided independence is legitimate it’s OK.

    This is very patronising and self righteous. Independence is always legitimate. Likewise genuine unionism is legitimate. I have voted Snp for 25 years. I knew when I was 18 Scotland had to be independent. I resent being lectured to by people like Tom who refused to vote for independence for so long.

    He just needs to say sorry I should have voted yes the last time. Not I didn’t think it was legitimate. While I welcome Tom to the cause I can’t forget the bile of arrogance that came from his side in 2014. You were on Ruth and Camerons side Tom. Did that not set alarm bells ringing.

    Before anyone says just welcome him. I say this. I am entitled to my own opinion and I am still angry at educated peoples betrayal of our nation in 2014. It’s taken the virtual destruction of our nation to get old labour voters to wake up. This is last chance saloon now but it didn’t have to be this hard.

    1. c rober says:

      Perhaps his arguing for the legitimate is that there is now in his own mind a personal legitimacy , the straw , camels back , or that he has since indy seen how illegitemate the VOW that persuaded him then was a lie – thus opening him up again to question the wider legitimacy of what he was told , indoctrinated to beleive?

      While I get you point Big J , on being previous enablers to keeping our servitude , they are now our loudest voices , those most inclined not to argue but offer why the change , thus perhaps opening the eyes , ears , and minds of their peers , families , beer buddies , or those that in kind still are today within that mindset he once was.

      The only proper way to Socialism for Scotland , and it is the socialist voices that have jumped ship from Labour to the SNP for its rise , is for independence.

      Every time the likes of Khan , Corby , Dugdale or Ruth open their mouth , in condemnation of those wanting a progressive unchained Scotland they do our job for us… BUT the same can be said of rejecting the new blood , proving the others right , after all its the same reasons why they have eventually now jumped aboard as our own , its just that the vision has perhaps been clearer since 2014.

  15. Patrick says:

    Yes I will vote for Independence because :
    It is better to walk alone than in bad company
    Brexit: Last Week
    Brexit Aftermath

  16. Redgauntlet says:

    Great stuff from Phantom Power and Bella.

    Welcome on board Mike Dailly and Tom Morton.

  17. john young says:

    In our rightful condemnation of SLAB even English labouri think we tend to forget the human elements,inmo most politicians are self seeking/glory hunters not for them the backwaters of Edinburgh/Manchester/Newcastle oh no they want to mix and be seen mixing with the “great and the good” as perceived by them,they would slit their grannies throat for the opportunity so selling their country short is of no concern,”Gorgeuos George” epitomises this point,another being “Gorbals Mick” Martin representing working class union men from north Glasgow one of the poorest areas in the UK,the elite loved him and his swanning about in a ridiculous wig,there are many many more waiting in the wings and the establishment know it,they do not have to do anything they know that the mouthpieces from “oop north” Wales will continue to cascade down to the City where they will be eaten up and spewed out.

  18. kininvie says:

    Dominic: Consider the difference between a Confederation and an Incorporating Union. Confederations have the advantage of each member retaining ultimate sovereignty (as the UK has demonstrated), but agree to sacrifice differing amounts of sovereignty in the interest of the good of the whole. In an Incorporating Union, all sovereignty is sacrificed.

    Your strictures over Greece address a different target, which is the Eurozone. Throughout history, currency unions have been fraught (I might argue that the currency union of the UK has not been to Scotland’s advantage, but it would take too long). The USA is probably the best example of a currency union which works – but it takes constant adjustment and a willingness at federal level to do the right thing by the poorer states. The EU probably got that wrong over Greece – the general thrust of the Troika’s measures were too harsh and too predicated on neo-liberal economic dogma, but at the same time the crisis forced both the EU and Greece to contemplate some home truths. It is the early days of the Eurozone after all, and the imbalance between Germany and Greece and the difficulty that causes is now recognised to a degree.

  19. Craig P says:

    Spoke to my first Yes to No yesterday. He had voted yes but is not a fan of the EU (works in an area that implements EU rules and payments) and would support No since Brexit – with the caveat that his ideal situation is UK federalism/devomax. So it will be interesting to see which way he falls when that is not on offer.

  20. Patrick says:

    If you want to know, the secret of Brexit and how and why UKIP won, follow the link.
    All lie? Simulation in social networks

    In social networks are used all kinds of tricks: anything that helps to appear successful on the internet can be bought. A Hamburg company, for example, provides “likes”, comments and clicks. Getting resonance costs money and the fastest method to simulate popularity are the so-called “social bots”.

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