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What to fear from Trump?

Sarah Kendzior is the author of The View From Flyover Country, a collection of essays published in 2015. She is a journalist, researcher and foreign policy expert who writes for De Correspondent, POLITICO, the Guardian and the New York Times. She is interviewed here for Philadelphia’s The Remix.

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  1. kevin brown says:

    I fast forwarded to the bit about Trump, Manaforte and the ‘Russian connection’. That’s all I needed to hear. My advice: this is nonsense, just disregard it.

    Anyone notice how no actual evidence has been produced regarding ‘the Russians hacked the election?’ Evidence. How passe is that? Assertion is all that is needed nowadays, and of course if the CIA is asserting it, well, it just has to be true. Would James Clapper lie? A bit of reiteration helps too, with propaganda, ad nauseum is best.

    I think that this ludicrous hysteria the Dems are generating about ‘the Russian hack’ will sink them for a generation, a bit like the Labour Party in Scotland post the referendum. Why would anyone take these people seriously after all of this? There’s plenty of evidence, and it points to a leak, not a hack. And what was leaked (not hacked) is really damning regarding HRC and the DNC

    Bill Clinton’s best payday ever was after Hillary OK ed (as Secretary of State) the sale of Uranium 1 to a Russian purchaser. Just afterwards Bill was paid $750 K for a one hour speech by a Russian oligarch. Great work if you can get it.

    Check out Ray McGovern here, who deconstructs this ‘malign Russian influence’ as regards ‘the hack’ rather well.


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