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  1. Alex Wright says:

    I think Summer could end up doing herself a damage by believing these paradigms of journalistic integrity.
    Strange article.
    Here I am, on a Alt Media site, being directed to NY Times, Washington Post and CNN for christs sake.
    Has Mike gone bonkers?
    I’m a bit worried about him.

    1. No need to be anxious Alex.

      Your binary understanding of the media is dodgy though.

      Breitbart is ‘Alt Media’. Infowars is ‘Alt Media’. The idea that there aren’t good journalists working on some of these papers is just wrong.

      It’s not an article its the Storification of a journalists tweets.

      1. kailyard rules says:

        Storification? Does that mean political spinning?

    2. Alex Wright says:

      Point taken, but Summer should get out more.

      1. I truly don’t know what’s going on in America, whether this is liberal denial, paranoia, Post Cold War anti-Russianism, real conspiracy or what. I did think that the fact that key journalists I have a lot of respect for are taking it very seriously is interesting, whatever happens and whatever is true

  2. David says:

    Aye very good – “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!”

    UKIP here in the UK wants to take us back to the golden years of the 1950s. And in the US, lots of people including Summer Brennan, are still living with paranoid 1950s Cold War beliefs of ‘Reds under the bed’.

    The only ones who benefit from such idiotic paranoia are arms manufacturers and extreme right-wingers, ever ready to declare emergencies which remove citizens’ rights temporarily* ‘for the greater good’.

    *See France for more details.

  3. punklin says:

    Can’t accept it was the pesky Russians nor even the more plausible right wing conspiracy. The US electoral and political systems are screwed up enough to produce a result where Trump can win though he came third in the popular vote. Clinton just beat him in numbers but most worrying is the nearly 50% who didn’t/couldn’t get to vote.

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