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  1. kevin brown says:

    This analysis is exactly correct. What we read in the US media is that ‘unemployment is low, the economy on the mend, asset prices are rising…’. The reality for most Americans is far otherwise. They’ve been asset stripped over decades as the bosses have arbitraged labour by sending jobs to China, Mexico etc. And the 99 per cent are seriously short of the kinds of assets that have been appreciating — stocks, bonds and houses. What has changed is that now the ‘deplorables’ aren’t buying the lies anymore, and as well they have a hand grenade to hand.


  2. Monty says:

    that’s why the referendum was lost. we don’t have enough of the dispossessed in Scotland

    1. c rober says:

      Thats why the other one on the eu was won.

    2. interpolar says:

      Don’t worry. May’s working on it.

    3. Bad Goyen says:

      Monty the referendum was lost because just like the current American election the fourth estate was and is 100 per cent against the yes campaign as they are against Donald. In Donalds situation he is also 100per cent opposed by the MSM, Wall St, The fed.and everybody else with a dishonest vested interest. just as well he inherited some good Scottish blood from his mother to see him through. I wonder what small segment of the American society would have the vested iterest and the influence to pull of that amount of control over those massive institutions?

      1. c rober says:

        Bad Goyen

        Swallowed the lot didnt you , Trump is selfist , proven liar , that says anything to get what he wants.

        The SNP were warned , but never listened , hes a bully , and someone that has somehow managed to get away with decades of frank bullshit – perceived as the american version of Boris.

        He is using populist spin , to get the disenfranchised voter to elect him promising he will sort things – in that time if elected the very things you seem to think he is against will be weighted in his wealth creation favour.

  3. Alf Baird says:

    Excellent synopsis, and parallels with Brexit. The alienated Great Unwashed Masses have had enough. And it feels good.

  4. Onwards says:

    He might have been right if Trump hadn’t pissed off over half the voters in America.

    And when women are thinking it’s about time for a female president anyway – even if Clinton is crooked.

    1. leavergirl says:

      No we don’t. The stench is just too much.

  5. john young says:

    Trump/Clinton effin idiots and corrupt to the core.The whole of the USA is one giant fcuking nut house,yet we follow them like lemmings headed to the cliff edge,we have a Minister of Defence Fallon or should it be balloon saying that we might have to engage Russia in serious conflict,this from a nation that couldn,t supply troops in Helmand province with enough back up either in manpower/weaponry.God spare us.

  6. Craig Miller says:

    I had a theory that it was Hillary’s turn , the vile crew that runs the pig circus grub tent had all agreed ….but hey, nobody likes the falsemouthed manipulative drama queen that much , least of all the plebs….who could run against her ?guaranteed to run the GOP bus into cliff after cliff ? Someone badly in hock to serious wise guys , a sociopath who believes that all publicity is good publicity ….ha ha ha ? Now you tell me he might actually win ! Ha ! Did I get it wrong or what?

  7. POTUS says:

    Donald Trump will be one of the finest Presidents in Americas history. How could he not be with the blood and genes of his Scottish born mother Mary Anne Mac Leod flowing in him. All you know about him has been delivered by the fourth estate. The same wholly owned elite enterprise that was invited to join the first estate on the golden podium of power and influence. Globalization and it’s masters the NWO would never have existed without the compliance of the fourth estate. Just look at you own BBC if you doubt it. If you take the time to honestly look at Donald you might be surprised to see he displays many favourable Scottish traits inherent within him.

  8. Ex Pat says:

    Selective edit much ??

    That clip is cut from Trumpland, by Michael Moore, now released free on youtube.

    The key line is what Moore said _after_ that clip. That saying ‘F___ YOU’ to the US elite will feel good for a day, or a week or a month. But then the US people will wake up to a Trump presidency and they won’t like it. Just like many of the Brits who voted for Brexit and won’t like the medicine that the Tory elite is going to ensure they take.

    Followed by a spoof news report on the very ugly reality of a Trumpocracy… bombing of the Mexican border etc etc. Excellent!

    See @ 25.16 Trumpland by Michael Moore – Youtube –


    But you left that bit out. In pursuit of making a point? How is that different from what the (US Empire shill) Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) sowers do? ER, not at all. So. Confident in your.. credibility, eh, Mike Small?

    There was an excellent review of Trumpland by Richard Brody in the New Yorker. He was extremely astute in analyzing Michael Moore, his goal and his techniques for creating what is unashamedly great political propaganda.

    – ‘What Michael Moore Understands About Hillary Clinton’, by Robert Brody 19th October 2016 – New Yorker –


    The bottom line? As Noam Chomsky said, vote for Hillary in swing states – it really does make a difference. Because the Republicans (scum) are a (much greater) threat to the planet. Yes, Really ! You don’t believe it and think that you are smarter, more principled and better informed than Noam Chomsky?

    Good luck with that!

    And so, while Trumpland ends with a great Hillary feel good moment, what should the world expect of a Hillary presidency? As Noam Chomsky said of Obama, we can’t expect anything. Just another sock puppet leader of a murderous, genocidal US Empire.

    What will you expect from Hillary? _Nothing_. But the alternative of Trump – a Republican sock puppet moron – really is worse. _Much_Worse_. Is that a pity? Yes. But it’s still better than the alternative. By a country mile!

    SO. In swing states, vote for Hillary (while holding your nose? / “While still hating her – M. Moore!) – Noam Chomsky –

    – ‘An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting). Noam Chomsky with John Halle, 15th June 2016 – JohnHalle.com –


    – Noam Chomsky website –


    On Obama, in 2009 – Noam Chomsky –

    “Turning to the future, what can we realistically expect of an Obama administration? We have two sources of information: actions and rhetoric.”

    Vs 2016 What did we get? F___ ALL. But still better than Our Dear Leader, Comrade Cheney. And Hillary – better than Our Dear Leader, Comrade Trump! ; ) –

    – V.v. long : ( – Noam Chomsky interview, February 2009 – Z Magazine –


    1. tartanfever says:

      I always wondered about which of the following is worse:

      a) Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. Absolutely point blank denial, it’s all a conspiracy etc.

      b) Clinton does believe in Climate Change and publicly backs politics that will address the issue.

      In secret however, she accepts millions of dollars from the corporate bankers of Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry and supports lobbying attempts that have thwarted Congress from being able to pass any climate related laws.

  9. Catherine says:

    Recommend everyone read #Podestaemails expose on Twitter and face book, wealth of information about the workings of USA Gov & Clinton’s affiliation with Saudi’s. Videos from intelligence services and about revolt within FBI. All thanks to Assange and ex intelligence workers.

  10. c rober says:

    Unfortunately it all ends up a bit NWO , the masons and the Illuminati fault. This too is something cultured in the media as a weapon to deflect from the real power.

    Trump is a fud , Clinton is a joke – but the American people swallow that they have two options for a titled leader without any real power to improve their lives , they still are second to the millionaire elected politicians in the pockets of the wealth creators whom do have the power to improve their lives but dont.

    This isnt the NWO , the masons or the Illuminati , it is what the country was founded on , creating and keeping wealth for the few and reducing their own taxes …. Its protectionism , using the many as modern day electoral militia voting on reducing their wages , increasing their taxes , reducing their healthcare and social security and instead the money goes into the 1 percenters pockets…. as 22 percent of their taxes are used for the military.

    Michael Moore is a one time act , whom accidentally hit the nail on the head through edits and appealing to the tin foil hatters , and has rode on that wave ever since. He is not some super socialist , intent on creating utopia , he is just like those he portrays only interested in the income he gets , just like all those that elect politicians on promises of lower taxes and improved wages.

    1. tartanfever says:

      I can’t remember what documentary I was watching recently but they talked about Obama’s first election and the fact that bankers, Goldman Sachs make a list of who he should place in his top administration jobs and pass it on to their friends in the treasury.

      Needless to say their list was almost 100% accurate.

      1. c rober says:

        On a related note I watched Moore on a Yank tv show live last night , early hours in EU.

        He commented and proved that his speech (in this item) has led many to believe that he supports trump , when in fact he was putting across the reasons why such a tit can be elected , so much so he mentioned he got a personal thanks via Trump…. whom obviously hasnt seen the full showing.

        Any publicity is good publicity eh?

        Has anyone mentioned whom will be the vice president choice of the candidates yet? Very important , someone will need to be there incase one is incarcerated or the other ending up in Hotel California.

        As for secret servers as secretary of state , well I would have done the same , its not like presidents and their aides can trust the likes of their own CIA , FBI and of course the lack of real security they offer – see UK extraditions of hackers. Every single email being on one server is a liability to someone in such a capacity – and as a result a permanent target for wiki , RussoSino hacks as a result. Belts and braces , and should there be anything that was in it with regard to personal reasons for profit making then that evidence would have been found by now.

  11. ben madigan says:

    here’s the john pilger- julian assange interview

    and the michael moor clip


  12. Catherine McRorie says:

    Ii read Podesta files with horror & Clintons affiliations with Saudi & Qutar, & well known ties to Israel is reason for terrable wars in Middle East. Despite this i thought she would become next President of USA & feared WW111 with Russia.
    Never dreamt Trump would win, even although he might appeal to disinfrangised, I thought Clinton had the media & resources & insiders on side.
    The American ppl must have decided change at amy cost because their only choice was between the devil you know or devil you don’t.
    Still dumbfounded Trump won & wait in hope rest of world don’t keep following USA like sheep

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