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walk-the-plankSurely this mornings pearls of wisdom from our MEP @DavidCoburnUKip cements the case for his leadership challenge? The flamboyant if technically-challenged MEP told the radio that: “We want to put a cutlass in the small of the PM’s back to make sure she walks the plank on Brexit.”

Coburn told Radio 4 “We just need to get a grip of ourselves and sort ourselves out and I hope to be trying to do it myself.” Bella can announce it is 100% behind the idea of a Coburn leadership bid. The party, and the nation, needs strong leadership in this time of crisis.



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  1. DaveM says:

    Do you mean a cutlass?

    1. jdman says:

      Mibbe he meant a cutlet?

  2. david kelly says:

    I think someone should let the poor wee soul know that Theresa was adopted the whole UKIP agenda and so the “party” is over.

  3. Lyn says:

    Why on earth does he live here. He would be far better off in a cosy little Westminster flat with his little (and I mean little) UKIP cronies. He’s about as much use to Scotland as the proverbial choclate fireguard.

  4. Maria F says:

    “We want to put a cutless in the small of the PM’s back to make sure she walks the plank on Brexit.”

    Interesting. And who is going to put a cutlass on the Better Together bunch’s backside to ensure that they ‘walk the plank’ on all the promises they made during indiref1, for instance those ones of ‘Scotland would become the most devolved country in the world’ and the blunder of ‘the only way to ensure Scotland will remain in the EU is by voting NO’? Would David Coburn volunteer to do that to?

  5. manandboy says:

    Does David Coburn actually attend the European Parliament. I hope not . I cannot think of a poorer advert for Scotland. Mep’s from other countries must be appalled and mystified at his appointment. We have the BBC to thank in large part for that.

    1. Graeme Purves says:

      You bet! UKIP troughers will be collecting their salaries and expenses to the bitter end.

      1. Charles L. Gallagher says:

        Hi Graeme,

        Don’t forget the big fat Pension for ‘Hee-Haw’

        Auld Rock

  6. J Galt says:

    When Hitler committed suicide the question was asked what would happen to the Nazi Party and the answer was “without Hitler there is no Nazi Party!”

    I most certainly do not place Mr Farage in the same category as Hitler however the same holds true – WITHOUT FARAGE THERE IS NO UKIP!

    1. Yan says:

      Oor Nige 🙂 was a product of a political disengagement between the mainstream parties and a large part of the British constituency the Hitler comparison again is symptomatic of a failure not only to recognise that constituency but to re-engage politically.

      Referendums are the destructive B*sta*ds of democracy.

      1. Graeme Purves says:

        Whit dae ye mean “oor”, kemosabe?

      2. Maria F says:

        “Referendums are the destructive B*sta*ds of democracy”

        Only when referendums are not meant to be democratic Yan. I can think in three cases:

        1. When referendums are only used as political tools by weak politicians to win votes so they are jeopardised on purpose by depriving the electorate of the adequate information to make an informed decision.

        A beautiful example of this was the EU referendum, used as a tool by Cameron to win the GE in 2015. This was the example of what an spectacular failure is to use such a tool when you have a big, as you say, disengaged constituency that you double alienate by your poor policies and by putting the blame of your mismanagement on others. I think the result of the EU referendum was not what had been planned.

        2. When one of the sides has full control/access to the MSM and the other side has none and on top of that is constantly demonised and diminished by the MSM.

        A wonderful example of this was Indiref1 and no doubt, will be indiref2.

        3. When there is a big imbalance in the level of power of both sites. One has most power and will use it when it wants, and the other has none. So the one with the power, depending of how the campaign progresses, has the option to offer new things if the campaign is not going in its favour. Of course, the one with the power may decide after the referendum to renege on the concessions.

        The best example of this was indiref1. Westminster, represented by Clegg, Miliband and Cameron promised the moon and half if we voted NO. Blimey, they even talked about Scotland becoming the most devolved country in the world and Ms Davidson even hinted that the best way to ensure Scotland would remain in the EU was by voting NO. They won the referendum, of course, so after that they reneged on their promises and dismissed the half-truths they had said. Why? Well, because they can, don’t they?

        Played fair though (balanced access to press, balanced exercise of power and sufficient information of the electorate) they are possibly the best democratic tool that is out there.

  7. Yan says:

    Coburn is straight to the point no worse than the Scottish “Stakeholder” finishing school of political Unspeak.

    Scottish Stakeholder: an intermediate Privateer stationed between government and people plundering the public purse and absolving the Scottish Government of accountability.

  8. kailyard rules says:

    It’s a cert Coburn gets a grip of himself quite often.

  9. Robert Graham says:

    Coburn our very own home grown ‘ the Donald ‘ straight out of the mad hatters tea party he is a gift, Because he just can’t keep quiet just toss him a bone and off he runs he’s priceless he needs more coverage .

  10. John McCall says:

    Very honest of Coburn to admit that Brexit is walking the plank. I too support his leadership of UKIP, and a tot of rum to all hands.

  11. punklin says:

    I thought he said “a compass in the back etc…”, not cutlass. But given that mangled cut-glass accent and the way he sounds like he’s still eating his cereal (a large bowl of Brexit?), I may have misheard.

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