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Reykjavik Rising: Iceland’s Untold Uprising

This is a brilliant new film from Danny Mitchell on the 2008 “pots and pans revolution” provides some essential context on the latest outburst of popular outrage…

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  1. K. A. Mylchreest says:

    This film needs the widest possible exposure!

    Several time they mention how key developments were ignored by the conventional press and media.

    Also note how politicians have a way of muscling in and trying to take over popular movements.

    But, hey! A tiny country that has begun to take charge of its own destiny, and made a good shot at doing so collectively 🙂

    Many lessons worth learning here.

  2. Alf Baird says:

    Politicians come and go but it looks like Iceland’s elite still run the show. Reminds me of the unionist elite who ran Scotland’s institutions prior to the SNP coming to ‘power’; they are still there today, and they will probably still be ‘running Scotland’ in their own distinct ‘conservative’ way even after independence.

  3. Ronnimor says:

    Yes – the two comments above sum up the film nicely. What a hard slog it is to change the Establishment – even in a wee country like Iceland where the people at least turned out in force to insist that a handful of fraudsters ended up in the pokey. Even some significant ‘civil disturbance’ did not prevent the early return of the money mafia… The peaceful revolution in Czechoslovakia did not challenge the big bankers – perhaps that’s why it was peaceful…

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