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10665854_10152475630558300_2359716553460408087_nThis from September 2014: “The No campaign remains doggedly other-worldly. With one leg planted firmly in the past, the other dangles still less probably in an imagined future. The slogan ‘Better Yesterday’ sits comfortably with the mantra ‘Maybe Tomorrow?’ Anything but the here and now, anything but the present. Yesterday, definitely. Tomorrow: maybe (you never know your luck). Today? Sorry, no can do.”

Now our future looks extremely uncertain, with a lying cabal of politicians backtracking superfast and deleting their own website as they are getting found out.

Did you know that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove didn’t even have the guts to turn up at the House of Commons today?

If you’ve changed your mind about independence and want to publish your thoughts, Bella is running a new series for you. Are you of the hundreds of thousands of people now backing independence in the light of the Brexit fiasco?

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  1. Ed says:

    “westminster” ferrets in a sack comes to mind, doesn’t look good

  2. JohnEdgar says:

    UK, aka, English Tories in no hurry to initiate Article 50! Why? Feart? Hoping to use HoC to ” overturn” the result as it is only consultative and not mandatory?
    I thought they were eager to leave.
    Or nae idea? Just a nice little jape! The longer they take, the more they will anger the EU and thwart their ” vowed” access to the market.
    All the aces are held by the EU as the pound declines and the triple a rating takes effect and the companies move to EU lands!!
    Interestingly, Corby wanted Article 50 to be activated the day after the vote. Closet Brex/Engxiter ?
    Add the defeat by Iceland and England will have a “double” exit from Europe, the irony and Schadenfreude or in another Nordic language skadefryd, is complete.

  3. David Allan says:

    Me thinks we are all getting carried away with events. I recall being similarly sufficiently blinkered in 1978 when I went to Hampden and cheered of Ally’s world cup squad.

    Yes Supporters need to appreciate much can happen over the period after the button is pressed.

    Lets not get to far ahead of ourselves. Who knows what direction we travel.

    1. John Page says:

      Agreed, but it does help to have an idea where you want to end up and to review possible routes……..it also helps if you get your boots on and pack your bags

  4. Mark says:

    Launching a plea for help with the final part of my uni thesis here. http://bit.ly/28SryR8

    Im doing a questionnaire the final part of my thesis, on the #EU ref here http://bit.ly/28SryR8

    If you could spare 5 mins to fill it out

    Its completely confidential, and there are some really bright guys on here,

  5. James Dow says:

    It’s obvious that England will do anything to delay the signing of article 50 to begin the separation process. I think the rest of the EU nations could easily accelerate the process by subsidising their newly arrived immigrants to relocate to England. Now that would be attractive, to live in the promised land of the welfare state with an up front bonus to get started. England has isolated herself as a potential dumping ground with no tools to protect herself from the above scenario.

  6. Heartsupwards says:

    Indyref2 is welcome. If Scotland votes to leave the UK then I believe that Scottish people will then require another EU referendum due to the dramatic change in circumstances.

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