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A Right Royal Knees Up #ScottishStreetParty

IMG_3609As the nation goes into raptures to celebrate her Highnesses Birthday, a right Royal Knees Up is on the cards. As a public service to our readers we are bringing all of your celebrations together in one place. Subjects – if you’re breaking out the Coronation Chicken or decked in red white and blue or simply Cleaning for the Queen, share the joy at 

Todays event begins three days of events to mark the Queen’s official birthday celebrations. Today PM David Cameron read from the Bible, while broadcaster Sir David Attenborough read a passage written by Michael Bond, author of the Paddington Bear books, on “the passing of the years”. We’ve already seen wild scenes across the country as spontaneous parties break out across the land. God Bless You Ma’am. Long may you reign over us.

It’s wild over at New Cumnock, party-central at Dundee and scenes of jubilation in Aberdeen. It’s been over six weeks since we last had a Jubilee, so it’s time to get grovelling again.

Share share share your jubilations serfs.

*** If you’ve got any money left after all the celebrations throw us a coin this way ***

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  1. Graeme Purves says:

    ‘Looking forward to the sing-along with Adele and Chas & Dave at the Yesbar this evening.

  2. Big Jock says:

    Yes agree, total establishment sychopantic, erse crawling bullshit. Now bow to your superiors you Scots rebels!

  3. Donnie Switch says:

    I’m having a street party here on my own in St Fillans. Good bless ye, ma’am.

  4. kat hamilton says:

    havent laughed so much for ages reading the hilarious texts and photos of the various’street parties’ up and down scotland. read not one scottish council has been approached to hold one of these fabulous events. shame innit…

  5. Anne Horn says:

    I had the cucumber sandwiches ready and there’s been no takers – aff with the crown for another year I suppose

  6. Douglas says:

    I believe England fans have been celebrating the glories of Her Majesty’s golden years in Marseilles in their traditional fashion…

    …maybe if they achieve their delusional Brexit, the French might just ban them in the future. Here’s hoping.

    “The function of the press in capitalist society is to report news stories but never explain how they relate to each other”…or something like that…Walter Benjamin….

    1. L-K says:

      You don’t seem to know do you? there is a lot more of us that don’t give a damn about the royals, They just use it as an excuse to go out and get drunk and party. As for this delusional Brexit a majority of idiots are hoping for, Wouldn’t make a difference what the votes are they will find someway to rig it anyway.

      I’m more of a person who would fly a flag that has all 4 flags from the UK and not the Union Jack or English Flag.

  7. Cathy Linney says:

    Loved the “Bouncy castle”!!

  8. JohnEdgar says:

    Sandwiches and Sircuses- a modern take on an old trick.

  9. Agatha Cat says:

    My neighbour’s mother had her 91st birthday party yesterday. And the family paid for it themselves. Imagine! They were all devastated the Nicky the Witch from the BBBC didn’t turn up to gush.

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