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  1. AJM says:

    It’s pretty disgusting the attacks Tasmina Sheikh has had to endure. More power to Tasmina in her fight against it.

  2. c rober says:

    Sounds decent enough , a bit less tory than some SNP politicians.

    You have to give it to her though , landlord , female in a mysongist world , lawyer , ex tory , Pakistani and muslim… yet the hate hounds usually only pick two for their online abuse , all those lazy trollers – dont you know the romanians will take your job if you do continue to do it harf arsed.

    If only she was an immigrant , disabled and lesbian on top of that – then she would have the full deck of minority protection and a coonsil hoose.

    Sorry went a bit Daily Heil letter writers there for a moment , couldnay help wi a wee dig at them.

    1. Dennis Webster says:

      She is a Scottish Muslim. Not PakistanI. What would it matter anyway?

      1. c rober says:

        The point was the ridicule of those that post online giving her a good trolling , and she did say her heritage is Pakistani ?

        To me shes scots , an ex tory landlord politician and lawyer , religion and sex has nowt to do with it – other than being a great card to play when needed.

  3. Alf Baird says:

    ‘Trade and investment’? That’s a tough remit, not least because:

    – Scotland’s trade is continuing to fall over the past 10 years plus – http://reidfoundation.org/portfolio/better-data-to-grow-our-economy/

    – FDI last year is ‘estimated’ to have ‘created’ only around 5,000 jobs in Scotland (although we seem to be losing over 5,000 jobs a month, so it is not that insignificant, even if it were believable).

    The long-term trends therefore suggest no political party or state agency in Scotland has much of a clue about trade development. That’s important because, without increased trade, we are unlikely to see much, if any, real economic growth.

    Here is one relatively low cost policy initiative ‘they’ keep on ignoring that could provide a remedy, and seems to do the job for other nations: http://reidfoundation.org/portfolio/invest-in-our-ports-2/

    1. David Allan says:

      Congratulations on an excellent paper . Living in Ayrshire I see a now redundant deep water port at Hunterston with little coal traffic as Longannet has gone , the coal wagons to the giant Ferrybridge Power station near Doncaster no longer rattle along the Freight line from the Hunterson Terminal.

      With an existing rail link the potential for container traffic arriving at Hunterston must surely have been recognised by Clydeport and the Scottish Government.

      Yet I see only inaction, I seriously doubt there is any ambition at Govt level to explore the potential of developing this or any other site.

      The SNP Govt Day Job concentrates on menial trivia and continually fails to rise to any serious challenge that might inspire future confidence in Scotland’s ability to grow it’s faltering economy.

      During the referendum campaign given Scotland’s position in the north atlantic our ports were touted as a likely beneficiary of increased container traffic the potential for new less costly shipping routes to the Atlantic via the Arctic Ocean from Asia .

      Was this all just idle speculation.

      Does the Scottish Govt pay any attention to the papers produced by the Reid Foundation are you invited to contribute ideas to any Govt department?

      Also I and those in my circle are becoming frustrated by what we perceive as inept efforts by the Scottish Govt to attract any Oil Rig de-commisssioning work.

      For many the inactivity of the Scottish Govt on the industrial front has meant that the hope generated by YES is evaporating as surely as the support for Nicola the SNP and Independence.

      I’m afraid the post ref SNP no longer talk a good game.

      If there exists anything like an Industrial Strategy the Scottish Govt need to talk it up soon.

  4. Onwards says:

    Good interview. She is very articulate.

  5. Alf Baird says:

    “She is very articulate.”

    So are Old Etonians.

  6. Eric Blair says:

    Arms sales to Saudi? She does know that they are in part manufactured in Scotland with the consent and encouragement of the SNP?

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