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Alex Salmond makes a blistering case for impeaching Blair over Iraq

“You cannot gild a lily when you are sending people to their deaths”.

Alex Salmond on the case for criminal proceedings against Blair if the Chillcot inquiry shows predetermination.

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  1. Mike says:

    A true measure of just how much the UK of GB is corrupt will be when Chilcot finds no evidence that Blair pre-empted his decision to take us to war and manufactured the case to fit his decision.

    Be prepared for a whitewash because impeaching a former UK PM is just not on.
    They will be critical of his handling of the matter but will fall short of actually accusing him of any prosecutable wrong doing.

  2. shibboleth says:

    Chilcott isn’t worth the paper it’s written on as the pretext for the Iraq invasion, the attacks in the US on September 11 2001, is based on a falsehood. Whatever reasons – or excuses – the British government offer for their actions is largely irrelevant when these events are seen in context. Chilcott will be aware of the overwhelming scientific evidence that supports the contention that three buildings were destroyed by other means than two aircraft crashes and kerosene fires and the catastrophic collapse could only occur if the buildings supporting structure was thoroughly compromised. Isaac Newton wasn’t wrong. The 9/11 commission most certainly was.

    Chilcott has served to obscure the glaring anomaly and tragic atrocity – and Blair and Co may very well be sacrificed to preserve the lie and maintain the order. The most urgent and pressing Inquiry needs to focus on the events of just one day. From that, all else can be understood.

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