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Utopian Adjuster (Scotland)

This may help, in the last few activist hours. At least it isn’t 2050, when the robots will do it all for us…

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  1. jimnarlene says:

    Roll wae square slice, broon sauce, tattie scone n onions; perfect.
    Sod the fitba.

    1. John Mooney says:

      Square sausage,tattie scone,black pudding,fried egg,broon sauce; and tae tap it aw,SNPX2, :o)

      1. jimnarlene says:

        Black puddin n a saft egg tae, magical. SNP x 2

        1. C Rober says:

          then drapped in batter and deep fried. Complete with a desert , am no a savage , and a diet irn bru… am oan a diet.

  2. Gordie says:

    How about going back to being Non partisan? You were more honest that way.

    1. Gordie says:

      I take my previous comment back. I just realised I couldn’t gie a toss. I’ll take the square sausage, nae sauce soft roll.

  3. Garrion says:

    There are two things that will effectively end this current drive for achievement of Scottish independence.

    One is to use the vagaries of the D’Hont system to ensure that there is a minority govt primarily committed to actual independence.

    The other is to deliberatively create schism, disagreement, and red-herring wedge issue politicking to dilute and obfusticate the core objective.

    Bella seems to be doing a bang up job of both these days.

    Ironically, the so called left once again seem to be actually rooting for the subservient status quo, while mouthfully defending ‘the people’.


    1. Douglas Robertson says:

      I look to Ireland and see what unquestioning nationalism produced over the last century. Is it really that very different? In my view No, and Yes but in so many ways poorer for all that. Flags and songs and photo opps do not make a nation, its what its politics and culture delivers to people living there that is so critical. The SNP a social movement or a political party – discuss, endlessly but please never question, please.

    2. Guest editor Kane here… It’s a bit of satire from a good pal of mine who couldn’t be more core of a Yesser. Some humour allowed in wartime, no?

      1. George Bell says:

        Just brilliant. A great bit of harmless fun. Why look for subversive messages and not just enjoy it?

    3. Gashty McGonnard says:

      Spot on, Garrion.

      There’s an endemic, heid-puggling, self-defeating, paralysing lunacy that infected the Left in the late 20th century, and continues to this day. Its primary symptoms are hand-wringing, nit-picking, forelock-tugging and myopia. Left untreated, its prognosis is dire.

      Michael Gardiner’s excellent recent essay on here was about the demise of the Labour Party. He argued that Labour is wedded to the 1688-onwards British ‘Constitution’, which holds economic activity sacrosanct, and sees property (and working to produce it) as the only basis of society. From this stance, Labour has no adequate response to neo-liberalism. Gardiner’s point can easily be extended to the Left in general, even the ‘Radicals’: they’ve abandoned people power in favour of economism and po-mo moral relativity.

      The “Old Left”, for all its wrongs, had teeth and gonads – it believed that people acting together could better the world. It held revolution as a Sword of Damocles over the heads of economic and political elites. It won some improvements to work conditions and living standards. And then… And then, from the ’70s on, big money got the upper hand: with floating fiat currencies and digitised global markets, they could sabotage the economy of any country that attempted socialist reforms. Instead of fighting back, the Left just rolled over and showed its spayed soft parts. Left-wing thinkers retreated to the safe spaces of culture theory and identity politics. Left activists fought over the best deckchairs on a sinking ship. They argued for gender balance on the parish council, while 1% of the people amassed 99% of the wealth, and banks extorted trillions out of national economies. No wonder Janet & John Public are bored with the Left.

      In the end, it all comes down to whether people power or economic power has the final say. The new realpolitik in Scotland is about Popular Sovereignty and Social Democracy (aka “Civic Nationalism”), opposed equally by the Left- and Right- Wings of the Neo-liberal Unionist order. We have a viable route to better – don’t block it with limp whataboutery and woolly perfectionism.

      I was swithering about my 2nd vote, but I’ve just convinced myself with my own rant: SNPx2.

      1. Graeme Purves says:

        From where I’m standing, the self-defeating, paralysing lunacy lies elsewhere. By all means, keep on ranting for Scotland, and see how far you get with it.

        1. Gashty McGonnard says:

          Aye, whatever. Name one thing the Scotttish (or British or European) Left have achieved in the last half century that improved ordinary people’s lives.

  4. John Page says:

    There are 4 things that will stop the march to independence.

    A blanket demand to Vote SNP*2 regardless of region ensuring large numbers of Unionist List MSPs
    SNP “supporters” bullying and disrespecting Greens and Socialists who worked their socks off during the IndyRef
    An SNP SOAC ignoring branch desire to have open and transparent debate while giving house room to corporate finance and fracking lobbyists
    Hugging the middle of the road and leaving ordinary punters with the feeling that all politicians are the same

    Never mind endorsing The Scottish Sun

    Having seen the disrespect you people have dished out to Bella recently I will be sending my SNP membership card back in the post tomorrow morning

    1. Neil Anderson says:

      Dry yer eyes.

    2. John Mooney says:

      Bye Bye then! :o)

  5. tartanfever says:

    Who else knew that the second ‘scan ‘ would be about the bloody world cup.

    Cheers Pat.

  6. Black Rab says:

    Trossachs tae the lot o ye. Vote for independence and Scotland win the World Cup……………….i’m telling ye!

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