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War is Coming

war-is-coming-coverToday we publish the first of our series of ebooks.

“The rotting sore of Iraq, the spreading fires of Syria, the disaster of Libya are just precursor for the war-that-is-coming. The conflagration is general. We have countries in flames: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Meanwhile other nations are smouldering: Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, France, Belgium and Israel/Palestine. Refugees are pouring across the Mediterranean from North Africa and the Levant. There is no road forward from here that doesn’t involve at least a million deaths and probably more.

War Is Coming challenges the accepted wisdom in how we should respond to these challenges. War Is Coming makes no pretence at having all the answers to a complex and uncertain geopolitical situation – but aims to pose the hard questions – about failure, about political and military strategy, about the domestic challenges we face and how to recover from a disastrous decade and a half of war.

With a lifetime interest in the Middle East where he lived as a child, and drawing on a 30 years experience of politics and political journalism in London, Scotland and critically Belfast during the Troubles, Gordon Guthrie is able to tease out the complex strands of this knotty problem.

Buy the book here. All proceeds to the Scottish Refugee Council.

Pat Kane has written: “Is it good enough, when turning our battered minds to the crises of the Middle-East and North Africa, to either sit on our hands (stopping ourselves doing any more imperial damage), or raise arms (to tell future generations we at least did something)? Shaped by a childhood in Bahrain, and as a young man in Belfast, Gordon Guthrie brings his current mindset (a systems engineer & Indy strategist) to bear on the space between these two responses. For those Indy supporters who want Scotland to play a constructive & peace-increasing role in a complex and often frightening world politics, Gordon does us a great service: he presents our ideals with the facts of history and the current situation. And asks us to think, hard. A necessary and genuinely challenging book.”


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  1. Craig Miller says:

    I wonder when opposition to zionism is a hate crime according to Corbyn , and Putin is paraded up and down as the latest bogey man supreme , when Turkey facilitates the slave trade (mainly selling to the Gulf Arabs ) and both the Wahaabi buyers and sellers are our allies against the secular Assad ….i wonder is there any hope for decent people in this waking nightmare , living a constant Orwellian double think whilst the one per cent suck the blood from our necks thru designer straws ….they have forestalled bloody revolution by the extent of their police state …all hope is gone

    1. Helen Lomas says:

      Sadly, you are correct.

  2. john young says:

    “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere” from Voltaire,how true,we are guilty as we stand by and elect/re-elect the warmongers/bankers,never ever have I heard from our elected clique of politicians that we are going into Syria/Libya/Afghanistan with books with building materials for schools/hospitals/clinics/infrastructure,we sail on never questioning why? because UK/European/USA arms workers jobs depend on war and chaos,yet when the refuges fleeing from our manufactured WOMD turn up on our doorstep we go ape s–t.

  3. Ian Kirkwood says:

    Neo-colonialism is little different to the overt empirical version. Taking control of the rents of land and nature is the target more than ever. The thieves make war. The dispossessed fight or lose all.

    We have the IMF seeking to weaken countries by telling them to sell assets to fund modernisation. Guess who gets the assets? Keeping the assets and collecting their full rental value to fund public services avoids war. And allows a landlocked country like Botswana to achieve $10,000 salaries whilst vast sections of the populations of her IMF-colonised neighbours enjoy $1 a day.

    This central legacy of Adam Smith is forgotten. But, with the export of AGR instead of Empire, what a wonderful world it could still be.

  4. Kevin Williamson says:

    Book looks great. But why is a Bella page linked to those corporate vampires and international tax dodgers at Amazon?

    1. Craig Miller says:

      Tar baby and B’rer Rabbit …we are pretty much all tarred up tae buggery…cant move for bumping into corporate pirates

    2. We’d welcome an alternative? It’s a bit like saying why do people use Facebook? Don’t want to deal with Amazon but need to get a distribution platform?

      1. Kevin Williamson says:

        Amazon and Facebook both come with tax dodging baggage true but there are other, bigger and more specific reasons why people all over the world choose to boycott Amazon. It goes way beyond tax. They are a unique corporation in that they have no serious competitors and are destroying everything in their paths from publishing houses to high street shops.

        1. I understand – is there an alternative? Someone tonight mentioned that Naomi Klein’s book was distributed on a different platform. Looking into it

          1. Kevin Williamson says:

            There are other platforms. I dont read ebooks but I hear that Scribd offer better terms than Amazon. https://www.scribd.com

  5. Jean Thomson says:


    As usual Palestine and the Palestine are not mentioned in the list of victimmised people. When will Israel be recognised as the oppressor rather than the victim

    1. Josef O Luain says:

      Just as soon as the US can find a new attack-dog in the region to safeguard its interests, I would imagine, Jean Thompson.

  6. Johnny come lately says:

    Jean Thomson
    I would rather ask, when people like yourself will begin to reading history books instead of spouting propaganda, and the 40 year old lie that Palistine is/was a country, that palistine belongs to the poor palistiniens, , and finaly the 40 year old lie, that Israel stole this imaginary country from this imaginary people.

    Fact: Historicaly there has never been a palistinien state, nation or people.

    Fact: After the Romans destroyed Jeruselem in the second century AD, the Romans named Jeruselem The province of Syria palistine, after Israels 2 largest enemies.

    Fact: Jews and arabs lived together in this province until the formation of Israel. Up until the 6 day war arabs refused to be called Palistiniens, claiming that the jews were the only Palistiniens in that area.

    Fact: All historical documents, and archelogical finds confirm this country is the historical, cultural, religious and anschesterestrol home of the israel. There is no archeological finds or record of a country called palistine, a distinct palistinien cultur, or a distinct Palistinien people.

    Fact: Up until that point, most arab leaders had always mantained ”there is no palistinien nation, there has never been a palistinien nation, there are no such a people as Palistiniens.

    Fact: Yasser Arafats right hand man who helped establish the PLO had made the above statement only 6 years before he stood alongside yasser Arrefat claiming the arab lie of this myhical country, which is an invention to attack israel with.

    Fact: Israel has not wiped Palestine off the map. In fact, in 1946, about 80% of Palestine was granted independence and renamed Jordan. They went to bed Palestinians and woke up Jordanians (this land was taken from Israel).

    Fact: Israel has been attacked 4 times by various coalitions of the neighbouring countries. In none of these wars has Israel been the agresser.

    Despite losing thousands of civilian lives due to terrorist attacks by the so called palistiniens, Israel has only taken the nessecary steps to defend itself any other state would when faced with constants attacks. Israel has since its reformation always held a hand of freindship out to it’s neighbouring countries. This gesture has always been returned by the palistinien arabs calling for Israels destruction and the annalitation of the jewish people.

    I could go on and on, but perhaps I should finish off with a quote from the earlier leader (Yasser Arrafat) of this poor oppressed people.

    ” “We shall never stop until we can go back home and Israel is destroyed… The goal of our struggle is the end of Israel, and there can be no compromises or mediations… the goal of this violence is the elimination of Zionism from Palestine in all its political, economic and military aspects… We don’t want peace, we want victory. Peace for us means Israel’s destruction and nothing else. ”
    – Yasser Arafat, PLO chairman
    (Washington Post, March 29, 1970)”

  7. Saparonia says:

    We are all citizens of planet Earth. Everything else is a lie. There is one humanity here. Our divisions are constructions built to deceive us so that the deceivers can steal Our planet from beneath us.

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