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On Makars Movers and Bankers

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Greg Palast, ex of Lobster, and renowned for Hanging Chads fame, asks ‘Who Hatched Rubio?’ “The smart money has been on Rubio since October 31–despite the fact that Rubio was polling at just 9%. Paul Krishnamurty, politics odds analyst at Betfair.com, told me that, among professional betters, over just two days, Rubio soared from zero to odds-on favorite to win the GOP nomination.” Read his stunning insider scoop on the behind the scenes dirty politics of America.

Meanwhile, over at Kiltr, whilst debate rages about whether or not title of ‘Makar’ is to be renamed, Eric proposes Tom Leonard, an appointment that is not going to happen. See ‘All Livin language is sacred’. Whilst we ‘re on the culture wars – Christopher Silver has an outstanding (but long) essay on his site here ‘Notes for 2016 Beyond the Culture War’.  Talking of outstanding essays, John James is on the money with his account of the “corporate omnishambles” at Planet Rangers.

Over at Sigrun Davidsdottir’s great blog she outlines the difference between Ireland and Icelands’s approach to criminality and banking: “Ireland and Iceland – when cosiness kills – The fate of the Irish and the Icelandic banks are intertwined in time

In darker news the full tragedy of the Assad Syrian regime is being disclosed with grim talks of extermination: “Report finds ‘vast state resources’ used to cause civilian deaths on massive scale, which authors say must be dealt with in peace talks”.


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  1. david says:

    …. and how do we ordinary folk campaign for Tom Leonard for Makur?

  2. Paul Carline says:

    A biased choice of words … “the full tragedy of the Assad Syrian regime”. “The full tragedy of Syria” would be more accurate and would have to include the central role in death and destruction – and mass exodus – of the Western powers (especially the US) and their illegal attempt to overthrow the elected government for the usual resource and geo-political motives. Anyone who isn’t blinkered knows that, like Iraq, Libya and Egypt, this was no “mercy mission” spurred by a concern for human rights and democracy, but it is merely the latest country (on the American check-list of 7 countries) to suffer being torn apart for Western political and corporate interests. And the unblinkered also know that, like al-Qaeda, IS(IS) is a western (and Saudi) creation, funded and armed by western governments and agencies. Does anyone really imagine that overthrowing Assad would usher in a period of peace and prosperity in Syria? The country is being deliberately depopulated to make it easier for its planned disintegration, with Turkey and Israel already hoping to seize large areas, and the usual suspects (the oil and gas companies) expecting to make vast profits. Fortunately, Russia has put a large spanner in the works.

    1. leavergirl says:

      Well said, Paul. And isn’t it interesting how the PTB have ripped apart one *secular* middle Eastern state after another…

  3. Julian says:

    @ Bella Caledonia Editor a pathetic response to Paul Carline’s posting. How many more middle east countries have to be destroyed before you take this on board?

  4. I think you misinterpret my response. As the full horror of the Assad regime is laid open it doesn’t really work for me to either ignore this, hide behind conspiracy theory or big-up Putin as Saviour.

  5. leavergirl says:

    Weird. Bella links to an article claiming that Rubio’s gotta have the GOP nomination. What?! Looking for a date of the article, it’s nowhere to be found. I am guessing early November then. Rubio is currently flailing as the slow third, and his roboshowing at the last debate did not help. Why are we getting this stale news?

    1. The articles from Thursday, February 4, 2016 leavergirl. Why are you ‘guessing early November then’? when it mentions Iowa. If you’re going to come on here and be really rude why don’t you read the blog first? The entire point of the article you are dismissing is that he’s come from nowhere and this was predicted.

      1. leavergirl says:

        Ah. After digging around, I finally did get to the date.
        Everybody and their sparrow on the roof has been chirping the big money is on Rubio, now that Bush is going nowhere. No surprises there.

        But it will take more than money to get their man out front.

        1. Will I take that as sorry?

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