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Britain’s Rigged Economy

RISE this week launched a brand new website and today the first of their campaign videos, from Cat Boyd and Colin Fox. Colin Fox said:

“Britain’s economy is rigged in favour of the rich. That’s why a handful of people own as much wealth as the bottom 20 per cent of Scots
combined. This way of doing things is not only immoral, it’s unsustainable – everyone knows there’s another crisis on the horizon. But Scotland has a get-out clause: independence.Against a backdrop of growing inequality and Tory-imposed spending cuts, RISE MSPs will argue for an independence referendum within the lifespan of the next Scottish Parliament. With independence, Scotland can build an economy that serves the people, not just a wealthy minority at the top.”

Bella will be promoting content and debate from all the pro-indy parties in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Maureen drennan says:

    I believe this as well a corporate takeover and the largest exchange of wealth since time began the Romans conquer the earth’scrust is equivalent to the skin of A soap bubble and we will all go pop over nothing but the greed of a very few people who are blinded by greed and self-importance. Insanity and addiction to power!

  2. john young says:

    Watch the “Keiser Report” on RT news that will give you the lowdown on the financial/banking systems,robbery robbery robbery year in year out and they waltz away from it,we need something different totally different.

  3. Frank says:

    That was a party election broadcast by Rise. Any other parties get free PR on here?

    1. Hi Frank – yes we’ll be posting campaign films from all the pro-Indy parties. Is that ok?

      1. Frank says:

        It’s your call editor. Personally I would prefer journalism to PR but that’s just me. Is Tommy Sheridan getting a free broadcast?

  4. willie says:

    I say this with no hostility to leftwing politics but Rise are a bit playing distraction. The main thrust of change has come from the SNP. Fragmentation from a fractious new party, if Rise are indeed a party at all will only blunt the thrust forward. The SNP are genuinely popular. People see them as the way to deliver change. People of varying persausions work within the SNP to deliver that change. Rise, Respect, Solidarity or whatever iteration is not the way to go. That’s why I’ll be voting SNP 1 & 2.

    1. Alf Baird says:

      “The main thrust of change has come from the SNP.”

      Many would say the SNP have changed little of any real substance (unless you have an example, of substance?). A unionist-elite still heads up most of Scotland’s 200+ public and semi-public organisations, including the ‘home’ civil service (i.e. the Scottish Government itself). Reforms on such things as land and universities have amounted to mere tinkering at the edges, leaving these and many other established corporate feifdoms to do pretty much as they have always done. No sign even of a Scots (Language) Act to replicate what was done for Gaelic.

      The real force for change is the Scottish people. The people are merely using the political parties as their vehicle to achieve the changes that are needed. Few people actually have much faith in politicians, far less political parties; they are all astute/expert ‘spinners’, and maist o’ the public ken this fine.

  5. Frank says:

    The SNP are the classic ‘safe pair of hands’, a means of channelling dissent and anger into a safe and non-threatening structure. Rise on the other hand do not seem to exist outside of Cyberspace and are in effect a ‘social media party’; a classic example of how social media produces it’s own version of reality. The left of the left – Rise, Solidarity – and also the hard left TUSC group, all splinter groups from the old SSP, are an embarrassment to the very cause they espouse. To promote any one of these schisms, is to inadvertently slide into the politics of sectarianism.

    1. Redgauntlet says:

      Frank, the SNP have been around for over 80 years, RISE just got started….give them time…there are plenty of names there who are familiar to people, names which were instrumental in RIC, which was one of the most dynamic movements of the YES campaign…name me another conference like the first RIC get-together where people were sitting in the aisles the place was so packed?

      If I hear another whinging SNP voter going on about “we need unity” and “RISE will weaken us”, I will scream….this is democracy, folks, huh? You get to vote who you want, and we get to vote whom we want….get over it and stop yer bleating and yer girning… a great number of us in Scotland want socio-political change just as much as Constitutional change and believe that the two things go hand in hand…

      1. Frank says:

        Just for the record Red gauntlet I’m not an SNP supporter. In fact, I’m not sure I would even vote SNP in the first ballot. I do think it’s healthy for the SNP to have an opposition, I’m just not convinced that Rise can play that role.

        The whole second vote debate is rather tiring and people should vote for what they believe in. Having said that I find the Scottish Parliamentary system problematic. For example, I just found out that in East Lothian – the constituency next to mine – that Scottish Labour are standing Iain Gray in the constituency and again on the list. That means that if he is rejected by the electorate on the first vote, which is likely, he will still get in on the list vote! How can that be democratic! Surely candidates should have to pick between one or the other.

  6. john young says:

    Frank all political parties end up up their own a—s nature of the beast,some if not most go so far up they lose track,we need to a radical change from the failed corrupt banking/corporate dominated society,how do we achieve this? but right-wing/centre right have had the ball for far too long ,it most certainly works but not for the majority of the people.Rise at least are looking for change,I am all for the dream of the young Kurdish women of the YPG who want to do away totally with the hierarchial system of elites,they have robbed and pillaged the people in the name of democracy.

  7. C Rober says:

    Thought I had already posted on this , perhaps it was deleted for offending electrical tape or something about being Cats eyebrows.

    Cant stand the people in RISE , its just my age showing , been there seen them before. Now starting to feel the same about the whole of the SNP , so they are at least in common company.

    Cat Boyd reminds me of Dugdale , I dont know why , I just can see through the self promotion and verbatim well memorized soundbites.

    However the topic is justified , Britannias rigged economy , housing rigged , banking rigged , and all to the favour of the wealthy , enabled through politicians including Hollyrood.

    But then again I seen Jimmy Reid speak , someone that could well have been the leader of an alternative party.

    Until Labour learn from their mistakes , heal the skelp they got last year , and realise they need to come to the table for Scotland not the party dan souf , then there will never be an alternative voice in Hollyrood able to keep the SNP to task , a true socialist voice . not like SLAB or indeed the SNP – both of them with their veneers of truth , and slivers of action.

    The majority of voters will remain retirees , or those approaching it for the next 30 years. So unless Rise has bribes for them , like all parties do , and of course those voters acutally use the internet , then they offer them nothing but reminders of middle class middle management they so despised during their worklife.

  8. yesindyref2 says:

    Ok, now listen up. Well, read.

    I can’t be bothered watching or listening to every player thing displayed all ov er the place, I like to have a glance, read because I can read fast, skip what I want.


    These vidoes are only 47 seconds and 50 seconds long as I noticed 2nd visit to this page, so I’d suggest you put that in big bold caption above or below the video boxes. It might make lazy people like me watch them!

    Yes, short and sweet, to the point, and policies, not knocking other parties. Good stuff.

    (I’m an SNP member, will be voting SNP + SNP, but like the page and videos).

  9. Maureen drennan says:

    I believe every arse in Scottish parliament should be for and about the Scottish people and Scotland. The political game no longer holds an attraction for folk as it is shallow and self seeking.I do also believe that Nicola Sturgeon is not daft as to the truth of the matter as to what is really at stake!

    1. Alf Baird says:

      “The political game no longer holds an attraction for folk as it is shallow and self seeking.”

      There is no shortage of the ‘shallow and self seeking’ out there who are attracted, more especially to successful political parties on the up and up (election being somewhat easier), much like flies to fresh cow dung. Hence the wave of Thatcherites who followed and idolised her, the Blairites who followed and idolised him, and the Sturgeonites we will see soon enough.

      1. C Rober says:

        The new blood introduced and gaining seats last year may well be detrimental to the party , the list looks like a rouges gallery , that with surprise to the SNP themselves actually got their seats in a revolt vote.

        Mhari Black may well leave , or be pushed away from her more socialist idealogy , one evening in dallas so to speak via the media , unprotected by those so keen to protect other SNP collegues from accounting inspections.

        And of course when people start to ask why they are voting for candidates that have not one link to the constituency that they have stood for.

  10. David says:

    As an ex SSP member, the SSP made a massive mistake getting involved in Rise. This is a view echoed by many in the party who see Rise as a bunch of opportunists desperate to carve out political/media careers for themselves. The problem is that they have not done the hard work and think that RIC is a stepping stone into a career in parliament. For anyone wanting confirmation of Rise’s infantile politics, check out Cat Boyd’s Sunday Herald column on the ‘fanny rammy’ in Glasgow on Saturday night. Juvenile politics at it’s worst. The left deserves much better than this.

  11. willie says:

    The blogs here are stereotypically descending into an anti SNP and pro Rise tirade. If independence was easy then we would have achieved it years ago. Indeed, the referendum of eighteen months ago showed just that. But we are maybe nearer to independence than we think. The referendum was an invigorating campaign that opened people’s minds to what is possible. Folks who had never participated in politics before were energised to participate. The vow was exposed to be a lie, an untruth a deception and the momentum for change has actually increased. Returning the biggest SNP majority possible in May will maximise our opportunities to deliver change. Rise, Solidarity, Respect et al are for the time being distractions we cannot afford. One voice, one objective and then we will have a chance of securing the parliament with the hue that we want.

    1. “The blogs here are stereotypically descending into an anti SNP and pro Rise tirade.” They are really not. As we said on the blog here (if you read it) we’ll promote campaigns videos from all the pro-indy parties in the run up to the Holyrood election.

  12. willie says:

    Yes and while I’m at it the statement that ” RISE will argue for an independence referendum within the lifetime of the next parliament ” suggests that “Argue” might be the operative word here. No mention of strategy as to timing. No mention if anything be it Brexit, the collapse of the Scotland Bill, the implementation of the Scotland Bill, TTIP, Tory Trade Union Law, the lack of EU protection in areas of health and safety and worker protection – just ” argue ” for a referendum within the lifetime of the parliament. Neither is any consideration given to the potential for a ” walkout ” from Westminster. But that could be a consideration if an SNP dominated Hollyrood and Westminster backed by a majority of the elecrorate get their democratic mandate denied. None of these issues are considered save for the siren cry from the latest incarnation from the time served Left. Nothing wrong with the Left but now is not the time to “argue” . Most folks I suspect agree – and yes, the Left deserves better. SNP 1 & 2 is how I’ll be lending my votes.

    1. Matt says:

      Spot on Willie. RISE are a cobbled together bandwagon for busted flushes and self promoters like Cat Boyd. Using Indy as a desperate platform for relevance. And make no mistake. Sheridan would be there in a flash if they’d let him, only they’re smart enough to see that they would then become a one man band before being torn apart.

      1. Your mention of Sheridan in the context of RISE confirms that you dont know what you’re talking about. Many of the key people behind RISE were also involved in RIC – a significant part of the movement that energised tens of thousands of people to vote and campaign.

        1. Frank says:

          Speaking of Sheridan are you going to answer my earlier question; will Solidarity get a free PR piece on this site?

        2. willie says:

          Ed, everyone appreciates the effort made by all who participated in the independence campaign. The right to hold a referendum in legislative terms was brought about by the SNP in hard fought negotiation with Westminster. We have an opportunity to move forward from what was achieved in the referendum but that pragmatically will be achieved I believe by not fragmenting the SNP vote. Divide and rule is an old British trick and whilst I am certainly not saying that RISE, or Respect or Solidarity or whatever other iterations are of that design, now is not the time for fragmentation. To suggest however, as one earlier commentator did, that maybe one million would second vote RISE or Green is however utterly fatuous. It is also quite frankly a suggestion that will only serve to stymie what we are all trying to achieve. Fragmentation is the establishment’s weapon. But with SNP majorities in both Parliaments and a physical majority of the electorate, we will have the parliamentary and electoral mandates that will best allow us to play the cards as they fall, and fall they will. SNP 1 and 2 for that reason.

          1. Thanks Willie – Im not sure its true that “everyone appreciates the effort made by all who participated in the independence campaign.” The heap of people declaring anyone not in the SNP as ‘bandwagon jumpers certainly aren’t. Divide and rule is certainly an old trick but we live in a democracy and people are allowed to stand for office.

            You are welcome to your view of voting 1 & 2 and others will do differently. As we will keep repeating we will give profile to all pro indy, radical and progressive groups in Scotland.

  13. Alf Baird says:

    Voting SNP x 2 is simply giving succour to the unionists. Why do you think the unionists have been desperate to get on their party regional lists? Unionists await the wasted SNP list vote in anticipation, a consequence of the SNP winning most if not all of the constituency seats! The list is the unionists ONLY ticket back in to Holyrood this time around. But what would happen If ALL Yes voters instead used their list vote to vote for either Greens or RISE, the two other indy parties? 1 million list votes for these two indy parties would generate between 25-30 list MSP’s. That would leave the unionists scrambling for around just 20-odd seats between them, instead of the 45+ seats they would get with an SNP x 2 vote. All that 1 million SNP list vote would achieve is possibly another 2-4 SNP seats, so barely a 10% return compared with the 25-30 seats resulting from 1 million list votes given to Greens and RISE. I dislike the term but this really is a ‘no brainer’.

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