2007 - 2022

Kim Jong Lizzie

BBC footage of the Queen’s birthday with BBC commentary about Kim Jong Il’s birthday dubbed over it …


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  1. graham says:

    Frankly, a small gem of breathtaking genius, if I may say…

  2. David McCann says:

    Love it.

  3. Moleskin Joe says:

    Corruscating satire…using the Voice of America’s, sorry I meant the BBC’s own words

  4. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Absolutely brilliant work.

  5. Matthew Edwards says:

    Do you make this?

    1. No, just happy to promote it

  6. kailyard rules says:

    I didn’t go down with Alice.

  7. Nick Gethins says:

    Delightful Piece from Bella. A double tick of the boxes; both funny and mocking the fecking BBC. Grand job!

  8. Ellen says:

    Commenting on ‘What grammar mistakes do native speakers make?’. It’s a pity to see that you yourself (native speaker that you presumably are) make the common grammatical error of saying ‘different to’ when the correct usage would be ‘different from’. Also, why do you pronounce ‘participle’ with the stress on the second syllable when it is normally stressed on the first?
    people who live in glass houses …

  9. kjetilho says:

    The news report is actually covering the 70th anniversary for the communist party in North Korea which took place a week ago (Oct 10th). It would be strange to celebrate the birthday of the late Kim Jong Il 😉

    1. Helena says:

      Whatever the ‘celebration’, the point being made is that in fact, that this so called uk, displays very little difference in how it operates militarily with basically a totalitarian slant. That is how they, the rich oligarchs, control the people, keeping them in their places, adoring of billionaires, contemptuous of the poor, sick and disabled.

      But who will really ‘inherit the earth’? If there is anything left to inherit after the rich have plundered the planet into oblivion, that is.

  10. John Page says:

    Great stuff…….thank you for making this available!

  11. Ross McCrimmon says:

    Why is it so effective, because it is not far from the truth.

  12. Neil Anderson says:

    What’s the diff?

  13. john young says:

    We have been dragged down throughout the centuries by a a large portion of our countrymen being under the impression that they are part of a great Union,how deluded were they then even more so now,”none so blind as those that cannot/willnot see”They have been party to the strangulation/theft of our nation it would make you weep at thefoolishness of these people.

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