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Torture on your Doorstep

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  1. Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said the country needs more effective arms trading controls.

    “This is the advertising campaign the government didn’t want you to see. In the past, torture equipment has been on offer right on our doorstep. Things like illegal leg irons and electric-shock batons have been shamelessly advertised and it’s blindingly obvious the law needs tightening up.We need strengthened laws – and crucially we need proper enforcement – to stop Britain being used as a showroom for torturers to advertise their disgusting wares.The guest list reads like a who’s who of dodgy regimes. London should be ashamed of playing matchmaker between these companies and countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Azerbaijan.”

  2. Mary MacCallum Sullivan says:

    By engaging in and promoting the arms industry, the UK is deeply complicit in and responsible for the damage done by these weapons, be it through war, acts of terrorism, or state violence through armed police. It is time, in the 21st century, to turn our swords into ploughshares.

  3. c rober says:

    But of course the media and British Govt are complicit , supplying historical now defunct regimes with arms , Saddam – Gadaffi , indonesia et al , used to be for oil and with BP behind it or acting on the behalf of HMG for contracts , now we realise that it was better to have a rabid dug than millions of rabid dugs that have filled the dictators vaccum with a desrire for a caliphate.

    AND we have a problem with Russia and China doing the same.

    How about Samsung , its not just tellies you know , its tanks and copters , Korea with Hyundai heavy industrial and Daewoo from ships to missle launchers and guidance systems , but of course we let them sell products in the uk.

    Philips , GE , but that is conveient as they are also into Heathcare and supply the NHS with overpriced Scanners etc – the list is endless.

    Engines from Rolls Royce arent just used in Non Military planes , nor only for the west.

    But lets use American thoughts on weapons , ban flags , that will work.

  4. John Page says:

    An issue to be addressed in the written constitution for an independent Scotland?

    John Page

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