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BELLA GALLERY GROUPToday we’re launching our Bella Vista poster campaign with dozens of billboard sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh and hundreds of posters going out to our supporters across the country. We have 5 different designs and we are giving away 30 tshirts in our Bella Vista competition to observant snap-happy readers.

If you spot one of the posters and post your photos to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (and let us know using the hashtag #BellaVista) you’ll go into the draw to win a tshirt.

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  1. Born Optimist says:

    The posters look great and the overall message is clear but I’d love to read the small print on the images. Could larger versions be put on-line for ex-pats such as myself unlikely to get to see them ‘in the flesh’.

      1. KATO says:

        I am not liable to see them down here in London. Like the look of the t shirts but unable to read the small print on any of the posters. Where can we get the T shirts?

        1. The tshirts are ‘perks’ for people who gave to our crowd fund appeal. Once the first lot have gone out we’ll make them available to buy from our online shop (that we haven’t built yet).

          1. Jessica says:

            So basically, people give you lots of money to run a blog and you give them a cheap T shirt in return? bargain!

  2. Paul Smart says:

    Agreed us expats can’t see them. I was born and raised in Scotland but moved to Canada six years ago. My Canadian wife and I could not afford to live or raise a family to the standard we wanted in Scotland.
    We will consider returning when Scotland becomes independent.

  3. Doug Porteous says:

    I’m I Thailand and would also appreciate a larger version

  4. KATO says:

    I had made a comment earlier that I would not see these posters in london and I was unable to read the small print on them. Also I like the Tshirts where can we get them.
    Comment seems to have disapeared.

  5. Jessica says:

    haha…Hilarious, so now we have the Bella Caledonia clothing range, hot on the heels of the soundtrack.

    Didn’t take long. What’s next BellaJet? Cheap flights to Qubec and other Catalonia? BellaSushi for the discerning Asian/ Scot palate? Bellahotel for the independent minded traveller? Bella action dolls, for the kids? Bellafitness, for those wanting to trim down for hope over fear rallies? Bellaburgers for those who don’t give a fuck and like being lardy? Bellamakeup, blue and white of course?

    Dread to think what the Bella aftershave will be like…..Bella…the smell of freedom!

    For anti capitalists, Bella is pretty good at capitalism.

    1. I sense you’re not a fan Jessica. We’re just trying to broaden our readership and thank our supporters. What’s wrong with that?

    2. John Page says:

      Is this just because the posters are not going up in Manchester, CH?

      1. JBS says:

        John Page:


        You reckon it’s the troll again? Wouldn’t surprise me – it does have a dreary obsession with this site…

  6. Rasheed says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’m a huge fan of the fife diet and localism in general. I fully believe that soucing local produce and products and supporting local business is the way forward and also how to combat climate change.

    I know you also are a localist and so I just wondered where the T shirts were sourced from? Are they produced in Scotland? Or are they produced in China or India? You understand this important as I don’t want to support low wage gang masters and sweatshops, nor do I want to increase my carbon footprint. The cotton for T shirts + the Chemicals etc are all sourced elsewhere and collected in one place to be produced. This is as damaging as global food production.


  7. Rasheed says:

    Here’s some info on the textile trade and the damaging effects on the environment.


  8. Go for it says:

    Well done Bella Caledonia. Sadly I couldn’t make the launch, but I will look out for these very intriguing posters which might draw others in for a closer look too 😉

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