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Corbyn and Wormtongue

downloadYou remember Peter Mandelson? Now Lordied he was the ultimate New Labour product and creator. The Grima Wormtongue of Blairite insiderdom positively bealing with toxic gossip and Machivallian 90s control-freakery. Yesterday, like his gimp, he ‘stepped out of the shadows’ with the sort of botched resurrectionist wheeze that would have worked when we were all so media-dense as to fall for his pesky tricks. In efforts now unconvincingly denied by everybody he had tried to convince all the candidates to Stand Down to Stop Corbyn!

It all went horribly wrong for Lord Wormtongue though as his failed effort to short-circuit the democratic process backfired in media glee. The Independent reporting that: “Lord Mandelson tried to persuade the three mainstream Labour leadership candidates to quit en masse to stop leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn and force the party to suspend the election. The newspaper says the plan was dropped after it was pointed out that Mr Corbyn being the only candidate left in the race would in fact cause him to win it.”

Ah, A fatal flaw in an otherwise cunning plan.

In scenes redolent of the Thick of It series 3 Labour is now eating itself live on air in an orgy of post-ideological mass stupidity created in the petri-dish of their own thirty year experiment in Tory Lab Politics.

Everybody was busy denying something that had clearly happened. Ms Kendall said: “Neither me nor anybody in my team was approached. I have no idea where that came from.”

Laughably the three other candidates, who have less impression in a three  month campaign than a void inside a vacuum are now (get this) “jockeying to be a so-called ‘unity candidate’ to stop Mr Corbyn”.

I’d call the Higgs-Boson project urgently.

Jeremy Corbyn may be the just the husk of the latest meme, a sort of Nick Clegg-heavy, a glorious anti-charisma hero, But that’s sill better than the other execrable candidates caught in the tail-lights of Blair’s long departure trail.

We’re told that ‘A poll by YouGov showed Mr Corbyn with a 32 point lead over his nearest rival, later re-calculated to 37 per cent.’ Until such time that any of his opposition candidates have anything to say other than to mouth the stale words from his mouth with a 48 hour delay, this contest is over.

But what does it mean? Some wild delusional chit-chat is in the air. He will be slaughtered and the dregs of the Labour Party doesn’t have the same resonance, authenticity, connectivity or presence as Podemos, Syriza or the Yes movement. Can he win? ‘Yes he can’. Can he win beyond a Labour poll? Maybe he can. But it will need a huge resurgence beyond the party to resurrect and connect. A slightly timid Bennite agenda needs organisational form as well as political ideal. It needs imagination and guile as well as principle and continuity. If that comes and the Corbyn campaign gets the ambition it deserves then it’s all to play for,

The botched Project Fear 2 is just funny to witness, Corybn fans should grasp the thistle and skip past the void politics of Yesterday’s Men. For Labour, the hand of history really is, once more on their shoulder.


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  1. John Mooney says:

    Mandelson and Mcternan,the toxic double act should take the comedy award at the festival! This pair are a joy to behold in their pathetic machinations to prevent Corbyn winning,Sir “Baldrick” has totally lost the plot and as for Mcternan words are superfluous,this borouch is beyond anything that in The thick of It could come up with.Labour the comedy that just goes on and on and on and on,an……………………………………L.O.L.

  2. J Williamson says:

    It seems that it is taking a long time for the public to know just how toxic McTernan is. One has to listen very intently when he appears on TV to understand what exactly he is saying in his sloth like fashion. When one comes to an understanding about him it’s almost beyond belief.

  3. Richard Harris says:

    “Three go mad in Labourset”, a tremendous new Comedy Store/C4 production. The party may be truly over but the gang are still hurling the finest crockery and stabbing each other blindly! Staring Dawn French as ” Liz”, Sandi Toksvig as “Yvette” and Rob Brydon as “Andy”. Plus Al Pacino in a gloriously insane cameo as the detestable “Uncle Mandy”, so undead he’s 75% alive! Not suitable for anyone of a nervous disposition or ex miners. “Laugh? How fucking dare they mock our Yvette, the Trotskyist Bastards” – Dame Polly Toynbee, The Guardian.

  4. a loughlin says:

    The mainstream polititians are running scared and the catalist appears to be the people awakening to the reality of a false ideology, perpetrated by bankers.

    1. Catherine short says:

      You are so right on the button!

  5. sandy ritchie says:

    Well said Bella…

  6. Suzanne Bosworth says:

    Do they know that we know? How can they NOT know that we know? Can they be so wilfully and selectively oblivious to what’s going on and be unaware that we’re falling about in the aisles? Do they honestly think that behaving like a pack of rabid dogs is going to encourage people to give up on Corbyn and flock to their gnawed-carcass-strewn corner?

    How – HOW – can they possibly think they’re not being seen for what they are – not Labour by any stretch of the imagination and as venomous towards their own as the Tories. Labour? They don’t have the moral authority to use the name.

    As for McTernan, I’m convinced he’s a Tory stooge.

  7. John Page says:

    Brilliant stuff, Bella!
    The more people are exposed to Projects Fear 1 and 2 and whatever comes over Europe and the shit they will drag up to justify renewing Trident, the more immune they will be to the mainstream media. Especially when they can see that things are getting harder for the vast majority of people under the Westminster.
    We will become independent.
    John Page

  8. Will says:

    It’s funny to see how the new Branch Manager Moany Face will get on with the Muesli Muncher at Head Office, two opposing views Branch Manager Blairite New Labour ilk Muesili Muncher Traditional Labour ilk. Muesili Muncher 30 years in Westminster and has not got a clue about Scotland, what’s up did he never go into the subsided bars to listen to the chortle of his Scottish Labour careerist cronies before they got the boot. Anyway I would never trust a man who is into Muesili I always season my bagpipes with traditional porridge oats made in Scotland.

  9. Stevie Anderson says:

    First time I’d noticed how much Theoden and Wormtongue resembled Brett Anderson and Noddy Holder.

    Great piece too Mike.


  10. john young says:

    What abootie big Broonie representative”past” of a mining community sticking his grubby paws into the fray against someone holding some socialist some old Labour views,how can/could people be so stupid as to fall for these “joke” characters.Not one of them ever raised their heads singularly/collectively about the paedophilia going on in that hell hole “the lords/commons” maybe they were afraid maybe they were “flying too close to the sun” there are/were rumours about quite a few at the top of the pile.

  11. johnny come lately says:

    “I always season my bagpipes with traditional porridge oats made in Scotland”

    Was that a joke or do you really use porridge as seasoning?

    1. Will says:

      Let me tell you pal I do but I always put salt in the porridge I knew of a guy in Tunbridge Wells England who put sugar in his and they caused his bag to leak, and another guy in Hastings England who even put jam in his porridge and this ended up blocking up his drones, so take it from me traditional Scott’s Porridge Oats with salt is the best seasoning for the bagpipes.

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