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  1. paulmclem says:

    Oh no! More oil. How can the UK possibility cope with the burden that is Texas Tea.

  2. Steve Bowers says:

    pardon my language but….wankers !

  3. jimnarlene says:

    “The find, named ‘Marconi’ by GDF-Suez and ‘Vorlich’ by BP, is located in the central North Sea.”
    The find, named ” a blatent ripoff of the Scottish people by the Westminster elite”, by any sane and rational thinking person.

  4. Even more reason to get away from the lying, thieving, heartless bastards and the sooner the better!!!

  5. douglas clark says:

    Even more reason to get away from the lying, thieving, heartless bastards and the sooner the better!!!

    well yes.

    It is a bit obviious,ain’t it? What brain dead moron thought otherwise?

    1. A fair few I’m afraid Mr Smarty Pants. It’s a big task we have ahead of us more independent thinkers and doers to try and educate the sheep.

  6. AnnaMac says:

    Had that ‘we’ve been cheated’ feeling all my life!

  7. McDuff says:

    So just before the vote Cameron visits Shetland and has secret talks with BP, about what I wonder.
    Perhaps it was to ask a jolly big favour, like keep this announcement quiet until after the vote.
    There is no doubt there will be other discoveries and Westminster will syphon off the revenues to fund the City of London. It seems incredible that the 55 could be so easily duped.

    1. deewal says:

      They were not duped. They were feart.

      1. AnnaMac says:

        And obviously there’s the huge number of people who want and will always want, Scotland to remain part of the UK no matter what!

      2. Willie Hogg says:

        AnnaMac, yes a large number but less than 40% voted No to independence. This is a group that has to be reduced to less than 30% to avoid a platform for fear merchants to build on. We should also want to carry as many as possible with us anyway. The task for pro independence supporters is discover how is this to be done and start working on it.

  8. sean mcgee says:

    We have now passed the opportunity to restrict global warming to 2 degrees. Four degrees will “bring heatwaves of a magnitude never experienced before and temperatures not seen on earth in the last five million years. Forty per cent of animal and plant life will be at risk, one third of the asian rain forest would be threatened and most of the Amazon would be at high risk of burning. Crop yields would collapse possibly by a third in Africa, U>S. corn, cotton and soy would fall by up to 82% and all the Greenland ice sheet would melt raising sea levels by 30 feet. Two thirds of the world’s major cities would end up under water”.* Energy companies currently have 5 times enough reserves to guarantee we reach 4 degrees. Scotland’s oil! Get over it!

    *Paul Kingsnorth London Review of Books

  9. macart763 says:

    Well who knew?

    Swindled again and this time no excuses. People were warned time and again what HMG and the media were up to. They chose to believe the lies they were told. They chose to believe they were incapable of managing their own resources. They chose to believe Westminster over Holyrood’s evaluation of the resource and they chose to believe that only a ‘broad set of shoulders’ was capable of managing the swiftly dwindling, volatile ‘burden’ of oil.

    Well, a lie is a lie and they chose to believe in a system which had no problem in deliberately spreading fear, doubt, misinformation and confusion amongst those in its care. Maybe just me, but that doesn’t strike me as beneficial attributes in those who wish to act as representatives of your system of government.

  10. Shaun says:

    People here obviously do not understand economics. The article states that the field can, according to the operators, produce a maximum of five and a half thousand barrels per day – a fraction of the amount the UK currently produces.

    To argue for independence on the basis of a very small oilfield would be the height of stupidity and ignorance.

    1. A fraction of the UK’s current production? Yes that’s true however over 90% of oil production lies in SCOTTISH waters. No need for economics, simple arithmetic.

      If you want to read about what a real oil economist has to say then click on this link


      In the run up to the referendum I wonder why the MSM publicised the so called expert Wood’s opinion rather than Prof Kemp’s how really IS an expert ?

      1. Shaun says:

        Apologies for the late reply, but your comment doesn’t really address mine…

        And you do realise that Ian Wood and Alex Kemp use the same figures, right?

        1. Shaun, I`m sick of commenting and counter commenting. The fact is that Scottish oil and gas resources and revenues are still in English hands, and the estimates for West of Shetland and the remainder of the Scottish Atlantic Margin are way too low. Without independence the Scots are `bit players` in their own oil and gas wealth. The Unionists are quite happy that the Jocks continue to navel gaze, argue, discuss, and sometimes talk down their own oil and gas wealth. Whether I address your comments or not is not the main concern. My concern is that the Scots bottled it on the 18th September, and with it continued to hand over their own oil and gas wealth to England. I`m not in the mood for semantics and who said what and when. I KNOW what`s been lost (for the time being) in Scottish oil and gas wealth. That my fellow Scots could even contemplate voting NO and agreeing to remain in Union with people who kept McCrone secret for 30 years, stole over 6000 sqm of Scottish sea complete with oil and gas wells (with the help of Labour), and squandered over 40 years of Scottish oil and gas wealth, while agreeing to impose Westminster austerity and food banks on their fellow Scots, quite frankly, makes me sick, and is beyond comprehension and reason. To reject independence for your own nation is beyond despicable behaviour – its pathetic and just plain stupid. Do you think for one minute that if the situation was reversed, the English would have rejected independence for England? Independence for England is Farage`s next move when England exits Europe.. If you think a Tory Government is bad, wait till you get a Tory/UKIP Coalition at Westminster. The Loyalist Unionists are already giving Nazi salutes in George Square, the same Square where, in 1919, English troops murdered Scots in cold blood for demonstrating, fearing a Scottish Red Revolution. We currently have a promo on TV just now for Armistice Sunday showing a Union flag and stating that a corner of a foreign field is forever ENGLAND. Oh really. How convenient. I don`t deal in insanity, and don`t suffer fools gladly.

  11. Och – we have just too much oil and it is just to volitile to base our economy of it.

    Best to give it all to England to worry about like this…


    Even better if we change the line to go due North from Berwick so England could get some fracking rights as well over Aberdeen and the North East.

    We have got lots of oil on the the West Coast so best to share it all. London needs it so badly to build 1.3tr£ of infrastructure.

    Never let it be said that the Scots are not generous and welcoming to their neighbours.

  12. We have plenty of other resources to support independence it’s a shame some people are too blinkered and small minded to believe it. Also not to have noticed that some YES voters would be happy to stay in the union if Westminster stopped behaving like a bunch of c—s.
    It’s WESTMINSTER we have to get rid of if the future of the poorer and disadvantaged people on all our lands is to be improved and secured.

  13. Could someone please explain why the information contained in my Scottish oil papers (kindly published on the Bella Caledonia website) was never used in any serious and constructive way to challenge the Unionist claims on `declining` Scottish oil reserves during the Referendum campaign? There`s no point in bleating that we were cheated, AFTER the Referendum. We had the ammunition but never used it PRE REFERENDUM. The only people who cheated us were ourselves in not believing the TRUE value of Scottish oil and gas reserves. An optimistic prediction for total Scottish Atlantic Margin oil and gas revenues is £540,000 BILLION over the lifespan of that oil and gas province. That does not include the Scottish North Sea oil and gas revenues, the Scottish estuary or Firths oil and gas revenues, or the Scottish mainland oil and gas revenues. What did some us do? – voted No and gave it all away. Insanity takes many forms.

    1. Remember though, the cascade of what were basically lies spewing from the MSM, just look back at the evidence , for every article giving realistic figures there were so many more hyping up the fear including the so called independent think tank reports from the likes of th IFS & the OBR , all based on flawed figures but shouted from the rooftops with relish by the BBC and other unionist backers.

      1. I do remember, There is a saying that you should publish and be damned, The embarrassment of getting oil figures wrong pales in comparison to not using them at all and being embarrassed globally by losing the Referendum, By the way, my oil articles were based on evidence from geologists and oil industry experts, not politicians and not my subjective guesses or hunches, but still we refused to use the data to counter the Unionists claims of “declining“ Scottish oil and gas revenues. In the next few months or less you will read of massive oil finds in the Scottish Atlantic sector off Scotland`s west coast and I don`t mean just west of Shetland. I`m refraining from saying I told you so, but it`s very tempting. The winner takes it all and it need not have been that way, not at all.

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