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Trinny and Susannah Just Say Naw

Occasionally you wonder, what great stunts or ideas the campaigns have up their sleeves? If there’s a gnawing doubt in your mind dear Yes campaigner that Better Together have some great ideas coming down the line, rest your worries.

Take a seat and enjoy the movie.

If you need a spring in your step this fine morning then realise that the two best ideas the NO campaign have come up with are to pay £1000 to walk round some stones with Rory the Tory (who apparently walks very well on foot) or to be lectured to by Trinny and Susannah.

That’s unfair, there’s actually a stellar lineup of SLEBS here, including a persuasive return for John Barrowman (last seen here).

There’s the ever-present Eddie Izzard, hard man Ross Kemp, Baldrick, and, er,  some other folks we didn’t recognise. There’s one Scot in amongst them – Richard Wilson – so big congratulations to BT, that will be  a winner with the youth vote. If anyone can help fill in who they all are we’d be grateful and if anyone can de-code the squealing incoherent car-crash of a message, that too would help. This is a campaign that oscillates between dark smear and lite entertainment, with a re-tread of banalities and pleading from fashion advisers about the Olympics and “Team Gee Bee”.

Is that it? Is that really it? Apparently so.

I don’t now what’s more offensive, the idea that we should continue the union because Ross Kemp experienced ‘camaraderie’ in Afghanistan (because of the ‘situation we were in’ – hmmm best not explore that particular travesty too deeply) or the nice woman who doesn’t want to lose “some amazing theatres and fantastic festivals”.

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  1. George Duncan says:

    I genuinely managed only 2 seconds of this. First sentence: “Now, I’m an English person” and I had to stop. Straight in with the utterly irrelevant ethnicity shite. Nationality/nationalism has very little to do with this argument as any Yes supporter will tell you. Judging by the cast list this production is more about Labour supporters saving their party than caring for Scotland.

    1. goldenayr says:

      Spot on observation and the one we all have to counteract without upset.

  2. Clootie says:

    We are accused of being Bravehearts when we discuss Independence. The charge of heart over head is always made when in fact everyone I know is voting YES for a fairer future based on sound economic arguments.

    What do we get from the BT team – emotive blackmail.

    I don’t want my children or another nations children to die in illegal wars and consider it a good team building exercise.
    If we can only be “internationalists” by being part of the UK then we should only have one giant country (I suppose we could call it The British Empire)
    I still do not understand why BT people think in terms of “…being torn apart”. Anyone who has lived in Scandinavia knows how closely these countries are bonded. Norway was ruled by Sweden until 1904 when they gained their Independence they remained Scandinavian.

    I fully expect Scotland to work closely with the rUK. I expect that on a day to day level nothing will look different the day after Independence.
    However the key choices which have a long term impact on people’s health and prosperity will be very different.

    Why would anyone listen to a group of wealthy people who are all based in the South of England on the future of Scotland.
    I would rather listen to those in the NHS, to those who run food banks.
    I want to keep free education, free prescriptions etc.

    1. Dean Richardson says:

      If the BT people want to talk about ‘being torn apart’, they should try speaking to a few people in central Europe who had friends and relatives living just a mile or two away, but on the opposite side of the Iron Curtain. Those people (and there must be quite a few of them around) could tell you stories that are truly harrowing (especially if they lived on the communist side), and would make the BT stuff seem like the triviality it really is. Still, fanatics don’t usually have a sense of perspective.

    2. goldenayr says:


      Re the “Braveheart” analogy they always make.

      I think it’s time we fought back with an “Inverse Robin Hood”(Hood was English friendly version of Wallace) analogy.

      1. Virgil_Caine says:

        I was a ‘yes’ and then Grant Mitchell said ‘no’ now I’m not so sure, when people bring up ‘Braveheart’ I always think of this:


  3. Grazia says:

    Despite the fact that there are no political arguments in this video, I do love that Al Green so I shall now be voting No.

    1. Grazia says:

      typo-that Al Green song

    2. goldenayr says:

      Are you the noxious celeb mag?

      1. Grazia says:

        proud to say I’ve never heard of it.

  4. They must surely by now realise that the ‘Good Cop – Bad Cop’ routine isn’t working. The views of wealthy London Luvvies are utterly irrelevant to the issue.

  5. Douglas MacLean says:

    This video would be so funny if the content wasn’t so serious. Is this really the best that the ‘Nae, Naw, Neigh’ mob can come up with?

    1. goldenayr says:

      The beebs AFD one was worse considering they didn’t cover the Bannockburn Live event.

  6. Frankly, must be a symptom of the mid/late life crisis. I’m certain there’s medication for it. Think it begins with “i”.

    1. Wrote that before watching the schmatzy vid. Honestly, after 300 years, is that the best POSITIVE stuff BT can come up with? Reveals the shallow and frail roots of the whole Unionist enterprise. No wonder they prefer threats.

      1. Simon Ramsay says:

        When do the Unionists use threats?! That is utter rubbish! And the Unionist enterprise does not have shallow roots.

  7. Robert Graham says:

    well if you want to comment as usual you can’t -nope-newt-nada-non it doesn’t matter what f/n language you speak you yep you ain’t telling us we are pish and we can’t offer anything to you so just shut up and do as yer telt ok uk bt ok .mmm now that’s strange why can we not comment on any whats their name this week crap offer of the week their once in a lifetime never to be repeated and you will be sorry if you do vote “YES” in September aw jings gimme a bloody hankie this pleading is to much they are just a bunch of pleaders now doesn’t that make you want to change yer mind and stay ? AYE bloody right correct me if i am wrong most of these a c t o r s talk pish for a living they will do anything for the next buck so dont start to feel yer special

  8. Cal says:

    If these good people, and I believe they are good people, REALY loved the people of Scotland they would be encouraging us to be responible for ourselves, to be strong, face up to our dragons, drag all our skeletons out of their cupboards and sort out our own problems by being independent. The love that the peoples of Britain have for each other will not be enhanced if Scots continue to have the lazy excuse of blaming others for their faults. I want to be responsible for clearing up my own problems when things go wrong and to benefit from my own successes when I do something right. There lies strength, responsibilty and independence. If you TRULY love us you will let us fly.

      1. bellacaledonia says:

        Yes it does uncover a deeply lazy dependency doesn’t it? Apart from the facile – they guy who has ‘enjoyed a laugh in Scotland before’ (is there no possibility of laughter AND democracy?!) – there’s this deep sense of entitlement and stasis…

    1. Simon Ramsay says:

      That is a very good response, I wouldn’t of thought of it the way you put it and Ive always been a Unionist!

  9. mjaei says:

    I find this whole line of argument utterly bizarre:

    ‘I love Scotland & Scottish people, therefore you must have the same government as us.’

    The fact that some people seem to think that George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May are the glue that holds their family and friendships together is both perverse and depressing.

  10. Alasdair says:

    The fact comments are blocked on that video says it all. What a lot of patronising rubbish.

  11. alasdair91 says:

    It’s quite telling that they aren’t allowing comments on the video. Expecting a lot of abuse are they? No wonder after watching that patronising piece of rubbish…

  12. mjaei says:

    I find this whole line of argument utterly bizarre:

    ‘I love Scotland & Scottish people, therefore you must have the same government as us.’

    The fact that some people seem to think that George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May are the glue that holds their family & friendships together is both perverse and depressing.

  13. Graeme Menzies says:

    See John Barrowman’s selective Scottish accent makes a guest appearance again. “I’m more Scottish for this production”

    1. Simon Ramsay says:

      I don’t like him anyway!

  14. I’m English in England and have moved in sympathies from No to strongly Yes. I had a look at the video and squirmed a bit. I wondered how it will go down in Scotland. Yes it is emotional blackmail and if I were Scottish, I would probably find it very annoying. Anyway, I am going to do an article on my blog from my English perspective, responding to the sentiments expressed by the let’s stay together campaign.

    1. Maureen Potter says:

      Good for you. As a Yes voter, visiting close family in England I can see the gulf in living standards and opportunities in the two countries. I just want the young people I taught to have as much opportunity as the young people in England without having to move hundreds if miles away!

  15. John Page says:

    “I don’t believe it”

  16. rkb66 says:

    Camaraderie in the theater of an illegal war, an actor that changes his accent at the airport, the spectacle every 4 years of athletes competing under one team name, and a few entertainers who happen to have visited Scotland for leisure or work confusedly worrying about access to our wonderful amenities.
    Is this in response to the Yes entertainers video who talk positively about the democratic deficit, our rich heritage, our greatest asset – people and our wealth of resources and the power to make our own decision for social, economic and environmental benefit of our nation?
    Once again a weak response from a shallow nation where Jeremy Kyle is the height of social discourse and the comedy styling of Andrew Neil is the only media challenge to a political class that are out of control.
    With just a few weeks to go, should we give them a clue – a debate is a discussion of opposing views on a particular matter which usually ends with a decision making opportunity.
    Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes or No!
    Even if all they managed was a bit of Socratic questioning, it would be better than the relentless propaganda and pathetic love bombs.

  17. thisgreenworld says:

    Surely this is a Chris Morris/Brass Eye spoof?
    Where is Phil Collins telling us about the dangers of CAKE?

  18. yerkitbreeks says:

    Am I imagining it, or are they all waving their arms about ( I guess Eddie & Co learn’t this at boarding school ).

    Not very Jock – like, or certainly not seen in Buchan.

    1. jamie macdonald says:

      laughed out loud!!- belter!

  19. peterswain33 says:

    If this is the best they can come up with, it’s pathetic ! No concrete reasons why they think we’re better together – just lots of mushy sentimentality. We’ll still be good friends with people in the rest of the UK, but able to set our own priorities.

  20. Tog says:

    It is quite upbeat though and the logo is nice

  21. Steve Bowers says:

    Pass the bucket

  22. Ross says:

    Fiona Philips goes on about how after independence we’ll be regretting it saying oh we were better together and we could have made or work. What she and the others don’t get is that it’s gone beyond making it work. If there was any possibility that it could be made to work we wouldn’t be where we are.

    1. rabthecab says:

      Is that who that was? Eh, who is she again?

  23. Mainy says:

    Has no one told any of these people that in a post indie world they are still welcome to visit us, to laugh with us, to cry with us and to maintain friendships with us all?
    Similarly, and on a more serious note, if they want to frame it as if it is the break up of a relationship then maybe they could also consider how we have been treated and what has led us to want to leave.
    If we had been respected, listened to and our needs considered then many people wouldn’t entertain the idea of a leaving the rest of the UK, but we weren’t.

  24. Dr Ew says:

    Wizzy Izzy, Baldrick, a Mitchell bro, Cap’n Jack Barrowload, even Saatchi’s latest punchbag and her horsey hockey sticks hanger-on… they really LOVE us!

    Well that trumps all the political, historical, economic, social and democratic arguments I’ve heard from evil Cybernats mind-controlled by you-know-who.

    Such a pity this wasn’t happening a few years back, then they could have had Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, DLT and political heavyweights like Cyril Smith, Jeremy Thorpe, Maggie Thatcher and Edward Heath weighing in.

    Just one question – will they all still love us if we vote Yes? Will they still ‘heart’ Scotland? Will they no come back an see us?

    Or, as Ally Darling, the Broon Bear, Choann Lammunt, wee Ruthie Krankie, et al keep telling us, will we be ostracised, bordered and blocked from international acceptance by our erstwhile countrymen.

    Which is it? I’d like to know before I vote Yes anyway and stop paying my lie-sense free and never have to see any of them ever again.

    1. Barbara Richardson says:

      I’m an Englishwoman but if I were a Scot I’d vote yes to be rid of the London-centric Westminster power elite, and this celeb video would make me even more determined. I’m quite likely to seek political asylum in an independent Scotland if Boris Johnson becomes PM.

  25. I watched the start of the video; I didn’t realise I was supposed to recognise these people. But just where do they think Scotland is going? I sense they think we’re going to float away off into the Arctic Ocean, maybe drift out towards Iceland.

  26. Here’s my fairly measured reply to Eddie Izzard and friends from an English perspective. I’m pretty annoyed by it too. Losing our self-respect as a nation with this kind of stuff.

    1. MBC says:

      But we’re not going anywhere! We’ll still be here, on the other side of the Tweed. But free.

    2. MBC says:

      Hi, that was not meant to be my reply to you. (But to the thread).

      I just wanted to say thanks for this letter. You put the case really eloquently and fairly.

      I think there are those who are whipping up a lot of fear, quite unnecessarily, and these folks on the video are reacting to all the fear. If Scotland votes Yes and takes her place once more in the world as an independent nation, we will all still be friends afterwards.

      Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, were once in a union, called the Kalmar Union, which began in 1397 and lasted until 1814. It was a lot like the British union. But they went their separate ways eventually because despite speaking the same language, and basically being the same people, these were different countries with different needs, and ‘one size does not fit all’. Centralised government cannot handle diversity. But now the Scandinavian countries all get on well, and support each other internationally. And that will be what will happen if Scotland and England go their separate ways.

      1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes – it’s not that hard really. I’m sure we English will get used to Scottish indy in time. Just hope that we don’t make the process any more painful than it has to be.

        As I am sure you and all on this site know, many English people (esp in the south) are emotionally attached to Britishness. They’ve never had it challenged before. In one sense, it’s good that the initial emotional reaction from English people is coming out. You can work with that. Hopefully, in time, we can find a way through the complex web of feelings and thoughts about what Britain means to us. It’s a comparable process to Scots moving from No to Yes and it does take time and honesty.

        But when celebs who have obviously just started that internal journey wade into the debate in such an amateur fashion, then they need to be shot down.

  27. Neilyn says:

    Oh well, that’s that then. It’s off. Scotland remains in ‘union’. Who would have thought it? Half a dozen English TV faces conjure up a few warm words soundtracked to Freddie Mercury and the destiny of an entire country of 5 million people is decided. Alex and Nicola, if you’re not dashing for the airport wearing false beards and clutching your one way tickets to Columbia as I type, wake up! You’ve been comprehensively outwitted by the heavy guns of light entertainment! Get out now. It’s over. Sob.

  28. Abulhaq says:

    What happened to David Bowie (Scottish sounding name) who might have sung his contribution or done a heart rending duet with Sharleen Spiteri, another absentee,

    1. rabthecab says:

      You mean David Jones, the man with a name more Welsh-sounding than even Tom, born in England, lives in Noo Yawk, who was so distraught at the thought of Scotland walking away from the Union he couldn’t be arsed appearing in person, but instead got Croydon-born celebrity coke-sniffer & part-time knicker model Kate Moss to make the impassioned plea on his behalf?

      Or were you talking about somebody else? 🙂 🙂

  29. Ken MacColl says:

    Experienced a wave of nausea and clear indications of the dry boak when I first saw this.
    How can we argue with the likes of Trinny and Susannah? I have to confess that I failed to identify some of those “slebs” and others like Barrowman and Richard Wilson are but regular rent a quote London Luvvies. If Wilson was to only revisit Greenock and see how it has thrived by being better together he might pause in his rosy cosy view of SLAB.

  30. G. P. Walrus says:

    It’s the complete failure to accept that there may be reasons why the Scots polity, against all odds, has brought itself round to having an independence referendum that annoys me about this. Plummy slebs talking poor old Jock round from his sulk, the door wee bugger who can’t see how great it is to be part of UK/England. There’s no real reason for the referendum, let’s just condescend to the Scots a little, tell them they’re loved and after the referendum we can get back to not giving a stuff.

  31. dcanmore says:

    Well we have a few Labour Party stooges in the video (Meldrew, Baldrick and Eddie), would they prefer Scotland to suffer under years of drastic Tory mis-management rather then independence? It seems like it, but they are rich and austerity doesn’t affect them. But what I do know is that they have appeared on this video because they feel that their beloved Labour Party will be damaged if Scotland leaves the UK. Dan Snow is a militarist and a British Empire-loving nutter, Eastenders bloke is another militarist and the rest are a mix of Tories and champagne socialists.

    Do you think they care about the plight of everyday Scots? No! All of these people live and work in London. What they like is the scenery and some nostalgic memories of being in Scotland. It’s the same as Milliband heading north of the border and trying desperately to come up with one tenuous link so he can come out with a ‘heartfelt’ speech about maintaining the union … ‘my dad visited Invergordon during the war, so don’t vote for separation’.

    It all means one thing, the big lie of ‘vote Labour and everything will be fine’.

  32. Colin says:

    You could have warned us the vidio clip was that bad, I got to the “I am an Edward and you have a history with Edward’s” and couldn’t watch anymore.
    Do they really think we all have the iQ of children?

  33. Dan Huil says:

    The No campaign must really despise Scotland to come out with such pathetic, patronizing drivel.

  34. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    It really begs the Q who are thy preaching to, and has no one told them of the thrawn-ness of the Scots where this type of tripe will get so many people’s gall up? Of course I speak of Grannie Labour who goes to Gordon’s and Johann’s invite only events — I suppose she is meant (were she not 80) to cascade down, but we have seen they do not have the human quotient to man the canvasses.

    Interesting too the repeated failure of Better Together to turn up to mixed or joint debates or events: in some cases if there is no BTog partcipation Yes Scotland cannot be allowed a presence. It may be staffing or it may be a slow and steady DRIP of shutting down communication.

    More insidious is the mainstream press’s dogged refusal to not fall over themselves in Yessiness – we do not expect the Herald or the BBC to be Wings or Ginger Dug but a balance of both sides of the argument – chance of rebuttal and not always finishing with the bigger fish No side’s closing remarks. I will not disect the dialectics of that. And the Press’s refusal to just check facts.

    The Scottish Labour Party may never recover from this unless individuals start coming out as in favour of a Yes vote. The evidence of how Scots voted in a mixture of “they’re doing not bad” and “Labour is no longer credible” was there in the 2011 Holyrood results.

    More than that – the Mainstream Media may never recover in a epoch seeing increasing competition for any sales of publications. And if it is an opt-in subscription to the BBC along with your Sky package (whiy is not one speaking of how many people actually subscribe for more than iPlayer or basic 4 channels BBC anyway?), people may chose not to opt into the BBC or only partially.

    Radio we will get anyway. I will be sad to lose the quality music programmes of BBC Scotland but the likes of Ricky Ross will not be going anywhere and will continue to broadcase on ohter channels.

  35. goldenayr says:


    July 16, 2014 • 12:30

    The Q is,do you think it’s him taking the proverbial or him being honest?

    1. Virgil_Caine says:

      Neither, it’s about the reaction you have to it.

      1. goldenayr says:

        Which is exactly my Q.

      2. Virgil_Caine says:

        No, you gave two options neither fits with what he is doing.

  36. oldfella69 says:

    If the Kirk really does a Truth and Reconciliation gig after the vote, will the liars have to confess before being forgiven?

    1. goldenayr says:

      They’ll have to do it before entering hallowed ground,otherwise they might burst into flames.

      1. MBC says:

        Erm.. the Kirk doesn’t do confession. That’s RC.

  37. Thomas Valentine says:

    SO is this like the Okay Magazine coming in to the referendum campaign. Is that what the UK OK thing was? I allways thought it was U – KOK, now it seems to be UK Okay yah darling, Sloan Ranger stuff.

  38. goldenayr says:


    July 16, 2014 • 14:17

    No, you gave two options neither fits with what he is doing.

    OK,let me put it in simpler terms for you.

    A) Is he deliberately prodding and goading to make us question the validity of our assumptions about ourselves?


    B)Venting his spleen and having a great laugh at the sweaties expense?

    Personally I go for a bit of both.

    1. Virgil_Caine says:

      I wouldn’t say goading but definitely prodding – are you offended by what he says? If so why? And what is offensive?

      1. goldenayr says:

        Ah,I knew if I gave you a chink you’d pounce on it.

        Answer me first.

  39. This lot of please stay,just don’t understand do they?

  40. Gavin says:

    I’m surprised that Ross Kemp didn’t play up the fact that he was Rector of Glasgow University. Oh wait, that’s right – he was asked to resign after a year, since he never bothered to visit the place. He clearly cares deeply about Scottish students.

    1. IGF says:

      Ross Kemp married Rebekah Brooks, so I wouldn’t take his advice on anything.

  41. MBC says:

    But we’re not going anywhere! We’ll still be here, on the other side of the Tweed. But free.

  42. Maybe it’s actually about keeping the Labour party together, that members of Scottish Labour and British Labour are better together, and the Scottish lot shouldn’t drift off into uncharted nationalist waters but stay on board the good ship UKOKNaw. Labour supporters are deserting their floundering ship, so rather being aimed at Scots in general, perhaps this is an attempt to stem the flood before only a skeleton crew is left aboard, shaking fists and yelling Rule Britannia as it slips beneath the waves.

  43. I see that we English are being encouraged to get on the phone to our Scottish friends and relatives to persuade them to vote “no”. I don’t quite know what to say to them. Perhaps someone should write a call centre type script based on the rich vein of material that Eddie Izzard et al served up for us. Here’s a start:

    Q. Hello friend / relative. How do you intend to vote in the referendum?
    A. It’s none of your business.

    I’m stuck now. Any ideas?

  44. HD says:

    Eh the vote is still ‘naw’!! There was not one single person in that ‘appeal’ that would cause me to vote otherwise. We have never been a family nor had a partnership, as far as Westminster was concerned. I do not dislike the English, but I do resent being continually downtrodden by the English government, so we are not ‘Best Friends’ as the song says. 🙁 However, ‘EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland’ “We’ve got to break Free’, now that’s a song and an idea I do like. 🙂

  45. goldenayr says:


    Questioner.(in best Allo,Allo German)Ve haff vays of making you talk,schweinhundt.

  46. Terri says:

    Ive said it before but will say it again this is giving me the dry boke!!!

  47. David Gillan says:

    UK had its chance to sit up and take note of our nation, they chose to ignore us forever and make empty emotional pleas to stay together…For what? Abuse of our people with the drinking dry of our resources and paying absolutely no attention to what we have had to say over hundreds of years! Remember UK we did not vote to be part of this union nor have we ever agreed with the treatment of our people run from a UK perspective, your emotional pleas are for your own selfish gain and without any true and real concern for the scottish people and may I say the UK treatment of the Welsh is as appalling as the treatment we have suffered if not worse, the UK has brought this on themselves and no longer will we accept there lies and greed at our expense, we’re finished! We’re off! and it’s over!

  48. Gary says:

    They seem to be short of folk who actually LIVE in Scotland. They make the usual and, to be quite honest, offensive, mistake around thinking this is down to identity. Many who were born here but live outside Scotland are the most vociferous on retaining the union. Fair enough, they’re entitled to an opinion, just not entitled to a vote..

    1. SquirrelTowers says:

      Well said Gary. I am an English woman and have lived here for nearly 20 years. Actively campaigning for a Yes, this is just amazingly bad, do they honestly think it will work? A load of London based celebs from their luxury homes……pleading with us to forget child poverty, food banks, Trident (none of which we want) and with the worst heath statistics in western Europe…..and vote No…

      1. goldenayr says:


        It’s not called a “bubble” for nothing.

      2. David Gillan says:

        Nice reply Saor Alba

      3. Grant says:

        Well said Gary & ST.

  49. goldenayr says:

    David Gillan

    Wrang guy,right media.

    Soar Alba is a definite unionit.

    Have you seen the latest releases by Snowden?

    TBEL I am and so shall I measure.

  50. McNakamura says:

    It is a great shame that the YES sleeper within BT campaign may never be given the public recognition that is thoroughly deserved.

  51. San Fran says:

    Holy bananas!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we’ll miss the laughter too :-/

  52. Reblogged this on Míle Gaiscíoch and commented:
    Listen sweetie, I know I beat the shit out of you that one time, but I’m a changed man. Please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll never do it again. And I promise to stop going down to the pub and beating the shit out of perfect strangers. I know, I’ll admit that I’ve embarrassed you in the past, but we can really make it work this time. Please. Baby, I NEED you.

    Why do you have to always bring up the past? I’ve changed. And just because you say it’s not working out for you now doesn’t mean we can’t MAKE it work. I’ll prove to you I can change. Please baby please! I’m nothing without you.

    Don’t you dare leave me bitch! I mean, what the hell are you going to do without me. It’s a tough world out there, you don’t even know what it’s like. If you leave, you’ll just come back begging for me when you realize you can’t make it on your own.

    And think about what this would do to the family. You really want to shame them like this? You’ve always been an embarrassment, but I’ve loved you anyway. Listen, no one else is going to love you. You’re so selfish, why do you want to do this to our family?

    I mean, what would the neighbors think?

  53. alex laurie says:

    I understand that all you celebs, politicians etc. love us and want us to to stay. That’s really touching and we really love you too.

    Unfortunately we just can’t live together. Heart rending though it may be, you have your priorities (That would be self interest and a SE biase) and we have ours , Social conscience and fairness for a starter.

    Rest assured that we will always have a place in our heart for you and I’m sure we can continue to speak the same financial language, because let’s face it, dissonance would suit neither party.

    God bless and sleep tight UK, or should that be just K?

    Alex Laurie

  54. jamie macdonald says:

    Bin this shite…., let me dig oot my old Al Green album for some proper SOUL!

  55. revjimbob says:

    Is this the line up for Celebrity Big Brother?

  56. lochside says:

    Virgil Kane: watched that video and turned it off after 3 minutes. What I saw was an English comedian twat being ‘ironic’ by taking the proverbial out of a bunch of supine Scottish saps.

    Re. ‘Braveheart’..I don’t know what age you are, but when that film came out, the reaction in Scotland was unbelievable. The reason: a large majority of the Scots audience knew nothing about Wallace nor Scotland’s wars of independence.

    The shock of realising that we had this history created a huge shock and excitement in Scotland. The accuracy and creator of the film is neither here nor there…unless you are a cringing Jock.

    When have you ever heard of a film about English heroes being derided because of historical inaccuracy, or English heroes being smeared as paedophiles because of a dodgy plot?

    Attacks on ‘Braveheart’ are politically motivated and racist. This film’s flaws are nothing compared to the salient fact that true Scottish history has been hidden from generations of Scots deliberately by our Education system.

    Ponder on that fact, before you sit smirking at silly old Mel Gibson, who had the temerity to gamble millions on a movie about some ‘Scotch mercenary’.

  57. Iain says:

    Actually, Mike, Richard Wilson is not the only Scot amongst them – there’s also Ronnie Corbett, from Edinburgh, who still has a house in Gullane.

    A good wee comic of the old-fashioned type, and I wouldn’t want to be unkind to him, but his endorsement of this ‘love-bomb’ is perhaps the most significant of all. After leaving the Royal High School and doing National Service, he furthered his acting ambitions by moving to London and adopting an RP accent – thus demonstrating perfectly the position of Scotland and Scots within this ‘successful partnership’ of the UK: you don’t live in Scotland and speak with a Scottish accent if you want to get to the top.

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