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The Beard Should be Revered

Chris John Millington, one of the most in-demand models in the world has today backed the Yes campaign. From New York to Dubai, London to Thailand and back again, the Scot and his magnificent beard have graced some of the biggest magazines and ad campaigns in the world.

Why should Bella readers (or anyone) care what a model thinks? Mostly because he’s extremely articulate and what he has to so say is an antidote to the relentless negativity of the Better Together interests.

Chris said:

“I will be voting yes for quite a lot of reasons, really. Mainly, I just believe that Scotland would be better represented by our own people, our own government with our own choices. I believe that Scotland is a nation in which talent is often overlooked, we have produced some of the most influential creatives of all time.

We often forget that the television, the telephone and the foundation of modern antibiotic medicines were created in our country. In terms of fashion, we are just as capable as anywhere else, if not more capable. We are considered underdogs within our own culture, always playing second fiddle to London, New York and Paris, this can be used in a positive way to push the creatives in our country to test themselves against the best and to help them excel, helping them fulfil their potential.

The creative industry can be a massive form of income, trade and attraction, whether it be in fashion, architecture or even public events, an independent Scotland will not slow down in that respect, I believe we will only excel. Fashion in Scotland is coming alive, some incredible designers are creating some amazing pieces and they are going from strength-to-strength. It is going to be exciting to see how their careers would develop in an independent Scotland, where their voices and talents could be seen and heard.”

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  1. A.R. Frith says:

    It doesn’t affect C.J.M.’s substantive point about the potential of creative industries, but before some sneering troll seeks to make too much of it: neither the phone nor the tv were created “in our country”, since Bell was in Canada and Baird in the south of England when they got their inventions to work. (Alas that it is too late to register ‘Pedants for Yes [in the Referendum on Scottish Independence]’.)

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