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Here’s the packed auditorium of the Conservative Party Conference in Edinburgh today, Saturday 15 March 2014. The BBC described them as the ‘resurgent Scottish Conservative Party’ but only pointed the cameras one way.

Pointing towards the stage the cameras reflect a panel of the powerful here to instill fear, doubt and spread propaganda in a land where they have rendered themselves unelectable. The Cabinet line up one by one by one to distort the democratic process. Turn the cameras around and you see a virtually empty hall of elderly confused and bitter party members, the last vestiges of a discredited phenomena.

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  1. Looks like half a dozen Tories ,the rest observers and journalists.Since 1707 we have wanted our independence for it was stolen by a few,but the commoner who has the sovereignty looks like we may have won it back what a grand battle it is,(no not over yet) no blood lost,be careful with the pencil sharpener.Will enough awaken to realise what independence really means?Had to fill out the comment as nothing much else worthwhile with them there Tories aye both of them.

  2. cynicalHighlander says:

    As an Empty seat party potential voter I declare an overwhelming vote of incontinence.

    1. all seating fitted with commode.

  3. yesvote2014 says:

    “overwhelming vote of incontinence” — that’s brilliant! Three of them have their hands over their mouths as if experiencing nausea . . .

  4. tammcgarvey says:

    Jings. That old anaology about the mighty Wizard of Oz being a wee old man behind a curtain suddenly springs to mind. Dont let looks decieve you though.
    No/Better Together voters, please, look at this small group of people in the picture. They are your future if we dont grab this opportunity to break away from the old, class ridden, empire fixated British state. Its time to cease having faith in, or giving deference to, the cronies, corporate oligarchs and landed establishment gangsters whom the people in the picture legitimise by representing their interests within our political system.
    Democracy in Scotland is on the line. This goes beyond party politics, currency and Europe. If we continue to shackle ourselves to a minority group based on protecting old vested interests who have historically treated Scotland and other nations with disregard and arrogance then expect to be shafted for the long term future.
    That’s if we can wake them up for tea and a Worthers Original.

  5. tammcgarvey says:

    Actually, on a second look, I think about three of them have passed away.

  6. douglas clark says:


    Most folk are uninformed about 1707. They are perhaps ‘the empty seats’ shown above.

    We have the opportunity to rectify a great wrong through a democratic process,unlike back then..

    I did not think that that would happen in my lifetime.

    These are exciting times.

  7. Weegiewarbler says:

    @tammcgarvey …. certainly the bloke in the 2nd back row (from the seats with the head cover things!), right hand side may require some sort of conveyance to get out of the auditorium.

    It warms my heart to see such a resurgence, especially among the young .. ish ..

  8. David Agnew says:

    This is a party that has been slowly dying out since 1965. Any opportunity it had to recover was squandered in 1978 when it reneged on promises of a better devolution package. Its never really understood how deeply felt that betrayal was and still doesn’t to this day. That it felt that the poll tax would win people back, simply showed how hopelessly out of touch they are. They have not learned a single lesson in all that time. A baffling and wilful cognitive dissonance that is quite extraordinary to see. The only thing that is resurgent in the Scottish conservatives is its ability to fool itself that its relevant.

  9. Sandra Paterson says:

    a picture tells 1000 words springs to mind. I’ve seen more people turn up to a primary 3 recorder recital. they’re hardly filled with joy!

    I am. but that’s because I’m voting yes! with love x

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  11. roddymacdonald2014 says:

    Well spread out. Looks like they can’t even abide each other.

  12. Mark Pugh says:

    Looks like someone’s farted at the front.

  13. Andy Velzian says:

    Truly gives me the shivers..

  14. Abulhaq says:

    When’s Maggie coming on dear? By the look of them how many of those delegates actually know where they are….

  15. Catrìona says:

    I thought it was a trailer for the new series of the Walking Dead. And then I discovered Smirnoff.

  16. Dan Huil says:

    Wether’s Originals

  17. Compare the attendance at the Tariq Ali lecture in Glasgow on Friday. The lecture was superb, but the attendance was exciting.

  18. Paul Thomson says:

    was there a sign outside offering free tea an biscuits

  19. Terry Merry says:

    Looks like a coach driver got a back hander to divert a nursing home outing

  20. Christine Bell says:

    A message from an involuntary expat:
    Doesn’t anyone realise that the desire for Scotland to be independent is a symptom of having such an in effectively designed central government? Instead if pulling away, Scotland could collaborate with Wales and N Ireland (and England if there were such an individual country) to reorganise the central government in a more democratic way, where each country is represented and managed equally, and the central government is set apart from them (similarly in concept to the US federal government — but not TOO like them!).

  21. Andrew says:

    Hilarious. An encrusted busted flush…

  22. SR says:

    Hasn’t said exactly when the picture was taken. It could have been (a) between sessions (b) at the very beginning when Apologies were being read out or (c) at the very end when all the speakers have gone.

  23. Edward Goodger says:

    As someone who was at that conference I can categorically state that that was the OVERFLOW auditorium for when the main hall was full. So this doesn’t in fact show low conference attendance, but in fact conference attendance above the capacity of what was a very large auditorium.

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