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Reasons to Be Cheerful Part 1

As the Osborne offensive flops – we look at 5 reasons why and how this weeks big efforts to torpedo Yes have backfired spectacularly …

[brightcove vid=3216967535001&exp3=69900095001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1184612030&pk=AQ~~,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_VhJQ6tgdykx3j23oh1YN-2U&w=370&h=260]

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  1. bringiton says:

    Great stuff from Pat.
    They think it’s all over……

  2. Catrìona says:

    I wouldn’t say the Osborne offensive was a total flop – Osborne was still as offensive as he he seemed the first time I saw his spiteful, pinched little face a few years ago.

  3. BillfaeDenny says:

    Brilliant performance by Pat Kane last night. Also Jon Snow grilled A. Darling in a manner which we never ever see from compliant MSM Scottish interviewers, and Darling ” I’m a proud Scot, my home is in Scotland” was really ruffled – he did not like it one bit! BBCScotland/STV interviewers should take a lead from Jon Snow – THAT is how YOU should be doing your job!

  4. Jamie Gordon says:

    Re: BillfaeDenny, here’s Darling squirming under interview from Jon Snow:


    1. Catrìona says:

      Flipper is just wrong again: ‘Sasannach’ is not a pejorative term. It means ‘English’ just like ‘Albannach’ means ‘Scottish’ and ‘Eadailteach’ means ‘Italian’. And did he really call himself a proudscot? I thought even the characters at the No Better Together UKOK outfit would have cottoned on that that one raises a laugh and actually is a pejorative term for people like Darling, Alexander and Janette Krankie.

    2. John mcgrory says:

      What an idiot. He,s got Scotland’s interests in his mind my arse. He,s got his seat in ‘ English’ politics and all the perks that go with it. The c- nt would,nt get a single vote here.

  5. oh dear darling darling is it getting a little uncomfortable darling now you know what its like for alex salmond on a daily basis i think this has been the first time anyone has put some pressure on him and he doesn’t f/n like it a slightly longer interview might have just put him over the edge i wish Pat kane had been in on this one then we might have seen a total meltdown on live TV its not going to take much more his eyes are starting to roll and hes getting more tetchy on each interview as i believe all the soft questions have been asked and when the media smell a story or a big reaction they even if it is in support of a yes vote will go for it its to tempting ha ha

  6. james says:

    Thanks for that. I notice he said “he was Scottish and proud to be…” But I thought he was born in Engerland, went to posh school up here I believe.

  7. I’m always impressed with Pat Kane on the TV. Nothing dogmatic about the guy. Not a politician.

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