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British Aid

“Scotland will not take share of the debt, we’ll send down aid payments”

Robin McAlpine, Fiona Hyslop, Michelle Thompson and Colin Fox at YesLeith respond to the currency union propaganda:


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  1. K Mackay says:

    Fantastic! Normally I can only think as far as the vote but hearing that’s made me unbelievably happy thinking about living in an Independent Scotland a few years in. Not only regaining control or our own country (which to me is a valid end in itself) but the changes we’ll be able to make to make life better for all our people, and our land for that matter.

    I think within a year of independence no-one (including the No voters) will be able to believe that we tolerated Westminster rule for so long.

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  4. tartanfever says:

    Surprised at Robin Mc’s ambivalence towards a written constitution. Heard him talk a couple of weeks ago and he raised the issue of who would write new tax laws in an Independent Scotland, claiming that we did not want the likes of corporate entities like KPMG doing so as they would treating it like a corporate exercise in earning as much money as possible for themselves and favouring business taxation over the needs of the people.

    I’ve always thought that we could use a written constitution to hold off the lobbying of big business into our political system. Cash for questions and so on could effectively be dealt with by a constitution written by the people for the people not by parliament for parliament.

    In that respect, I would suggest that political parties are funded by the public, I’d much rather see £20m a year go towards political parties from the public purse than see huge financial institutions and business concerns fund politics for their own end.

    In the last few years Cameron’s tories have received £47m from city financial institutions in funding – with that in mind, do you really think that bank reform will really happen ?

    Of course not.

    The UK’s anti-EU stance started as a reaction to proposed bank transaction fees something which the Tories found extremely embarrassing. Cameron had to protect his friends and benefactors in the city – not a popular move with the vast majority of UK citizens. However, the Tories have managed (with the help of UKIP and some favourable media) to spin the EU saga into one of anti-immigration.

    Do we want to have the likes of Ian Taylor of Vitoil paying for dinner with a first minister and having his advisors asked to participate in policy setting committee’s ?

    Cameron himself said a few years ago that the biggest scandal for a future UK would be business lobbying of government.

    With a couple of well crafted lines in a written constitution we could end all possibility of business interference within our democratic processes.

  5. Dan Huil says:

    Confidence,or more exactly,self-confidence,will play an important part in the referendum vote.The Yes campaign is at a disadvantage here because the established media is almost totally unremittingly negative in its stance against Scottish independence – this includes the BBC of course.
    Sites like this are increasingly important to dispel the doubts.

  6. barakabe says:

    The negativity is indeed relentless- as soon as the FM’s speech at Business for Scotland in Aberdeen had finished ( they didn’t even let us see the end of the Q/A session) we were told his argument had two key weaknesses, i.e. EU membership & Sterling Union ( surprise surprise)- there was no time to breath never mind digest the content of Salmon’s speech.
    It feels to me like we’ve moved into some surrealistic Bunuelesque tragi-comedy where the most fantastical notions are accepted as normal & common sense has been utterly abandoned- is this just an extreme psychical symptom of hypocrisy or in the parlance of the behavioural science, ‘cognitive dissonace’? And because it is the BBC or some other ‘respected’ news outlet reporting these peculiarities in a very low key & mundane manner that it somehow appears ‘real’. That’s how it seems to me. How else can anyone explain Barroso’s unchallenged assertion that Scotland & Kosovo share some sort of parity? Why does no one ever ask the question: why would Scotland be refused membership of the EU? Not one person. Why does no one ask the question: why would rUK erect trade barriers to it’s 2nd biggest exporter market? What would the financial consequences be for the rUK in such a belligerent & irrational arrangement that defies all notions of free trade?
    We also had some ex-New Labour spin doctor on STV claim that the Scottish governments economic plans were written on the ‘back of a fag packet’- has this hypocrite seen the list of experts in the Economic Advisory Committee to the Scottish Gov? Why does no one ever object to comparing a Sterling Union to the Eurozone when such a comparison is spurious in the extreme?Or that Alistair Darling increasingly refers to Jim Sillars objection to Sterling Union- but no one ever asks him why people like Sillars are still voting YES & that maybe this is bigger than what currency we use.
    But then Darling is never questioned with any vigor by interviewers in the mainstream media. I really believe Darling is near breaking point: the manic blinking, the grinding of teeth in fury, the tense pursing of lips, the aggressive frowning of those prodigious eyebrows & now his paranoid rant over the VisitScotland ad is proof enough- if Darlings nervous tics are an accurate barometer of the BT campaigns turmoil then they’re in real trouble.

  7. bringiton says:

    The Darling media campaign has failed to produce the required result,which is why I suspect Westminster is now taking a direct hand in matters.
    At the end of the day Scottish voters are going to have to decide who they believe and who will produce the best outcome for Scotland’s future,Wesminster or Holyrood.
    Loved Robin’s comment about rUK having nothing to offer an independent Scotland except maybe a sterling zone and even that isn’t necessary either.
    This is what we need to get across to people.

  8. andyshall says:

    Rather bemused at the idea that Scotland does not need anything from rUK. Not a market of 55 million people ? Not rail, road, air and sea links ? Not the full range of normal economic, social, political, technological, strategic links that exist between neighbours ?

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