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Austerity Britain’s Tackety Boots

Jim Sillars being interviewed about his new book, “from 10am to 7pm, 18/9/14, Scotland will have all its power in its own hands” …


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  1. Mossgiel says:

    Yes, inspiring message from one of Scotland’s best politicians of the last 50 years. i do think he makes a mistake in attacking the White Paper which is only an attempt by the SNP to explain and ‘calm the horses’. Jim Sillars would have been better not mentioning the WP as in doing so he weakens the whole campaign and shows division within Yes.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Agreed, a better orator than a tactician

    2. bringiton says:

      Every Labour voter in Scotland should see this.
      They are the key to winning a Yes vote and Jim is quite right to point out that a Yes vote is not a vote for the SNP or AS but a vote for Scotland’s future.

  2. AlexMontrose says:

    Jims decision to attack the SNP white paper, shows the breadth of the YES campaign, Dennis Canavan has done much the same at times.

  3. wanvote says:

    I think he’s saying what many angry labour and ex-labour folk are saying. At times the yes campaign and the SNP white paper appear to be just a bit glib. I think the more views on indy the better. We don’t need everything to be sugar coated.

  4. Mossgiel says:

    Who are the angry labour people angry at? Everyone on the Yes side can have their view(s) on what kind of Scotland we want to see after a yes vote. What no-one on our side of the argument should be doing is criticising or pulling apart pro indy views. That’s for after the vote. We have seen our own side being able to highlight division in the No camp when Labour have set up their own branch on ‘No’ or Jim Murphy refusing to share a platform with Tories. I just hope Jim Sillars doesn’t express these views on the likes of Questiontime, as it’ll just get jumped on and exploited by the other side. My view has always been, if you haven’t got something good to say about your family, friends or colleagues, then don’t say anything.

  5. Paddy Scott Hogg says:

    Weel said Jim. Strong clear message that the fate of the nation, all of us, hangs in the balance on that one day – to quote a friend of Burns: ‘When the welfare of millions is hung in the scale and the balance yet trembles with fate!’ We will be POWERLESS if we are foolish enough to vote No. But it will keep the jobs of the sell out Labour MP’s who sold out their own people for post and position and pension in the corrupt den of iniquity that is Westminster politics. Even Mr Gordno Brown once said n THe Red paper for Scotland that if the Union does not serve the people of SCotland we should get rid of it! Yes, Brown said if the system does not work for SCots, we should end the Union by implication. Even Robin Cook said to me personally at the 1983 conference in Perth that he was seriously thinking of crossing the ‘burning bridge to declare UDI and go for Independence’ to stop more and more years of Tory rule and devastation! Well we know that ambition won over principle with him. And your old friend Lord McConnell said to me when I asked him what he really stood for in terms of socialist principles, ‘I STAMD FOR ME ME AND ME!’ Nae surprise I left the Labour party a couple of years later and joined the SNP! rememebr the song the Socialist ABC and its last line?

  6. If these hours are correct, lots of people will be disenfranchised. I hope that’s a misprint.

  7. Jim says:

    I can’t access this video. Has it been removed?

  8. wanvote says:

    Jim Sillars on Scotnight : don’t agree with a lot of his views but I reckon he might bring a lot of Labour voters over to the yes side.

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