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  1. Albalha says:

    What can I say, bloody brilliant. Now watched three times. And I’ve to wait until 12th September for the next part. I think I’m in a greater state of anticipation than for the final release of Breaking Bad on DVD (I don’t do Netflix).

    If Jack Foster and his fellow helpers want to do a bit of crowd funding I’ll contribute.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m not too stupid to understand the arguments, or too fearful of the consequences (‘a big feartie’)’, nor do I suffer from a ‘Scottish cringe’. I accept that the aspiration for indendence is a natural one for any people with a shared culture, or history or sense of nationhood (accepting these are a given for Scotland). I also accept that self governance may be (may be) a necceary conditon for a fully mature society, in economic, cultural and politccal terms. However, I, and others like me, appear to be characterised in these ways by too many of those who support independence, especially when we seem less responsive that we should be to the positive vision that is the hallmark of the yes campaign. For the moment I intend to vote no. I may get to voting yes for positive reasons if those who appear to take a different view can accept, even through gritted teeth that voting no does not make me stupid, or fearful or automatically guilty of any decision made my everyone who supports a no vote. Of course I accept my vote may not be needed for a ‘win’ by either camp. I’m just one person, and conscious of that.


  3. Mike says:

    Apologies, I’ve made a typo – or at least one that I can see – ‘indendence’ when I meant ‘independence’.

  4. Clydebuilt says:

    Yes Brilliant, BUT could considerring slowing it down a bit. Found it difficult to take in! the lads who made it should let others see it to gauge opinions. It’s still just what Scotland needs. So keep up the very good work!

  5. Jack says:

    Mike, the film doesn’t suggest that people oppose independence out of fear. It is about the no campaign’s use of fear in packaging its message (and the historic precedents of such a campaign style)

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