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And the award for Scottish Political Poster Of The Year goes to…

The Scottish Labour Party have chosen to disengage from their own voters with regards to the possibilities that exist for Scotland: either within the Union or through Independence.  Instead they’ve adopted a strategy of trying to hijack the Indy Referendum and railroad it into a pointless Punch and Judy Show between themselves and the SNP.

They’ll rue the day they went down this road because a growing group of their own supporters are now stepping up to the mark and filling the political vacuum Scottish Labour have left in their wake.  100 people attended the launch of Labour for Independence in Glasgow last week.  They’ve produced the above poster, which is a beauty.  I hope Labour for Independence find the resources to put 100,000s of these through letter boxes in every former Labour stronghold.  Especially in Glasgow.

In the battle for hearts and minds a few home truths delivered with brevity and precision can make all the difference.


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  1. Ron says:

    I see that a school in Suffolk is advertising for a proof-reader to check teachers’ reports for spelling and punctuation errors before releasing to parents.

    Perhaps ‘Labour for Independence’ could use someone similar before releasing posters to the public, or is it a case of ‘It wizna’ me’…?

  2. Steven Syme says:

    That was a pre-production poster, which does have/had errors and isn’t one we’re putting out in that particular form. Has been corrected in later versions (as you’ll see from our site…)

  3. Can we please have a recognition by all political Party’s, and the news media of of the psychological warfare being meted out by the Labour Party in Scotland. Only two nights ago on Scotland Tonight ‘Flash Harry’ (aka Labour’s Ken MacIntosh), did absolutely nothing to help the report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, but only used methods of distortion, diversion, deflection, and denial to confuse and confound the discussion with SNP’s Stewart Hosie!
    This horrendous Labour Party are completely finished in Scotland when we vote ‘Yes’ for Scottish independence, and they know it! And that’s why they don’t want discussions of the reality of Scottish independence, because it’s a no-brainer; Scots’ would be completely stupid to vote for the Westminster union of continuous massive oppression, degeneration, and overt dehumanisation of our lives and our Nation Scotland.
    What sort of life is that for our children ‘Flash Harry ?

    I’m getting sick & tired of Labour’s pathetic blustering to force us to think they are the estate agents of Scotland’s welfare; Scotland’s independence is for The People to decide, NOT a bunch of gold pension-pot self-interested, Westminster ermine-chasing Unionist Party hacks like Labour.

    1. muttley79 says:

      The present Scottish Labour Party is finished if we get a Yes vote in the referendum. I do not think you can say that a reconstituted one would be. I reckon there is a gap between the SSP, Greens and the SNP at present, which a reformed Scottish Labour Party could fill. After all, the SNP would slowly begin to break up, in the event of a Yes vote, maybe not until after at least the first term, but I don’t think it could survive in the long-term under independence. I don’t think the likes of Sandra White and Fergus Ewing would be in the same party for long after independence.

      1. muttley79, I agree with you that ‘this present Labour party is finished when we vote ‘Yes’. However, you infer a vacuum would be left, and to be filled, for a ‘socialist-seeking’ political party, but any one of these other ‘socialist party’s you mention, (SSP, Greens, SNP), and even the Conservatives in an Independent Scotland, can fill that vacuum; why must we ‘institute’ another Labour Party in Scotland? The actual problem with the ‘present Labour Party’ is that it is far too ingrained with self-interested corruption ideals; changing the name, but keeping the ‘instituted corruption’ of Labour should NOT be travailed! With Scottish independence, we have this opportunity to change our political party’s for the good, why sustain an effigy of democratic representation, with a ‘Labour Party’? I don’t see why we should. I think the institution, that is Labour, must be completely finished from the future of Scottish politics.

  4. Labour took Scotland for granted and refused to stand up for us, surely the SNP has filled the vacuum left by Labour and will continue to after independence. Labour have to make themselves relevant again. They are trying to make themselves ‘the party of devolution’ but really didn’t step up to the mark with the underwhelming Calman/Scotland Bill. They still have time to fill the Devo Max vacuum properly but it would have to be set in stone for people to believe them this time. If there is a YES vote there could be room for both the SNP and Labour, if Labour move to the left and the SNP continue to be the ‘nationalist’ party advocating a republic, own currency, etc

  5. The odious, boorish, and thuggish Michael McMahon is living proof Labour MUST NOT be allowed to continue as a Political Party in Scotland after Scottish independence; like I say, Labour are far too entrenched, instituted even, in their corruption ways they think they have an entitled right to be such vassals of evil.

    Labour are a Westminster ‘reactionary’ Party that was born from the mid 20th century contradiction of ‘socialism’ versus Capitalism; that dichotomy no longer exists. All Political Party’s in Scotland, even the Conservatives, are ‘socialist-seeking’ in their remit now; we have no need for a wholly corrupt and evil Labour Party anymore.

    Labour MUST be finished upon Scottish independence.

  6. Macart says:

    Cracking poster. There’s hope for Labour yet in independent Scotland.

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