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The names and ages of 62 men, women and children killed by the Israeli military since last Wednesday

The father of Palestinian baby girl Hanen Tafish, who was killed in an
Israeli air strike

Monday , 1pm: a BBC report states that the death toll has now risen to 94 Palestinians and 3 Israelis.

1- Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, 52 years old.

2-Mohammed Al-hams, 28 years old.

3- Rinan Arafat, 7 years old.

4- Omar Al-Mashharawi, 11 moonths old.

5-Essam Abu-Alma’za, 20 years old.

6-Mohammed Al-qaseer, 20 years old.

7- Heba Al-Mashharawi, six-month pregnant, 19 years old.

8- Mahmoud Abu Sawawin, 65 years old.

9- Habis Hassan Mismih, 29 years old.

10- Wael Haidar Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.

11- Hehsam Mohammed Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.

12- Rani Hammad, 29 years old.

13- Khaled Abi Nasser, 27 year old.

14- Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52 years old.

15- Walid Al-Abalda, 2 years old.

16- Hanin Tafesh, 10 months old.

17- Oday Jammal Nasser, 16 years old.

18- Fares Al-Basyouni, 11 years old.

19- Mohammed Sa’d Allah, 4 years old.

20- Ayman Abu Warda, 22 years old.

21- Tahrir Suliman, 20 years old.

22- Ismael Qandil, 24 years old.

23- younis Kamal Tafesh, 55 years old.

24- Mohammed Talal Suliman, 28 years old.

25- Amjad Mohammed Abu-Jalal, 32 years old.

26- Ziyad Farhan Abu-Jalal, 23 years old.

27- Ayman Mohammed Abu Jalal, 44 years old.

28- Hassan Salem Al-Heemla’, 27 years old.

29- Khaled Khalil Al-Shaer, 24 years old.

30- Ayman Rafeeq sleem, 26 years old.

31- Ahmad Abu Musamih, 32 years old.

32- Osama Abdejjawad

33- Ashraf Darwish

34- Ali Al-Mana’ma

35- Mukhlis Edwan

36- Mohammed Al-Loulhy, 24 years old.

37- Ahmad Al-Atrush

38- Abderrahman Al-Masri

39- Awad Al-Nahhal

40- Ali Hassan Iseed, 25 years old, killed in an attack on his motorbike in Deer Al-Balah, central Gaza, at 8:10 pm, Nov 17.

41- Mohammed Sabry Al’weedat, 25 years old.

42- Osama Yousif Al-Qadi, 26 years old.

43- Ahmad Ben Saeed, 42 years old.

44- Hani Bre’m, 31 years old.

45- Samaher Qdeih, 28 years old (At 9:40 pm, Israel attacked Qdeih family’s house in west Khan-Younis, Southern Gaza)

46- Tamer Al-Hamry,  26 years old, died after being seriously injured in an attack on Deer Al-Balah.

47- Gumana Salamah Abu Sufyan, 1 year old.

48- Tamer Salamah  Abu Sufyan, 3 years old.

49- Muhamed Abu Nuqira

50- Eyad Abu Khusa, 18 months old.

51- Tasneem Zuheir Al-Nahhal, 13 years old.

52- Ahmad Essam Al-Nahhal, 25 years old. (Medics also reported finding the body of woman under the rubble of a house in eastern Gaza City who had been killed in a strike earlier in the morning).

53- Nawal Abdelaal, 52 years old.

(At 3:10 pm, Sun November 18, Israeli rocketed a house belonging to Al-Dalou family in Sheikh-Redwan area, west Gaza, killing at least 10 people, including 4 women and 4 children).

54- Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, the father.

55- Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old.

56- Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old.

57- Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old.

58- Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 1 year old.

59- Jamal Al-Dalou, the grandfather.

60-  Sulafa Al Dalou, 46 years old

61- Samah Al-Dalou, 25 years old

62- Tahani Al-Dalou, 50 years old


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  1. wanvote says:

    Name the dead and confront reality, name the deed and confront the horror:
    mass murder, atrocity, genocide, abomination, blind hatred – definitely not defense!

  2. Kaya says:

    I feel so disgusted that we do nothing to prevent these murders being carried out and my heart aches with the injustice of it all. Oh God I feel so helpless and can only pray for justice for these poor souls and the suffering of their relatives that have to live with the pain and sorrow each second of each day for the rest of their lives – while the evil perpetrators of these blatant crimes are rewarded for their evil deeds. We live in a terrible unjust society!

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