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Congratulations to Celtic for a great performance

WTF is this headline all about?

Congratulations to Celtic for beating Barcelona 2-1 at Parkhead.  It was a fantastic result which was just the shot in the arm Scottish football needed after the Craig Levein embarrassment.  But what the hell is this on the back page of tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph?  Quoting the chorus of God Save The Queen?  For a Celtic game?  Jeez. Good luck with sales in Glasgow tomorrow.


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  1. douglas clark says:

    Och, it’s just another manifestation of the old Scot Murray loses, again! Brit Murray wins again! syndrome. There is probably a technical term for this.

    Yup, it is shit.

    1. Dave Holmes says:

      The technical term is paranoia. For what you’re expressing, that is. How else to explain why people still come away with that ‘BBC calls losers Scottish but winners British’ shite. It may have been true 30 years ago, most of society has grown up a bit since then. Try it yourself, you might like it.

      1. douglas clark says:


        Yes, it was shit 30 years ago and, going by the headline, it is shit today. Thank you for your contribution.

      2. ianbarr says:

        It’s called cognitive dissonance. “Paranoia”. Pfft, ridiculous.

      3. Dave Holmes says:

        Was happy to let Douglas have the last word on this – having broken one of my rules about ‘never type a reply disagreeing with someone else’s point when you’re in an utterly foul mood’, I felt it was best to sit back and let it lie. I still disagree with the point, I do think it’s an old saw that would not stand up to objective analysis, and can’t see how the cack-handed Telegraph headline exemplified it anyway (being more a dig at religious culture in the club rather than a Scottish/British/English thing). My choice of words was intemperate, though, and that’s as close as I intend to come to an apology.
        But I’m prompted to respond again now that Ian decided to have the last word. At first I thought the ‘cognitive dissonance’ thing was a joke, but now I’m not so sure. Did you mean it, Ian? If it was a gag, I confess the subtle nuance of it escaped me, and I’m left standing with that half-terrified glassy grin that people get when they know something really clever’s just been said that went right over their head.
        “If Murray wins, he’s British, but if he loses, he’s Scottish” has absolutely no element of holding two simultaneous but conflicting beliefs (unlike, say, if someone were to state (hypothetically!) ‘Murray is crap, but he’s Scottish, so I love him’), which would be necessary to prove cognitive dissonance. It can, however, be said to display a persecutory, distrustful element, so ‘paranoia’ is the correct term.
        To summarise … Pfft! Ridiculous.
        Ay thenk yew.

      4. douglas clark says:

        They say a picture is worth a thousand words:


        Allegedly, and I can’t really be bothered with taking this much further, the only acceptable flag for winners at the Olympics was the flag Andy is draped in.

        It is neither cognitive dissonance nor paranioia. It is shit.

  2. Dave Holmes says:

    Great result – giant-killing is always fun to see. But struggling to grasp the claimed link that it softened the ‘Levein embarrassment’ thing. Celtic are a team of talented international players with an Irish manager. How does that let us off the hook for not having any depth of talent to put a national side together?

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      I suppose because a) they are our leagues champions so represent Scotland on the international stage and b) the winning goal was scored by a young Scottish player of only 18

    2. bellacaledonia says:

      Think you’re missing point about the Levein’s fiasco. He DID have a strong and talented pool of players to choose from. eg up front he could have played Steven Fletcher and Jordan Rhodes – £18m worth of talent – and both way better than anything Celtic have up front.

      He also had precocious young talent like Forest, Mackay-Steven, Griffiths, or Russell or even Commons available for some of the matches but instead he went with a hasbeen plying his trade in Canada. His tactical nous was zero. His motivational skills seemed to be zero. Few Scotland managers will have such talent at their disposal. That’s why it was an embarrassment. We could’ve been contenders!

      All of these glaring deficiencies btw were crystal clear after the EUFA campaign. 4-6-0 is his contribution to world football. The SFA fucked up not sacking him before the Brazil campaign began, and then allowing him to fester on after the first two shit results.


  3. LOL! I think somebody’s having a laugh on the Sport’s desk.

  4. Maureen Luby says:

    I’m still smiling!! That headline is hilarious! 🙂 🙂

  5. bellacaledonia says:

    Ongoing petty and disastrous ill-considered jingoism, just goes to show how well they know their market. Not sure how booming the Telegraph sales are in Scotland … anyway though?

  6. Brilliant Celtic; a fantastic win, an a shot in the arm for Scotland. It’s a tribute to Scottish football that the SFA had absolutely ‘sfa’ to do with this win !

    As for the Telegraph headline, here’s what I found on Wiki;
    “God Save the Queen”… is an anthem used in a number of Commonwealth realms, their territories, and the British Crown Dependencies.”
    Hmmm, I think we need to change our National anthem upon Scottish independence, this odious anthem is particularly ‘British’ !

    I’m NOT British; … I’m Scots’ !

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