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Anas Sarwar losing the plot on live TV – starts bitter and defensive and descends quickly – isn’t this the sort of negativity that lost them two elections?

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  1. It’s unbelievable that Labour politicians still say that they can do anything for Scotland while we’re tied to Westminster, clearly they’re in it for themselves and not for what’s best for Scotland. If they could make Scotland a fairer and more equal society while staying a member of the UK, why haven’t they done it already? Why is the gap between rich and poor getting wider?

    Their smokescreens, put downs and negativity will win the referendum for the Yes campaign, they have nothing to say about how we will be better off in the UK, and while they accuse the Yes campaign of being SNP in all but name it’s clear that they have become Tories in all but name.

  2. lenathehyena says:

    It’s just a waste of time having Sarwar on any discussions. He has nothing to say. This was empty waffle which takes my understanding of the ‘no’ side not one bit further. From the man whose mantra is transparency his soundbites are depressingly opaque.

  3. Some of Sarwar’s comments were the usual rubbish – trying to make this about Salmond, crowbarring in the word ‘separate’. But some of the FUD about the EU, currency etc, will eventually need to be shut down. I don’t know what will be the winning counter arguments, but they’re needed, to fight against the no campaign’s plan to stoke up Scots’ Stockhoml syndrome tendencies.

  4. muttley79 says:

    I saw the interview. Blair Jenkins looked like he was surprised that Sarwar was so negative, he will have to get used to that. Today I was stuck by how much Scottish Labour are turning in to the Conservatives of the 1980s, where they just have nothing positive to say and are only interested in Westminster and their careers down there. What I find interesting about the No campaign so far is that they appear to have absolutely no vision of Scotland’s future. It is like a blank canvas, they even appear annoyed just being asked questions about their own nation! I am starting to think they loath Scotland, that is the sense I get from the likes of Darling, Sarwar, Alexander and Lamont.

  5. Doug Daniel says:

    He really is a slimy little toad. I love the way his mask completely slips around 6 minutes in and he starts attacking Blair (who has been a star so far – what a coup he’s been) rather than making a proper argument. He adds nothing to any debate he participates in except distortion and lies.

    Who’s worst – Sawar, Lamont, Alexander or Murphy? It’s a tough choice. I’m just glad the little toe rag isn’t my MP anymore.

  6. Clarinda says:

    If this was the cunning plan to demonstrate the depth of Labour in Scotland by flying in the deputy leader from Westminster – my gast remains unflabbered. The threadbare and disingenuous toot from Mr Sarwar was hardly the stuff of aspiration, vision or critical thought and he outshone Ms Lamont only in terms of less facial contortions and a more toothsome smirk.
    Lamont and Sarwar – not so much Better Together but more probably No Better Together.

  7. Alex Buchan says:

    One nil to Blair. Sarwar visibly cringed towards the end when he felt the argument slipping away from him. The real issue Scotland has with the Labour Party in particular, but also with Davidson and Rennie, is their refusal to accept democracy when it doesn’t suit them. When the Tories won in 2010, and were joined by the LibDems, Labour accepted the new government, even though neither party had a majority. In 2011 the SNP had a majority, and in the much tougher situation of the Scottish Parliamentary voting system, but Labour have never accepted the SNP as a legitimate government nor have the Tories and LibDems. It’s this sneering disdain for the majority part of the Scottish electorate that is the shocking thing about Sarwar’s performance. The problem is we have all been brought up with this all embracing Scottish cringe and it’s so common people accept it and the SNP have up to now been far too defensive. We will only make progress if we confront this attitude for what it is.

    Contrast Sawars performance with Michael Moore saying on 5 Live that the British Government (sic) with support and independent Scotland’s application for EU membership. I’m not praising Moore here so much as pointing out how it’s going to go. The offical position of the UK Government will be finely crafted to avoid giving even the slightest bit of grievance for the SNP to work on while the no-campaign on the ground will be low politics and negative a kind of quality press/red tops joint campaign (which will also literally happen) Our biggest mistake would be to underestimate the opposition. The only way this can be countered in my view is by building up a grassroots mass movement/campaign for independence that has more of the spirit of Barcelona, and now Antwerp.

    1. Alex, you said, … “Our biggest mistake would be to underestimate the opposition. … this can be countered .. by .. a grassroots mass movement… the spirit of Barcelona, and now Antwerp.”

      Yes, Alex, quite so; I believe this too, but for different reasons. The future of the E.U. is to ‘disenfranchise’ the bigger ‘traditional’ ideals of nation-states, such as ‘Britian’, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, etc, and ‘franchise’ many smaller Nation-States such as Flemish, Catalans, and Scotland; this would give the E.U. more power, while taking away power from the traditional nations as mentioned. The future for an E.U. Superstate is to smash the big traditional nation-statesis like Britian as already mentioned, and integrate many more smaller Nation-States in return. This is now the future to an ‘integrated’ E.U.; and they Know it ! Mark my words, Scotland WILL get all the E.U. help it needs to become independent.

  8. Scotland WILL vote ‘Yes’ for independence in 2 years, and WILL be independent in 4 years. It’s interesting to notice that it is the Labour ‘plebs’ doing all the ‘donkey-work’; Sarwar etc being given the ‘negative’ propaganda work. Where’s the Smurph, Stairheid, and the Posioned dwarf? Are they ‘keeping’ themselves realtively ‘clean’ of these negative connotations for when they want to ‘enter-into’ an independent Scotland’s political framework? This is the next sensible and credible progression for a Socialist party in Scotland; we all need to accept the Westminster political system can never be changed to really be a democratic vehicle for Democracy, nor a ‘representative democracy’; Westminster is fundamentally, and absolutely, ‘British’, which means we are the slave plebs, and will be completely controlled and commoditised by the Westminster ‘British’ Marxists. That is what ‘British’ is, and that will never change. If Labour want to make it in Scotland, they have to completely separate from Westminster, and start afresh in Scotland as The Socialist Labour Party of Scotland. Westminster is beyond saving/changing; which transposes into ‘Scotland WILL be independent’, and ‘The Union is Dead’ !

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