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This is for those of you who think our current priorities are immoral (I’m with Hazel Henderson ‘Economics is a form of brain damage’) … or those of you not convinced by the voodoo economics of Cameron or Blair, Miliband or Clegg here’s our economic priorities captured in animation from Africa to Iraq and back …


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  1. Ahh, yes, the hidden con of the Westminster Tories tackling the economic mess Westminster Labour left us in.
    The point is, it doesn’t matter who/what colour the political Party is in Westminster, they all are feeding us a massive con; by the end of the Tories & Libs coalition Westminster government, so-called ‘Britian’ will be left with a massive debt 40% more than we have now!
    In other words, Westminster aren’t doing anything about the debt, all they are ‘managing’ is the deficit; and that’s because the E.U. have ordered them to !

    We must vote ‘Yes’ for Scottish independence in 2014, or we will be even more poor than we are now, and the middle classes will begin to lose all their ‘public sector’ jobs so that Westminster can ‘leverage’ the their ever-increasing ‘deficit’; it’s only ‘The City of London’ they care about, NOT us !

    Westminster is a massive con; they are lying to us on a massive scale.
    If Scotland stays in the British Union, then we will be as dire economically as Greece, and Spain.
    We must NOT let Westminster con us.
    We must vote ‘Yes’ independence-4-Scotland, and be sure our children, and grandchildren stay out of massive poverty !

  2. Calamity Cameron did his best to ‘hide’ the real problem facing his ‘Britian’; IT’S COMPLETELY BUST ! By the end of Calamity’s ‘tenure’, he will leave the so-called ‘Britian’, with 40% more debt than he ‘inheritied’; it’s NOT going to get any better, it’s going to get a helll of a lot worse ! Cameron never once used the word ‘Austerity’ in his pseech yesterday; as noticed by Russia Today news. Cameron is ‘avoiding’ the Truth, by typical Westminster distraction methods; in my terms, Cameron is ‘Plying the masses with pretensions more’. Cameron kept going on about his so-called ‘Britian’; there is NO Britian, it’s a falacy that suits the Westminster Marxists !
    We are sent to war by ‘Britian’.
    We die for Britian in foreign countries.
    We are giving incredible amounts of taxes to ‘British banks’, which are all ‘registered’ in, yes, you guessed it, The City of London !.
    We are told we are all ‘British’; we’re NOT.

    ‘Britian’ is a geographical ordinance; that’s all !
    There’s no such thing as being ‘British’ !
    We are either English, Irish, Welsh, or Scots, that live in our own countries, that are ‘labelled’ British isles; THERE’S NO BRITISH HERE !
    The only thing ‘British’, is the con City of London Marxists, that steal all our money, under their mythical premise that is ‘Britian’; we cannot sue the Marxists, and we have no legal recourse against ‘Britian’, because it doesn’t exist in a political entity.

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