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Thanks to Tony BoaksWhat does a vote for Labour in Scotland mean today? A little over a week has passed since the council election results were announced, and Labour have already reversed policy to support more Orange Order marches in Glasgow, wilfully entered into local council coalitions with the Tories and abandoned support (again) for free higher education.

Support for more anti-catholic marches

Scottish Labour’s combination of opportunism and neoliberalism has been in full swing. Gordon Matheson, the leader of the majority Glasgow Labour council, forced through measures just 18 months ago to decrease the number of Orange Order marches in Glasgow. Matheson had previously labelled the changes a ‘huge success’. Yet it is reported that during the election campaign he entertained a crowd of one hundred cheering Orange Order supporters to the news that he would ‘hold his hands up’, he had made a mistake and more Orange Order marches would be coming back to Glasgow if Labour were re-elected.

Glasgow has the largest number of ‘Orange walks’ in Europe. Orange Order marches are lightning rods for anti-Catholic bigotry and support for British imperialism.

Matheson has since attempted to claim he only promised an annual review at the Orange Order meeting, but this is contested by journalists and Orange Order supporters in attendance.

Its an open secret that Scottish Labour have been courting the support of the Orange Lodge as the only people that can defend the union, with the Tories (the traditional home of Orange Order support) isolated in Scotland. Matheson expressed this view at his pre-election meeting, and Orange Order supporters were canvassing for Scottish Labour at the council elections.

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  1. FrankyBoy says:

    If this was the SNP the hypocracy would be on every news station, every radio, every newspaper, and in every workplace.

    But it’s labour. So that’s ok.

    When will the people of Glasgow wake up to that party?

  2. Shame that the council in Glasgow has now sunk so low,lies, hypocrisy and now cultivating bigotry.Me I’m a Glaswegian,and now I am an ashamed Glaswegian.I am ashamed of how easily my fellow citizens of Glasgow were conned,or did the agree with Matheson?Might get away by just saying I live in Clydebank.

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