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The Assassination of al-Megrahi

“Let’s put it this way. If al-Megrahi is found dead at any point in the next few weeks – irrespective of the convoluted official explanations of how he died – then we can take it as read that a) it was a premeditated strike by agents acting on behalf of the CIA, b) he was assassinated for the same reasons he was released with such haste: because he was innocent of the Lockerbie bombing and a legal appeal had to be stopped at all costs, c) the Scottish legal system was complicit in this framing, and d) those responsible for framing him, like those who actually carried out the worst mass murder in Scottish history, remain at liberty.”

Kevin Williamson, writing in Bella Caledonia on 22nd Aug 2011.  The full article can be read here.

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  1. James says:

    Ahmed Jibril

  2. One of the things that alarms and disheartens me is that NO ONE in the US press has the guts to discuss the truth of this case. Judging by everyone from CNN to Fox News there is no doubt of his guilt.

    Say what? It is far beyond shameful.

  3. If he were to die of unnatural causes (i.e. other than by his illness, or lack of expensive medication, which will now have dried up), there are a whole string of groups and individuals who would be glad. I’m quite sure that the newly formed authority could do without the hassle generated by his presence too.

    Whilst there seems now to be a consensus amongst informed people that his conviction was unsafe, the ability and will to do anything about it is equally absent. No-one wants to re-open this can of worms, least of all Alex Salmond.

  4. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Why “least of all Alex Salmond”? What do you mean or know or purport to? Were you/are you involved somehow? If so, have you stepped forward to offer hard evidence to clear the dying man’s name – the sacrificial lamb – God help him and his family? Or was that simply conjecture?

    The Scottish Government, I believe, needs to publish all it has to date apropos everything connected to the bombing, investigation, trial and associated influences – whatever the source (including UK, US and other “players”); plus, implement a root and branch evaluation of the judiciary and its associated apparatuses (including the constabularies) and gut and try all concerned if need be; and, so do all the other institutional and governmental “players” involved including the UK and USA: None exempt and subject to an independent and international tribunal with more moral and legal force than all the various, domestic judiciaries, investigative, administrative branches and governmental institutions involved in this malefaction.

    I suspect that First Minister Salmond and the Scottish Government’s Justice Minister would have less to fear from the outcome of such a modern, international tribunal than, say, other international leaders and their administrative functionaries. Nevertheless, let it be done, equally and above board – and not in some “Animal Farm” sense – and you can be first in line to give evidence under oath regarding the Pan-Am bombing and Salmond, Mr Megrahi and the former’s duplicitous minister of justice (and, perchance, former UK prime minister Blair and his Libyan desert acolytes)?

  5. Sanny says:

    Let this apparently innocent man die in peace.

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