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Crises of Capitalism



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  1. V07768198309 says:


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  2. Doonhamer says:

    Actually the great crisis of capitalism was caused by a Labour chancellor called Gordon Brown who allowed the economy to become overheated in an unsustainable way. I sat in a bar in Lille in early 2007 with some French and Dutch people and struggled to explain where all the UK prosperity was coming from given that we didn’t actually do anything any more. And here it was all a bubble just like all the rest. Will we never learn? Crisis? The Germans aren’t having a crisis because they believe in sound money. Oh, wait, they are, because they are having to bail out all the lazy sods who don’t know how to work for a living. As to capitalism, Marx devised the term when he observed the behaviour of the disgusting, rapacious mill owners in Manchester. Times have moved on my friends. Factory owners are no longer capitalists. The capitalists are now the rentier class, but the rentiers live in the Middle East and China and what are you going to do about them? Thoughts please.

  3. Cameron on the Rock says:

    Holy thread resurrection Batman.

    That’s a pretty ludicrous summation Doonhamer, whilst I’ve long ceased to have any faith or trust in London Labour’s crooks, zionist traitors, liars, to lay the blame on Brown is the height of absurdity, we have had over 30 years of rapacious capitalism, red in tooth and claw, beginning with Thatcher in ’79 but the consensus begain breaking down earlier during Ted Heath’s premiership. Capitalism it is obvious to the youngest child is inherently flawed and complete failure such as this a recurring event, inevitable and predictable. It’s purpose is to plunder the poorest of all they might possess including hope, maintaining the cruel, taunting trickle-down deception, whilst concentrating more and more wealth in ever fewer hands, and it’s strictly a one-way process. Pity those French and Dutch people listening to you, in your cups, berating your chosen scapegoat and hate figure, repeating the tabloid ‘big lies’ you’ve drunk greedily upon.

    The poor have nothing to learn from this, have no part in the clusterfuck this country became, never having shared or seen the good times, though they’ll get more than their share of bad times, but fortunately have no further to fall, they never borrowed to buy overpriced homes, the latest consumer junk or bought into the Conservative and latterly Labour property owning democracy, wage slave entrapment and emasculation, they slipped through from working-class to underclass. As to who pays for the bail-outs, whilst much of the loans to ailing Southern European EU statelets are from French and German banks, those loans were insured, in the event of default, the UK banks and insurers who pocketed token premiums and bonuses for the boys are on the hook for the whole lot, that means us taxpayers here, pick up the tab for these criminally incompetent mental institutions reckless greed, not the French, German or other lenders. A payment protection insurance scam on a colossal scale, which could only have encouraged default and made it inevitable. The City boys, the coke-addled twitching champagne quaffing egomaniacs, playing monopoly with other peoples wealth and lives are to blame. And I suppose that thing called middle-England who put all their eggs in that casino-banking basket, and backed the politicians assuredly in these vulture’s pockets, who didn’t need real industry only their toilet-paper ‘instruments’ in their funny money game plan, where growth it was delusionally hoped would forever happen in a world of infinite resources and gullibility.

    If Brown had proposed even modest change as PM, gave any public or private indication of concern over the economy, he’d have been gunned down cold by the xxx.

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