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Three Questions

In our instant poll of polls our readers concluded: 33% thought the live TV debate was an insult to the people of Scotland and Wales, 30% thought that it was manufactured consent for identical politicians and 37% think Murdoch’s SKY’s a reactionary force for propaganda that shouldn’t be in charge of choosing who gets a media profile during an election. Instead of three stooges we have three questions courtesy of our friends at the Highland ‘Justice Not War’ campaign.

The Highland ‘Justice Not War’ campaign started in 2001, and has been opposing unjust war since then. A variety of political voices are represented within the group – which is open to anyone who believes that conflicts worldwide should be solved without the havoc of war or terrorism. We are now approaching a General Election. This is a good time to be asking your Parliamentary Candidates for their views on some of today’s major issues – face to face or by letter or email – here are some questions for them:

Will you oppose the replacement of Trident by a new generation of nuclear weapons? We believe that as signatories to the non-proliferation treaty, we should be leading by example and disposing completely of our nuclear weapons. In the current economic crisis the 97 billion pounds the present government proposes to spend on Trident would go a long way towards rebuilding our economy.

‘Will you pledge to work towards the withdrawal of British Troops from Afghanistan, starting immediately? We believe that the government is being dishonest about its reasons for sending our troops into Afghanistan, and that the war is about control in that region, not democracy for Afghanistan or preventing terrorism. The conflict has cost thousands of civilian lives, and the lives of hundreds of British soldiers.

Will you be prepared to use your voice in Parliament to oppose Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, and the blockade of Gaza by Israel?

We believe that the Palestinian people deserve justice, and a peaceful homeland,   without the constant violent encroachment of Israeli settlements. The wall erected by Israel is an affront to  the humanity and the rights of these people. The people of Gaza are unable to rebuild their homes and lives because the Israeli blockade by sea and land of their country prevents aid and materials from reaching

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